2024 Hyundai Santa Fe

One of the quite suitable autos for family-hauling is 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe. Gentle shapes and curves are the characteristics of this auto. Therefore, many of its rivals compete fiercely to catch up with its technology and stylish design. There is a drastic change that will take place soon or later for 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe. This change relates to all-new fifth-generation and improvement in technology and comfort. To set an example to the this tech, the company used H-shaped lighting which highlights the logo. The measurement of the wheels is 21-inches which is a bit larger than its counterparts. To gain imposing stance Santa Fe utilizes long wheelbase. Not only this, but there is a rear lift-gate also.

Interior and Exterior

The company designed this auto for urban and city setting as well. Therefore, it is genuine for grocery shopping, various transportation and road trips. There is a bright color on the second and third seats, in addition to, headliner. Of course, recycled plastic is an extricable separated part of Santa Fe interior. Moreover, genuine leather is also a part of the interior design of Santa Fe. Most importantly, there are three variants of this elegant auto, plug-in hybrid, hybrid and gas model. Referring to the current hybrid make it is 226 and 261 horsepower. In one charge it can cross a distance of up to 31 miles before adding up another charge. There is a turbocharge with two options, one of two cylinders and the other is four cylinder engine. The trim adopted in this auto style is XRT with a rugged appearance. There are two screens of a size of 12.3-inches connected to the rear of glass with curvature. Not to mention the availability of Apple Car-Play, in addition to Android Auto. There is also Bluetooth connection , radio which is SiriusXM satellite one. The infotainment system does not have flash and it is easy for use without any distraction.