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Polestar 2: Electric Multi-purpose Vehicle

Polestar 2 is a compact sedan and a multi-purpose vehicle. This car manufactured and designed by the Swedish company. It takes into account many factors that countries need in the car system, which has various differences. The manufacturers used in this car two electric systems. Furthermore, they provide the car with 402 horsepower and 660 […]

Cadillac Lyriq: Contemporary Car and Modernity

Cadillac Lyriq is a contemporary and modern car that changed the world so much. Cadillac Lyriq is not different from other cars in terms of engine quality. However, it has a design of a very high level of modernity and future. For example, when the driver runs the engine, the manufacturer’s mark appears on the […]

Forged Wheels: A Controversy

One of the controversial things is the Forged Wheels. Forged Wheels appear with the inadvertence of the manufacturer owning the intellectual property. This results in many obstacles for each of the three parties. First, for the manufacturer, which has the right to manufacture and develop. This constitutes a major obstacle to its input. For example, […]

2021 GMC 3500HD Denali: Luxurious Truck

One of the luxurious heavy trucks is 2021 GMC 3500HD Denali. The external shape of this auto is aggressive. In the front, there are three grids. The first one which located at the top of the front parts is rather small. There is another one with the same shape located at the button of the […]

Cadillac Le Mans 2023: Hybrid Auto

The hybrid auto Cadillac will get involved in a very tough race. This race is the 24 Hours Le Man in 2023. The type of the race is LMDh. The main aim of this is that the American automaker wants to show up its new prototype. So, one of the ways to show up the […]

Rim-guard Wheel Lock: The Ultimate Solution

Rim-guard wheel lock is the ultimate solution for wheels theft. For ages, wheels-thieves do easily loosen wheels from autos and take advantage of them. This wicked process does not exceed couples of minutes for accomplishing it. During the recent previous time, autos wheels turn to have a very soaring price. Accordingly, they attract the interest […]

Tesla’s Strongest Competitor: ET7

The new Chinese car ET7 considered as one of the cars perfectly competes Tesla. This car, for ages, dazzled the world. It is completely electric, and the company designed this Chinese car to compete with this sedan. One of the things that distinguishes this car is that you buy it without batteries. However, you just […]

Mercedes Unique Intelligent Design

One of the best cars with unique intelligence in design is Mercedes. It made a great leap in intelligent design. The front grille of the car is larger, giving it an additional superior beauty. In addition, there are many fingerprints that added to this car, which made it look more beautiful and stronger. Shedding the […]

Mclaren Artura: Unleashing Hybrid Auto Makes

Mclaren Artura is one of the autos that unleashing hybrid autos makes worldwide. The company started long ago. However, there are lots of characteristics that make this auto as a unique one. Firstly, it has a very high-speed ability of travelling very long distances without heating the engine. This characteristic is absent in other auto […]

MG Extender 2021: Power Behind Design

One of the autos that expresses the power behind autos design is MG Extender. This auto is very unique among its counterparts.  Firstly, the company made an immense amount of modification in the car, in different terms. In terms of power, the company changed the auto from using petrol. For instance, the auto now abstained […]