Geely Electric Auto

Geely Electric Auto: Technology Path

One of the recent technology path in electric autos world is Geely. It is one of the Tesla competitor that kept a long way of success. Furthermore, it is a Chinese full electric vehicle that penetrated cars’ showrooms. The plane is to sell this auto in Europe, but will European find it interesting? The car has a pretty shape and it is very fascinating. The company involved using an immense amount of technological gadgets on it. So, it is a good attempt to produce the ever perfect technological car.

Well-Designed Angularities

Geely Electric Auto interior

Geely Electric Auto interior

What is fantastic about Geely Electric Auto is that it has a well-designed angularities. This well-designed angularities will not help the car in having an attractive shape. However, it provides the car with a smooth air motion. Having a smooth air motion is pretty important. When the auto does not have this feature, it will not gain a high level of speed. This is why in other autos, there are four hole for air passage. When this happens it will be very easy for the car to gain high speed. Furthermore, this higher level of speed will not require lots of energy.

Hard Domestic Rivalry

One of the hardest domestic rivalry for Tesla is Geely Geometry. Both of them have the characteristics of sedan autos. However, there are some variations between the two. From outside, Geely looks like a shark with a very fierce sharp lightings. In addition, there are lots of sections in the front lamps. This helps the driver to have more control in the amount of the lighting. Another interesting thing is that, this car got rid of traditional shapes of cars. It rather looks up-to-date auto with a genuine design. All in all, Geely navigated a long technological hard path.