Ease & Boost Modes in GFG

The ease and boost modes in GFG enable drivers to enjoy different car settings. If you press the button of ease, the car will go in the mood of automatic driving. On the other hand, the button of boost allows you to take control of the autos by manual driving. This kind of car combines between luxury and reliability. Furthermore, it combines supercar’s performance with utility of the car. It is a perfect electric vehicle with the required wheel drive and steering. Its sleek body made of pure Carbone fiber which keep the car in a reasonable weight. Therefore, the car is able to have all aspects of flexibility and speed.

Various Suspension Modes

Surprisingly, the car has three different suspension modes. They are: racing, ground and off-road driving. When a driver activates racing mode, s/he can accelerate to a top speed. however, s/he should not activate this mode unless the street becomes well prepared. Otherwise, some damage may happen. Therefore, in crowded cities racing mode becomes unrecommended at all. Since, a great deal of dreadful accidents may occur. Secondly, road mode is the most active mode in driving. It is suitable for driving through cities and over crowded places.

GFG Of-road Driving Mode

Road mode provides drivers with a very high level of control, suitable for various situations. However, the level of speed of this mode is lower than the previous one. The other mode of driving is the off-road one. Putting on this mode the car changes its suspension system completely. In addition, it enables the car to respond positively to bad road conditions, such as, rocky lands. Once the car came across such land it changes its shock absorb ability. Hence, drivers and passengers alike will not feel lots of shaking.