For Disinfection Don’t Utilize Hydrogen Peroxide

There are many motorists that often utilize hydrogen peroxide for disinfecting their car’s parts. However, this kind of chemical proved by many scientists that it is very harmful. Furthermore, it damages the surface of your interior including screens and glasses of windows and the frontier one. In order to avoid such kind of harm and danger, use a sanitizer which many automakers recommend. In addition to this, do not depend solely on that, ask those how used a surface-sanitizer before. They will surely provide you with tested information and thorough experience.

Touch Screens

Of course, you may not face any problem related to cleaning other parts of your car, except touch screens. On the other hand, these kinds of parts require special way for cleaning as well as special glass-spray. The most important thing is not to rub hard against touch screens, because you will scratch them. Do not use any chemical, but utilize eyeglass cleaner. In addition to using a lint-free cloth. This kind of soft cloth help all screens in your car to remain unscratched. Ammonia is very damaging for your touch screens. Therefore, you should not clean touch screens with any solution that contain ammonia, because it is abrasive. Micro-fabric cloth is perfect to use for cleaning in general.



Many drivers believe that any kind of facemask can protect them against the virus. However, this is not true. A classic fabric cloth will not protect the person who wears it against contracting the virus. However, it can reduce the risk of someone who is infected form infecting others. Even the classic facial-mask sold at pharmacies is not genuine. Anyway, these are the most important things that all motorists should put into consideration. In conclusion, be safe and stay at home.