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Warning for Holiday-goers in the UAE

Strapped luggage on cars’ roof in the UAE is not a novice sight. Travelling is one of the unstoppable habits of UAE holiday-goers. But the problem is that sometimes those holiday-goers take lots of luggage on their cars roof. Those motorists are undoubtedly very skillful drivers. They can drive so fast without committing accidents. But […]

Collision Avoidance System in the UAE

The overwhelming number of autos’ accidents often occurs as a result of less concentration. However, motorists sometimes drive absent-minded as a result they commit accidents. But technologists spent lots of effort to solve this problem. Collision avoidance system is designed to warn reckless drivers about other auto in front of them. In some state-of-the-arts motors, […]

A revolutionized Company in the UAE

One of the most well-known cars manufacturers in the UAE is Volkswagen. This company was founded by German government to produce low-priced cars. The previous aim is the main purpose that the company started with. However, rapid growth and popularity among people makes the company keep achieving the former aim, in addition to others. The […]

Prohibited Habits in Driving in the UAE

There are a lot of negative habits that motorists have to avoid. These habits seem to be common with so many motorists, but they are so risky. Time is precious. But if making use of time comes at the expense of safety then the former is to be ignored. Some of the negative habits that […]

A pioneering Company in the UAE

Toyota is a car manufacturing company well known worldwide. It started as a small family-business owned by Sakichi Toyoda who is a Japanese national. This glamorous novice idea revolutionizes the way of car manufacturing in Japan. The company found its feet between cars companies and became famous quickly. These giant steps forward grantees luxurious autos […]

Driving in Rainy Weather in the UAE

No doubt that the majority of drivers have experienced driving at different weather climates. However, each climate has its own safety measures. For instance, in foggy weather motorists have to abstain from driving until the vision is clear enough for navigating. If the vision is not crystal clear, it is not advisable to take the […]

Driving Skills

A significant number of motorist when asked about driving they believe that it is a skill. However, the opposite is true. Driving is an art rather than a skill. It does not mean that the driver should be able to drive the car smoothly with out gear shift problems. But it is rather the appropriate […]

Autos and Travelling

No doubt that when thinking about travelling means of transportation spring to our mind. However, the type of car that you own specifies the route that you will navigate as well as the distance. There are thousands of cars that can travel. But when it comes to off-road driving and hill riding there are certain […]

Flexibility of Audi in the UAE

Have you ever thought of an auto that suits your mood and desire? You can find this in S4 Cabriolet. This car is stylish, and it has kind of versatilities that are not present in other cars. Moreover, it has a glamorous appearance, I expect, it cannot be resisted.  The catchy and engineered design gives […]

Light Tech in the UAE

Have you ever thought that one day cars can be able to talk? Digital light technology has made it possible to happen. With this kind of distinguished technology motorists become able to talk with other drivers and pedestrians. Not only this, but it is also a source of information for the driver himself/herself. For instance, […]