Lotus Evija: Applying Fantasy to Reality

One of the cars which applies fantasy to reality is Lotus Evija. The company designed the entire structure of the car from the fiber. Many may see this feature as a normal feature that is not different from other cars made of steel. But on the other hand, carbon fiber has many advantages. First, the lightness of the car. Carbon fiber is lightweight and this is very important. This is because the weight of the car negatively affects the efficiency of the machine. Not only that, it reduces the speed of the car as well.

Formula One and Lotus Evija

There are many similarities between Lotus and Formula One in light weight, strength and speed. Both of these cars have these excellent qualities that many other cars lack. The car weighs 129 kg. In addition, we say that this lightness helps reduce the percentage of fuel used. Not only that, but this helps in the wholistic control of the car. Another advantage is that the car is a one-piece that gives it a lot of beauty in the view. This feature is pretty important. Furthermore, there are some other additions done of achieving the same purpose.

There are side openings in the car that in turn help drain the air smoothly. And for the third time, the car’s speed increases here. On the other hand, these openings contribute to the car’s beautiful view and look like a racing car. Furthermore, don’t forget that the car is fully electric and that means it’s environmentally friendly. Its contribution to air pollution is zero. On the other hand, this helps reduce reliance on unclean fuels such as benzene and gasoline. One of the most important features that makes this car unique is the use of clean fuels.