Full-Petrol: UAE, November

The price of petrol vary in the UAE, in November according to the economic instability in the world. Not only cars depend on fuel, but many companies and manufacturing machines that rely heavily on fuel. As fuel prices rise, many sectors affected by it, causing economic depression. Therefore, each firm works to find ideal solutions to such problems. In order to solve the problem of increasing fuel prices, it is necessary to reduce fuel consumption. So, there are many ways to do so.

Full-Petrol: UAE, November  Methods of Reducing Fuel Consumption

You may get very surprised if we mention that the type of engine oil plays a big role in reducing fuel consumption. As the car’s systems work with each other; the impact of any system negatively affects the other. Therefore, it is necessary to use a suitable engine-oil for your car. Otherwise, this will prevent the car’s fuel consumption from reduction. Secondly, tire-air-pressure also plays a major role in reducing fuel consumption. Any decrease in tire pressure leads to an increase in pressure on the engine. Third, cruise control, the use of cruise control is very important in reducing fuel consumption.


As mentioned before, fuel prices change from time to time, the exchange of cars varies according to the type of car, the manufacturer. It depends on the number of cylinders, the model of the car and many other things. Also, a car that has a mechanical problem spends more fuel than its counterpart. Fuel economical consumption is as follows: Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Hyundai, Honda, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Dodge, finally Kia. Toyota came at the forefront of the cars that consume the least fuel, due to the quality of its manufacture. Prices for Full-petrol come as follows: Super 199:98 dirhams, followed by special at 192:95 dirhams, and finally E-Plus at 91:187.8 dirhams.