PET TAXI. Most taxi rides are designed to transport humans from point A to point B. Our vehicles, on the other hand, were created with pets in mind and are specially designed to take them to where they need to go. Our Pet Taxi is a comfortable and secure mode of transportation available to all of our valued clients.

Dubai holds a prestigious position as a top travel destination. Tourists, investors and job-seekers alike, you can find people from different backgrounds living in the city of gold. Besides offering a plethora of services to the people visiting the city, Dubai also takes care of your furry friends. Some of the services for pets include the many veterinary clinics, pet supplies shops and a variety of transport services. For transportation, in particular, you can find several pet taxi services in Dubai – dedicated for your furry little friends.


What is a pet taxi service?

Pet Taxi Dubai is a service that transports pets. We can arrange for your pet to be picked up and returned from any location in Dubai to one of our clinics.

Will there be any extra charges paid for my trip?

The cost of a trip is 50 AED for one-way trip. If you’re looking to book a ride, please use our online booking system.

If you need to cancel your reservation, please do so as soon as possible before we leave for your pickup location (this is usually within 24 hours). We’ll contact you if there are any issues with canceling; otherwise, we will not charge you anything unless we’ve already left town or gone out of business!

Does my pet need to be vaccinated to ride?

Before you can board your pet with us, they must be vaccinated. The vaccination needs to be done at least ten days before the trip. A licensed veterinarian should administer it, and this must be done by the same person who will help with any other vaccinations or treatments when we pick up your dog or cat on their next visit.

We require that all pets wear their rabies tag (a collar with an identification number). If there isn’t one already on them, we can do it for free!