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Making Roads More Convenient

For thousands of centuries, the world strived to facilitate travelling with regard to speed. The only means of commuting in the past was horses, cows or camels. Of course, they are characterized slowness. Contrary to this, scientists are successful in inventing new and swift means of transportation. nowadays, these means of transportation are not different […]

Blind Motorist Will Be on Roads

The world is developing rapidly and every day we witness new invention. In this blog, we will explore how blind motorists can navigate roads. The world has witnessed robotic drivers or self-driving cars. In the recent future, it will witness blind motorists taking the lead of driving wheels. Since scientists became able to develop a […]

A car To Be Refurbished

Mazda is a well-known trade mark owned by Japanese corporation. Mazda autos are reliable in the market in general. If compared with Volkswagen Polo which is a dependable car, Mazda defeat it in rates of sale. However, the company comes across lots of difficulties that should be overcome. One of the most complex problems is […]

Cars Protection For & Against Motorists

So far, cars owners have suffered a lot from the so-called cars theft. But as problems and solutions always go hand on hand, there are lots of suggestions. In the previous blog, I have mentioned one of the ways for protecting cars from theft: flame. In this blog, I will mention another way for doing […]

A Dangerous Flammable Auto!

In some countries, the habit of hijacking people from cars become excessive. In order to combat this issue an excellent car designer invented a device that produces flame on both sides of the auto. This will compel the attacker to withdraw back and hopefully scape! Sometimes, thieves fail in opening car’s doors. Therefore, they wait […]

Automobile Paint Preservation

 The difference between new and ancient autos depends heavily on the color of the auto. However, some natural factors like rain and sun affect negatively on cars’ paint. When cars exposed to rain and air, they become rusted. On the other hand, parking cars for long time under high temperatures of the sun also affect […]

Tracking Stolen Automobiles

“Oh no! the thief has stolen the car”. This is a traditional saying that remain unheard for quiet long time. Thieves become clever enough that they hide themselves even from CC. T.V. Therefore, when they steel a car, they wear a facial mask that no body can detect them even when the CC. T.V cannot […]

A romantic Auto

Have you ever heard about a romantic car? It is labelled the most wonderful car in the world. This car is lavish and stylish. Of course, the interior part of the car is reddish. It is an electric car, and it is lavish. In order to out the almost all the roof opens. It is […]

HiPhi 1. Human Horizons

This is the surprise that China would like to show in 2021. This strange auto can cross approximately 400 miles. This is not the only characteristic. However, it is an electric car, and it is environmentally friendly. The car is glamorous that it captivates you form the first glance. The angularities are perfectly designed. This […]

Override System in Cars

Have you ever tried to accelerate and the car disobeyed you? Modern cars that are supported with Override System could do so. An override system is a way of supporting drivers to enhance their driving. In other words, some cars’ smart designers call it Smart Pedal. In addition, motorists may make a wrong decision; the […]