Android Creeping Autos’ Technological Ladder

Had you known that Android is creeping autos’ technological ladder? One of the novice autos’ features that motorists start to enjoy is the wireless charger. The world new the so-called USB chargers, but the wireless charger is totally new. On the other hand, such kind of perfect features present on smart phones only. The other kinds of mobile phones may not be combatable to these features. The majority or the ultimate number of cars use USB charging system. However, they should cope with the new technological devices. Therefore, such kind of new technological devices should become present.

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging

One of the state-of-the-arts mobile phones is the ideal iPhone 8. Apple is one of the companies that worked very hard to design wireless charging and they did. On the other hand, one of modern mobile phones that have such kind of technology is Samsung Galaxy S7. This kind of mobile phone has a built-in wireless charging. On the contrary, the only way for the latter kind of mobile phones is the traditional charging. But this traditional feature will undoubtedly fade away recently. Providing Apple, the key for such feature – it is unlikely that it would invest on the same product.



Wi-fi Connection and Wireless Charging Similarities

So far, we saw that some cars started to use built-in wi-fi for accessing internet connection. The same applied on mobile phone charging from autos. As passengers can access internet from autos’ built-in Wi-Fi – they can also charge their mobile phones from autos. The charging mobile phones from autos is a good idea, but it will be upon the expense of the batteries. Anyhow, both of the new technological development revolutionized the way of charging and internet access in autos. In conclusion, wireless charging is a sign of luxury.