2022 Mercedes S-Class: Artificial Intelligence

The 2022 Mercedes S-Class is one of the cars that has the characteristic of ingenuity artificial intelligence. It is like a robot that can deal with complex things in a timely manner. Furthermore, it is similar to the behaviour of a human. Not only that, but there are other qualities that make Mercedes S-Class touch competitor worldwide. First, all other car companies use the latest smart lighting discovered recently. But the 2022 Mercedes S-Class uses a new type that has not been used yet. It has this naming – Digital Light. This type of lighting works to distribute and scatter the lighting to reach a longer range. This, in turn, helps in obtaining a clear vision when driving at high speed.

A Baffling Digital Lighting

Moreover, this lighting is not ordinary lighting, but a projector one. This means that the driver can display anything on the road – a sign or an image. The majority of the other autos just get clear lighting. However, Mercedes has another breakthrough in this absolutely amazing world. Mercedes lighting adapts shapes and the nature of the road. For example, when the car is moving on an incline or hill, the lights will automatically turn forward. Furthermore, this lighting predicts the traffic error that you are likely to fall into. This avoids getting black points that later require the withdrawal of the driver’s license.

The car has three LED lines, three grid lines and three million and three-hundred-thousand micro lenses. Moreover, this lighting system also connects to the car’s radar and traffic-systems ones. Anyhow, all this information is about lighting only. We have not yet come to other features. Because, this space is not enough to mention that. So, we will complete the rest of the information in the next article.