More Road Accident: Men or Women

One of the argumentative issue that circumvent autos world is that who commits more road-accidents: men/women? Many people who had their say on this topic believed that men do commit more accidents. This is true in some way or another. Men are often ready to take risk and adventure. On the other hand, the striking majority of women by nature are unlikely to decide taking risk. However, the a looming question is: who is responsible for more road fatalities: men or women? Generally speaking, men tend to be more macho. They often like showing off strength and power. However, this is more crystal clear in drunk driving. In this case, men drivers often inconsiderate – driving in a top gear speed. This will probably result in committing road accident and leave up more road fatalities.

Laxative Alcohol

Furthermore, the use of laxative alcohol while driving may result in changing mind functions. Therefore, drivers may lose control while driving – resulting in dreadful accident. So, it is advisable that drivers should stay alcohol-free while driving. Sometimes, drivers fall asleep as a result of being influenced by alcohol. Men constitute the largest proportion of drug and alcohol abuse compared to women. According to this, many results show that women are more careful drivers compared to their counterparts. Apart of men psyche is tendency of taking risk perspective if compared to women. Furthermore, it is strongly tangled to them. Taking risk is an inseparable part of men genies. However, psychologists carried out a study tracing some risk-taking activities. The participants are from both genders. The results showed that men tend more to risk even their live in these activities. These activities are sea-diving and sky-diving. In conclusion, men tend to commit more road accidents than their counterparts for many reasons.