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An Elegant Futuristic Car: Hummer SUT

The GM Hummer SUT. It is an interesting super truck. This auto was designed for military purpose. Later, GM thought about designing civilian version. What is very interesting about this auto is that it is fully electric. Unlike other super trucks that utilize gasoline as a source of main power Hummer is completely EV. This […]

An Elegant Auto Ever Present: Mercedes

No doubt that there are many elegant autos, but Mercedes is the one that ever present worldwide. Before stating anything about its shape and design, I have to talk about one amusing feature. The test of its engine vibration is checked by a coin on the dashboard. To clarify more, the tester places a metal […]

Electric Automotives in the UAE

Electric automotives have become a kind of novice appearance of the UAE roads. In the past before the Electric automotives , there were many petrol powered autos, in many parts of the UAE. As the world become in a state of development, every second, the UAE wants to catch up with such lofty ambitions. It […]

The Eye-catching Dynamic of Lexus

The eye-catching dynamic appearance of Lexus baffled many millionaires. To begin, it one of the luxurious Japanese vehicles. It stands as an iconic car ever present in the world. It is a part of Toyota the famous Japanese automaker. Then, it is not surprising that this product ravages seventy countries around the world. Therefore, they […]

Your Futuristic Dream Car: BMW

Many people regard BMW their futuristic dream car. This is because of the fact that it has many technological aspects that makes it outstanding as a dream car. Automatic driving is one of the technological features that awards drivers lots of spare time. So, they can use this time for completing unfinished tasks and jobs. […]

The Convenient Auto: BMW or Lexus

There are diverse kinds of convenient autos, but is it BMW or Lexus? Undoubtedly, a very big proportion of motorists dream to own convenient luxurious car. They exert as much effort as possible in order to achieve this goal. However, they may end up without doing so. It is not easy to know which kind […]

Top Car Technologies Motorist Can Enjoy

There are lots of top car technologies that motorists can enjoy. One of these technologies is the MiniKcampers. The main idea of this novice technology is that it provides lots of space for travelers to enjoy. It is a trailer which travelers can attach to their car. Furthermore, the importance of this tech stems from […]

The Car That Can Repair Itself:BMW

The BMW is the only car that can repair itself. It can do many other functions as well. Not so lots of cars have this valuable function. The BMW Vision Next has all that ability and even more. Looking at it from outside it looks like a crocodile. You will not be able to see […]

Oil Prices During Corona Virus Period

Oil prices changed significantly during Corona Virus period. Although the world suffered too much from the partial and complete shutdown. Therefore, oil prices witnessed unstable state. This fluctuation resulted in resting oil-ship carriers without finding seller to buy oil. This global oil recession stemmed from the fact that there is no much need for it. […]

Ease & Boost Modes in GFG

The ease and boost modes in GFG enable drivers to enjoy different car settings. If you press the button of ease, the car will go in the mood of automatic driving. On the other hand, the button of boost allows you to take control of the autos by manual driving. This kind of car combines […]