Mercedes S-Class: Amusing Ingenuity

The amusing lighting technology used in the Mercedes S-Class previously mentioned. This indicates the advanced artificial intelligence used in the car. It is the best-designed sedan in the world. The car comes with 18 to 22 wheels size, and the brakes are undoubtedly excellent. Furthermore, the suspension systems are more comfortable than the previous generation’s suspension systems. This makes quite a stir in terms of comfort. Not only that, but there is a system linked to the suspension system. It raises the car chassis to predict the possibility of an accident. And this, in turn, helps to raise the level of safety for the occupant of the car.

High Rotation Performance

There are lots of cars that use the four-wheel and four-degree rotation system. And this is not new. But it is worth noting that the turning degrees at Mercedes reach nine degrees. So, this provides a space of two meters for the driver when turning. And this means that despite the size and length of the car, the driver can rotate comfortably in narrow spaces. There is a feature of disabling the rotation of the rear wheels of the car in slippery or snowy terrain. This is to obtain a higher degree of safety.

Back Boot: High Safety, Password

The trunk space is 55 litres – larger than the previous generation by 20 litres. It is very amazing that the degree of safety of baggage and items reaches 100%. If you have valuables, just put a secret number for the back box. After that, no one can open the trunk without this number, even if s/he gets the key. Specifications: A-6-liter twin-turbo V12 engine with 604 horsepower. The torque is 830Nm. The transmission system is a 9-speed automatic and has a Matic4 all-wheel drive system.