Fake Speed Humps in the UAE

Virtual 3D Speed Humps

Have you ever heard about fake speed humps? So far, the whole world suffered from accidents that happen as a result of top speed driving. Motorists tend to drive swiftly through roads even near hospitals and schools and residential areas. As a result, many accidents occurred resulting in million life loss of pedestrians. It seems to be that the only solution to get rid of this problem is to install lots of speed humps. But the problem is that some motorists do not spot these speed humps from far distances.

Real Speed Humps

Decades ago, road traffic authorities used real speed humps to compel drivers to slow down near people intense areas. However, many motorists fell victims of not spotting these speed humps from far distances. They sometimes commit accidents as they try to avoid the speed humps that appear to them suddenly. This means unless the driver uses medium speed or have a prior knowledge, these speed humps are not avoidable. What is the ideal solution then?

Fake Speed Humps

In order to solve the previous problem, Sekisui Jushi Corporation made a giant step. It is a Japanese Road Traffic company. Firstly, the implication of this novice idea started at the city of Philadelphia. The most important thing is that even ambulance and emergency cars can go unobstructed. However, once drivers came across these artificial humps, they may not speed down the next time. Anyhow motorist will at least have a sense of hesitation. To put it in a nutshell, virtual 3D speed humps are perfect solutions to compel speeders slowing down. Ambulances and emergency autos can pass safely!