37-Million Dirhams: Dubai Autos’ Auction Income

Dubai auction platform witnessed an unprecedented number – 37 million dirhams. The auction held in Grand Hyatt Hotel in Dubai. This is because of the fact that the income reached a dramatic raise of 37 million dirhams. Furthermore, the Roads and Transport Authority appreciated this increase with a celebrative ceremony. In kind of ideal celebration incentivizes autos’ fans to improve and enjoy experience with autos.

Dubai AuctionDistinguished Plate Numbers

The highest price value achieved by the number AA 13. In addition, this one sold in the price of four million and 420 thousands dirhams. It worked like a dream, and the interest of autos fan raised. However, in the past, it was in a great shrink. In the second position, the number U 70 came in this position out numbers the next distinguished auto-plate number. The third one is Z 1000 it gained about 210 thousand dirhams. In fourth came the outstanding auto-plate number V99999 and it scored a worth price of one million and 260 dirhams. There are numbers of binary, three, four, five and six digital numbers. The outstanding categories include [AA, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q,]. Furthermore, the rest of the autos-plate number is [R, S, T, U, V, W, Z, Y, Z]

For fair distribution the Road and Transport Authority followed an effective strategy. Not only that but it based it on well refurbished plans full of transparency and impartiality. This will provide absolutely a fair chance for autos fans who want to gain outstanding plate numbers. The Roads and Transportation Authority put the process of owning an outstanding autos-plate numbers at ease. By this way, the RTA will satisfy autos fans interests through proper, fair and easy way. In conclusion, Road and Transport Authority gained fair autos’ fans.