4 Tips for Maintaining Your Car’s Engine

The engine is the main part and the mother of the car, so you must take care of all parts of the engine, examine

them and take care of them accurately at all times. Here, we will show you tips that will help you when

maintaining your car engine.

Taking care of the car engine makes you peace of mind and reduces the damage of breakdowns and the

car does not stop on the road during your trip. Therefore, before driving the car on the highway, make sure

that all of the engines are primed and working properly.

Maintenance tips to maintain your engine

We will show you the top 5 tips to help you maintain the performance of your car engine to make your

journey easy and comfortable on the road.

Engine oil change

You should pay attention to the type of oil used and the time to change the oil. The oil helps the internal

engine parts to move smoothly and gives them high efficiency to move the car at the required speed.

The better the quality of the oil, the better it will preserve the life of the engine, and the technicians recommend changing the oil at a specific number of kilometers, so you should pay attention to the odometer so as not

to miss the oil change time.

Pay attention to the radiator water

radiator water helps in cooling the car engine, especially when driving for long distances and the car air conditioner is on. The water circulates a full cycle to cool all the parts that pump air with the help of the front fans that are in front of the engine to maintain its temperature.

Air filter change

The filter blocks all dust and dirt and prevents it from entering the engine, and it is one of the parts that you should clean it continuously because the accumulation of dirt and dust reduces the efficiency of the engine’s performance and change it when you see the filter’s pores have started to fade or a lot of dust has stuck to them.

Pay attention to the cleanliness of the engine blocks

The function of the blocks is to generate enough electricity to help start the engine, and the kit consists of four blocks that you can clean from time to time, and when the front spark plugs burn out, it is recommended to change them all because it will lead to poor engine performance and thus the car will not be able to move.