Have You Heard of Autos Check-points?

Many people started to hear about autos check-points in the UAE. However, they are not check-points that used for collecting tickets or something like that. But they are rather used to check drivers’ body heat. Furthermore, it is one of the most effective ways for checking drivers’ heat without consuming lots of time. One of the most astonishing things is that you can get the result within only five minutes. There is no delay at all. Once the driver gets in the check-point the system gets the percentage of heat of the driver. To make use of time, drivers get their Covid19 result within five minutes only.

Speed & Safety

Conducting information in such astonishing way is quicker and safer for both: drivers and NHS workers alike. For the drivers, they will be safe because of the fact that all that work is computerized. Which means all of the traditional methods are in rest, technology speaks aloud. On the other hand, the NHS staff will remain safe. They will not be in direct contact with drivers. Fortunately, this will reduce the risk of infection by 100%, and it will provide lot of spare time.

Virtual Identification System

During the full shutdown, there are some governmental personal that do their compulsory job. They should continue achieving their tasks regardless of the full shutdown. In this case, the virtual identification system is suitable enough. This system allows all VIPs and essential governmental personals to pass swiftly through all parts of cities. For people in general they can gain their results in five minutes. While for those who are governmental personals, they can go immediately. Their governmental authorities can gain their employees’ results by the app of Rapid Pass. In conclusion, prevention is better than cure.