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UAE Roads Are Saying Goodbye Accidents

It is true that the UAE roads do say goodbye for road fatal accidents. In the past, there were thousands of reasons for committing accidents in the UAE high roads. But the dilemma of Covid19 reduced that toll death dramatically down. The number of people that often die as a result of road accidents, in […]

Sterilization and Free Parking in Dubai

In an attempt to combat Covid19, Dubai issuing a sterilization and free parking to motorists. Have you heard such new? The UAE does is kind of sterilization program, in order, to combat the spread of Coronavirus. It is not only in Dubai, but it is a nationwide program. This kind of unprecedented program will probably […]

Social Distancing Implementation

The implementation of social distancing in the UAE happens before a full shutdown. One of the previous measures that applied by the RTA is banning all means of public transportation. However, in the case of the metro, people should wait for the train with accordance to social distancing. To clarify more, they should keep a […]

Social Distancing and Auto Drivers

Social distancing is one of the drastic measures that auto drivers have to cope with. However, it is very difficult for them to do so. This is because of many aspects that make it difficult of them to comply with social distancing. This novice term means that people have to leave about t meters between […]

Pros/Cons of Remote Vehicle Shutdown

There are many pros and cons of Remote Vehicle Shutdown. Before talking about the pros/cons of this valuable device, we have to consider the bright side. It assisted the Traffic Police a lot in finding out about stolen cars. However, this valuable support relates to the Traffic Authority. There are many other users that gain […]

Precautions for Motorist When Driving Out

There are incalculable precautions the motorist should do when they drive out. So far, we explained that many people should stay well protected. Specially, drivers should carry out lots of things to stay safe. These precautions include: a distance of two meters, abstaining from handshaking, sterilizing the car and so on. Let us start by […]

Pitfalls in Car Buying During Full-shutdown

There are pitfalls in car buying during Corona virus full shutdown. There are some buyers that already paid some sums of their instalments for buying a car. The car that they intend to buy can be new or old. Anyhow, motorists should not panic at all. Since these situations are unprecedented, there are lots of […]

Have You Heard of Autos Check-points?

Many people started to hear about autos check-points in the UAE. However, they are not check-points that used for collecting tickets or something like that. But they are rather used to check drivers’ body heat. Furthermore, it is one of the most effective ways for checking drivers’ heat without consuming lots of time. One of […]

Be Safe, Use FFP Protection Classes

We advise you to be safe and use FFP protection. There are many unseen particles and aerosols hanging in the air, and they are dangerous to our health. Therefore, you can use FFP to protect yourself from that risk. No body can deny the fact that they are very harmful for peoples’ general health. Furthermore, […]