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To Buy Lemon Cars Have Caution

Lemon Cars are very popular in Dubai; but to buy you should have caution. However, since everything has pros and cons, some people may go against this idea for some reasons. At the same time it is wondering, how dare someone gets away from using taxis. If you wish to by a car you need […]

Declining Accidents Occurrence Possibility in UAE

To reduce accidents occurrence possibility in the UAE, Brake Plus assist taxies. One of the most problematic things in developed counties is the rise in road accidents mortalities. Accidents occur because of many reasons some of them are: high speed, miscalculation, control lose etc. firstly, high speed results in committing many accidents because of the […]

Cutting-edge Cars: Kia Launches Electric-Makes EV6

The company Kia is one of the fierce competitors launches cutting-edge cars of EV6. This company tries its best in order to shake off its shrinking makes. Nowadays, the competition in the autos markets became so fierce. To do so, the company now trying to revolutionize the autonomous world by various ways. It accompanies with […]

Sell Your Car: RTA Dubai Advice

If you wish to sell your car RTA in the UAE provides some advice. Selling a car is a systematic process which includes many things from general to detailed steps. Certainly, it requires filling up some information related to RTA in Dubai. However, you may also fall in lots of hassles and becoming very occupied. […]

Brake Vibration: Do This

Sometimes you may realize that there is vibration accompanying pressing the brake, do this. First of all, you should check a maintenance center. The technicians over there will check the problem and provide you with the best solution. You ought to do this as quick as possible. Because of the fact that this will result […]

Anti-theft Tech: Cars Locking Systems

One of the main systems of cars is the anti-theft locking system. This system enables the driver or the owner of the car to lock the auto safely. The problem of stealing autos has a long history and many people did suffer. They suffer because of the inconvenient locking systems that previous cars have. Nobody […]

BMW Back-wheel Propulsion Dual Motors

BMW launches back-wheel propulsion auto with dual motors. Since the world of automotive is developing rapidly, BMW tries its best to catch up. It tries to keep the same escalating rhymes and even faster. Therefore, it adopted this ambition and it will achieve it soon or later. On the other hand, the company will combine […]

Before Buying a Car in Dubai

There are lots of things to consider before buying a car in Dubai. This is important because of the fact that heading through one wrong way may cost you much. Therefore, before buying a car you have to keep in mind a wide array of point. You need to adhere to them, otherwise, you will […]

New Drive Test: Abu Dhabi

The novice drive test is available now in Abu Dhabi postulated. It is one of the E-trading platform for previously owned autos. This firm has a strong presence in a wide array of countries included in the Middle East. So far, it opened up in the UAE and swiftly it became successful enough. As a result, […]

McLaren Initial Genre Super-autos: Artura

The official agent and partner of McLaren Automotive launches the initial genre of super-autos. The company aims to launch a show in the UAE autos market. However, the first appearance for the artura is in the Middle East. It astonished many autos fans because of the fact that this is the first time of appearance […]