Bluetooth Connectivity Vs. Cars Keys

Bluetooth connectivity versus cars keys is one of the recent topics that crept cars’ common topics list. Drivers may forget their car’s keys easily – it is unlikely to do the same for their mobile phones. People in general and motorists in specific do not usually forget their mobile phones. They accompany them with them wherever they go. Therefore, the Bluetooth connectivity is the best method for unlocking cars. On the other hand, some motorist believe that this method is not secure. They claim that thieves may steal their cars easily. For instance, getting the driver’s phone form his/her office enables thieves to unlock their autos.

Another Security Insights

It is true that some motorists believe that some thieves may become able to steal the cars easily. They can do this just by stealing the driver’s phone. However, this is apparently true, but on fact it is not so. Motorists should use cutting-edge cell phones in order to gain more security. To clarify more, some mobile phone’s screens do not unlock via pass words. However, they open by finger print. This means that even if a thieve steal a driver’s phone s/he will not be able to seal the car. So, this is the main advantage of use cutting-edge mobile phones to gain more security.



Unexpected Popularity

For all these previous reasons Bluetooth connectivity on autos are gaining unexpected popularity. The two reasons made drivers prioritize them over traditional cars keys. These are not the only features that made Bluetooth connectivity on autos mor popular. The other features are: playing music and other amusing features. Accordingly, many auto manufacturers started to utilize this recent technology in their new cars’ models. The car recognizes you automatically. Another astonishing feature is that electric autos owners can check their autos charging level.

Autos’ Built-in Wi-Fi; Ideal Connection

One of the problems that motorist encounter during drive is instable level of their network. On fact, this is a very annoying problem for various reasons. Furthermore, motorist should stay connected to the internet during their whole journey. This is important because of the fact that the navigation map works by the internet. Not only this, but there are many other devices in the car that operate by internet. A little interruption in the internet will obstruct their performance. This is why the built-in Wi-Fi is essential.  Therefore, motorists should have a built-in Wi-Fi rather than depending on their mobile Wi-Fi.

Some Escalating Problems

There are some escalating problems related to mobile phones’ network. The first problem is that the network is not stable it can become so fast or the reverse. The former is not problematic, but the latter is so complex. There are lots of devices that function better through swift network. If the internet becomes temporarily down, lots of problems related to these technological devices will escalate. For instance, the navigation app utilizes the internet throughout the whole journey. A little obstruction to the internet will affect the flow of data. Therefore, the driver may mislead his or her route. Not only this, but drivers will not be able to avoid crowded roads also. This in turn has much negative effect.


Other Dilemmas

Other escalating dilemmas will also arise. For instance, driving off-road or in deserts where the network is so bad, will also affect negatively. At such kind of place the internet is always down. The best solution for drivers is to use a built-in Wi-Fi. This kind of internet connection is always high, quick and sufficient for the needs of drivers. Therefore, it is advisable that motorist should use a built-in Wi-Fi rather than depending on other sources.