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Renting Cars & Safe Driving

Driving a rented car is not typically like your own. There is the so-called adaptation. You have to adjust yourself with the auto. However, the adaptation means a lot of things. To do so, the motorist has to be aware about the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Not only this, but driving a manual […]

Open-areas and portabel Garages

Open-areas and Portable Garages You may need to immerse yourself somewhere in a place where different types of garages are not available. That place may not have an automatic garage, nor any underground ones. So far different types of garages have been introduced. But the one that can be labelled suitable depends on the context […]

Anti-Sleep Alert Sleepy Motorists

Anti-Sleep Alert Sleepy Motorists No doubt that after long hours of hard work, workers find themselves extremely exhausted. The time of working hours is over, but you are dead onto your feet. What is the ideal solution to take rest in the office before leave? This could be a good solution, but what about your […]

Motorists & Car Repairs

Motorists & Car Repairs in the UAE No motorists wish to drain money in simple auto maintenance. There are some simple car repairs that drivers have to launch alone with a help from a technician. This is very important because of the fact that long journeys or off-road driving requires a unique kind of readiness. […]

Cars Resemble Computers 2020

Cars & Personalities Is there any relationship between your personality and the auto that you are driving? Many people believe that indeed there is a kind of relationship between our personalities and the vehicles that we often buy. There are number of factors that often specify types of cars that we buy; they are four […]

Smart Parking System

So far, the world has suffered from the so-called conventional parking. This kind of traditional parking takes too much space. Not only this, but it is time-consuming as well. But since there is a problem there will be a solution to combat it. Many experts did their best in order to come up with ideal […]

Ramadan Car Offer For 2019 In Dubai, UAE

No doubt that during the holy month of Ramadan great deal of offers are made by companies and car dealers. It is the best time of the year to own a car. Therefore, do not dismiss these golden offers for owning a car for a very low price or through instalments. In the following posts […]

Double Park Garage

Traditional parking has been labelled as space consuming and less efficient. However, there is another way of parking which is better than traditional ones. It is the two-parking garage which can be applied anywhere. Simply, it works by getting the first car into a metal pallet. Then, the pallet rises it up leaving a pace […]

Fuel Price Reduction in the UAE

Fuel price around the world is in state of fluctuation. But the UAE is doing its best to stabilize it. Many motorists around Abu Dhabi felt very mesmerized. The reason behind this joy is that the Ministry of Energy and Industry declared reduction in fuel price for December. This reduction will help motorists a lot […]

The Longest Electric Car journey in The World

Have you ever thought about crossing a long distance using an electric car? It is an interesting journey which will help you to realize the power of these vehicles in the fact ground. They are environmentally friendly and powerful at the same time. From Netherlands to Sydney In this longest journey ever present in the […]