Farewell Side Mirrors: Welcome Smart Cameras

Most car partnerships replaced the side mirrors of modern cars with modern cameras. So, these cameras operate at very high resolutions that exceed the efficiency of the human eye. Accordingly, traditional mirrors replaced by cameras that provide the driver not only with image but with video. This is because many of those interested in developing automotive do so. Thanks to Matrix Laser Technology, which deals with this modern technology. This innovation gave Audi the opportunity to make an unprecedented breakthrough in the automotive world. This kind of modern breakthrough seems elusive in the minds of many people. However, the luxury of modern cars, especially German ones, makes this fantasy a reality.

Itron side cameras

German cars like Audi were not satisfied with using side cameras instead of traditional mirrors. It even equipped the car with rear cameras and modern sensors. These modern cameras and sensors work in perfect harmony to increase the vehicle’s efficiency. Therefore, it increases the accuracy in obtaining information. It is important to obtain accurate information in a timely manner, avoiding many problems and accidents. When driving at breakneck speeds, the car calculates the correct speed for that curve. In light of this accurate information, the car works to adjust the speed.

Advanced Control

There is an advanced control system to get an image of the road from the side cameras in the car. Most importantly, the car provides the driver with an alarm about driving at high speed and approaching slopes or bridges. It is very surprising that these cameras are closely linked to the car’s automatic braking system. For example, drivers may drive at a speed that does not fit the road. In this case, the car reduces the speed automatically. In conclusion, goodbye to side mirror, welcome cameras.