Posrsche 997: Beyond Autos World

Posrsche 997 reveals what is beyond autos world in a very crystal-clear way. This auto is 1400 horse power with a turbo engine and a top speed. In addition, it toped its counterparts with a significant difference. It has a sequential gear-box. It is an insanely outstanding car. The majority of the weight is on the rear of the car. However, the front part is very large and it has a smart shape. The overall color of this auto is dark black. The only parts that have different color are the headlights and the number plate. The wheels are twenty inches with a very efficient brakes. The brakes are anti heat. Therefore, they perform the task of stopping the car in astonishing way.

Features, Interior and Exteriors

The features of this auto are pretty top. The striking majority of the cars’ parts are form carbon fiber. This kind of metal has the characteristics of being strong and light at the same time. The designers located the logo of the car in two places on the side. At the rear there is a carbon fiber spoiler. This spoiler is not decorative, but it is functional. The function of this carbon fiber spoiler is to control the car and increase road terrain.

There are only two doors. The two doors are coupe and convertible. The transmissional system is 5-speed transmission. And there is another make with a 6-trandmissional stages. Therefore, the seating capacity is only to passengers. The location of the engine is not on the front, but its on the back of the car. The designers, once again, located the logo of the company on the rear of the boot. All in all, Posrsche 997 is efficient, sporty, speedy, powerful and worth the price elegant auto.