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IMS: Nissan Revolutionizes Cars World

Unlike other car companies; Nissan revolutionizes cars’ world by launching an intelligent cars mobility system. IMS stands for intelligent mobility system. To begin with, Nissan Cars Company invented the intelligent mobility system. This system does not only help in avoiding traffic jams, but it has great deal of other advantages. Firstly, Nissan is a car […]

Petrol Is To Be Banned

Is it true that petrol can be banned? One of the greatest inventions that ever present is the discovery of petrol. The world new luxury after the appearance of bicycles and the development of various means of transportation. However, there are lots of problems tangled to petrol when used to power cars. Nobody denies the […]

Driving at Different Weather Conditions

Driving is not only about knowing cars’ mechanism; about how to drive proficiently at different weather conditions. There are a lot of motorists that drive on roads without paying attention to weather conditions. For instance, driving during rain is totally different than driving in wind. Furthermore, driving during a flood is not like driving in […]

Features for Safe Roads: Smart Roads

Smart roads start to show up with lots of safe road-features. In the past, roads were not well prepared, and there were lots of dangers that surrounded them. Risks of accidents were in every spot of roads. In order to combat this issue, road designer designed some features for safety on roads. Firstly, these designers […]

Ideal Scratch Coatings for Automobiles

One of the most important things about automobiles appearance is the scratch coatings or paint works. This feature accounts of approximately ninety percent of cars’ shape and design. On the other hand, paint works is the essential final design touch. However, the overwhelming majority of drivers may not believe that the final design touch is […]

Car Emissions and Global Warming: Exhaust Pipes Solutions

One of the problems that car cause is Carbone dioxide emission and global warming. Combating this issue depends on immense number of factors. When manufacturing cars these factors should be put into consideration. Firstly, the way of manufacturing autos has to change dramatically. The main dilemma that the world encounters now is the increase of […]

Light Detecting and Ranging Sensors

Light detecting and ranging sensors assist motorists in many ways, it displays risks on the dashboard.  With reference to technological development, navigation by lights seems to witness a leap. In the past, the rate of accidents on roads increased dramatically. Therefore, the majority of car manufacturers became very concerned about this complex issue. They excreted […]

Autos’ Lighting & Regular Maintenance

There are lots of things that drivers should care about: autos’ tyres, oil engine, headlights, taillights and regular maintenance. Owning a car is the first step, but how to preserve it is the most important thing. Car preservation against some expected defects can make it last longer. Therefore, motorists have to know a lot about […]

Essential Things about Autos

The ultimate important things about car preservation are: engine oil, tyre type, oil filters, tyre puncture, benzene-powered, gasoline powered. Having your own auto is something perfect, but this means that you must care about it. There are some motorists who rent cars from companies. Therefore, they do not care a lot about that rented car. […]

A gorgeous Mercedes Wagon

As far as Mercedes autos are concerned, nobody can deny their strength and luxury. In this blog, I am going to explore a Mercedes auto that astonished the whole world. One of the golden secrets that makes German motors highly demanded worldwide is their strength and luxury. These two characteristics are top priority for all […]