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Maruti Suzuki Hustler: Up-to-date SUV

One of the up-to-date SUVs is Maruti Suzuki Hustler. The producer of this company is Japan automaker Suzuki. So far, this auto introduced in Japan. The Hustler well known for its boxy design and compact dimensions, making it suitable for urban driving. Because of these features, so many autos fans prefer this auto. Firstly, it […]

Improving Road Safety in the UAE

The importance of road safety is of vital concern in the UAE. Therefore, the UAE is making every effort to enhance road safety through the Roads and Transport Authority. This authority undertook traffic awareness initiatives that contribute to raising the level of awareness of drivers, pedestrians. Both of them contribute to their understanding and application […]

Cars Loans Prepayment: Pros Cons

Prepayment for cars  loans has some pros and cons.  It is very important to have a car in the Emirates. This is due to the urgent need for it for quick transportation and low costs. Therefore, buying a car is one of the basics that no one dispenses with. Many of those who have a […]

Cars’ Eco System

To reduce the increasing energy consumption in cars, the importance of the Eco system in modern cars emerged. In addition, there increased interest in environmentally friendly systems that aim to reduce carbon-emissions into the atmosphere. The Eco system in cars plays a major role in achieving this goal. However, the Eco system not be used […]

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X: Sport-activity

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X is a perfect sport-activity auto. This auto has a very long history lasts for so long in the past. The term “Neue Klasse” refers to a historic series of BMW vehicles introduced in the early 1960s. So far, the company suffered from some financial pitfall. This autos saved the company […]

Automotive Various Technologies

There are various automotive technologies, one of which is track and GO, an advanced tracking system. This system aims to accurately track and monitor the vehicle’s location via wireless communication technologies. This allows improving and increasing safety and security. The Track and Go system consists of several basic elements. Firstly, a central control unit that […]

Aerodynamics: Autos Evolving World

The world of autos is evolving with many technologies one of them is aerodynamics. Development in the world of cars no longer limited to technology that helps enhance safety. These technologies relate to: security, driver assistance, and other advanced technology. So, these developments reached the maximum benefit from aerodynamics. Technology works not to resist the […]

Weather Conditions, Impact on Driving: UAE

The United Arab Emirates has best weather conditions considered one of the wonderful and advanced tourist destinations in the world. It combines modernity and cultural traditions. One of the most important factors to take into consideration when visiting the Emirates is the weather. This is especially during the months of February and March, when the […]

Monthly Subscription for Public Parking: UAE

Participation in public parking in the United Arab Emirates has become a very important matter. In light of the continuous developments in the Emirates and the increase in the population and number of vehicles, car parking has become a vital matter that requires effective attention and organization. The government’s efforts in this field reflect its […]

Monitoring System Wireless Tire Pressure

The wireless tire pressure monitoring system allows drivers to receive notifications about upcoming tire risks. In other words, the danger that they may encounter while driving because of tires pressure. Tires pressure is very important and it should be in its correct level. It should not become more nor less, but adequate. Technological and conscious […]