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Dubai Drive: The Ideal Route

The Dubai Drive application is ideal and it belongs to the Roads and Transport Authority. It provides drivers with information and facilitating many traffic procedures. In addition, the application grants the user green points for each electronic transaction. The main objective of this application is to reduce pressure on the National Roads and Transport Authority. […]

Mercedes Maybach 2023: German Industry Quality

The Mercedes Maybach 2023 has the characteristic of high quality in the industry. Therefore, this reflects the luxury and durability of the German automotive industry. This car not only embodies the quality of German industry, but also reflects the extent of luxury. In addition it reflects comfort and advanced driving systems that the owners of […]

Self-driving Autos Race: UAE 2024

The United Arab Emirates attracts the state-of-the-arts type of self-driving autos race in particular. Not only that, but the UAE designed a race for these self-driving cars for next year. It is worth noting that several Gulf countries will  participate in this race. Some of these countries are the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and […]

Apple Electric Car

The Apple company designed the Apple electric car. This car is one of the cars that has no competition in the field of automotive technology. Accordingly, the ambition of this company began to design the Apple electric car since 2014. This company has very high capabilities, due to its initiation in various technical fields. Apple […]

How to properly prepare your car for sale

If you want to put your car up for sale, there are a lot of things you should know in order to properly prepare the car. We know that you want to exchange your old car for a new one, and there are a lot of questions in your mind, and you will find the […]

How to choose best tires for car

Car tires are one of the very important parts that must be chosen with care and make sure that the tires are suitable for the car so that it can walk with ease and be balanced on the road. Tires are the vehicle’s means of contact with the ground Tire sizes differ from one car […]

Negotiating with Potential Buyers: How to Handle It

When it comes to selling a car, negotiating with potential buyers is a daunting task. However, it is an essential part of the sales process in order to land a successful deal. Understand the buyer’s point of view Before entering into negotiations with a potential buyer, it is essential to understand their point of view. […]

Important of Car Repairing and Maintenance

It is very necessary to take care of car maintenance and change damaged spare parts. Sometimes it is preferable to replace spare parts instead of repairing and installing them again, but they will definitely break down again, so you must replace all damaged parts. The car is very important and it needs some attention because […]

Why Car Detailing is Important

It is very important to detail the car and take care of its cleanliness in order to make the car look beautiful and decent. Car detailing helps you to keep your car in top condition. There are many people who think that cleaning a car is detailing a car, but unfortunately there are many differences […]

why do we need car Accessories

Decorating the car is one of the things that is very necessary, because it has an attractive look that pleases the onlookers, and many young people prefer car accessories to upgrade it and make it look like a new car, and the most important thing is your choice of accessories that suit the car in […]