New Audi Q8

Audi Q8

Audi Q8 is one of the wild luxury competitors worldwide. It is as luxurious as BMWs and the other state-of-the-arts autos. It has the suitable size of SUVs which is very helpful in many ways. Firstly, it is suitable for family purposes, i.e., commuting. Secondly, this car is suitable for trading purposes, i.e., transporting light goods to different locations. However, at the end, Audi Q8 is the perfect auto competitor ever present. To be honest, this auto combines between a wide diversity of auto features and technological development.

Audi Q8 Exterior

Audi Q8 interior

Audi Q8 interior

The exterior of Audi Q8 is perfect and glamorously designed. Referring to the engine of the car it is so heavy. Many people may think that this heaviness is a negative aspect; however, it is not true. This is heaviness corresponds to the ability of having more road stability or fortitude. The front grille of the car is perfect and it is harmonious with the overall front design. Furthermore, the side ventilators of the car add to the final touch of front decoration. Both of the ventilators have a semi-diamond shape. In addition, they are not very large. They occupy about one third of the front space. Above the side ventilators, immediately, the head lights and the side turning signs.


However, both of the headlights and the side turning signs have an opposing diamond shape. When you unlock the car through the remote control, the side turning signs will produce flashing lights. However, the back of the auto is glamorous and attractive. Like BMW I8, between the two back turning signs there is a flashing light. This light provides the back of the car with an additional decorative shape. The flashing lights to becomes very covert immediately, when the car is switched on.