Pros and Cons Manual Transmission

Autos has become very widely used by different age groups, who prefer manual transmission system. I will start by shedding the light on manual transmission autos system. Firstly, it provides greater control for the driver. The manual transmission provides the driver with greater control over the process of shifting between gears. This is because the driver directly controls the timing of shifting between gears. Furthermore, s/he can choose gears precisely according to conditions and needs. Secondly, it affords a great driving experience. The manual transmission considered as perfect and more enjoyable driving experience for some drivers. This is because they can interact more with the car and control the shifting process manually. Moreover, it has a sporty driving performance. Some drivers prefer the manual transmission because it provides a sporty driving experience. They can make quick gear changes to get better performance, especially in sporty driving.

Disadvantages of Manual Transmission

There are some pros and cons related to manual transmission. Foremost, it is a driver fatigue system, compared with its counterpart – automatic.  Manual transmission with manual gear changes is a tiring process for some drivers. This is especially in busy traffic or driving for long periods. To add up more, it has a lower performance in normal driving. The performance of the manual transmission may be less effective in normal driving. This becomes crystal clear when compared to the automatic transmission. This type of gear shifting requires especial learning and practice. Using a manual transmission requires learning and practice to obtain perfectly smooth and precise shifts. This may be a challenge for some new drivers. In short, the manual transmission provides an interactive and sporty driving experience for drivers. Those drivers prefer complete control over the gear shifting process. On the contrary, it may be tiring for some drivers. This is especially in urban driving conditions or for long periods of time.