Pros/Cons of Remote Vehicle Shutdown

There are many pros and cons of Remote Vehicle Shutdown. Before talking about the pros/cons of this valuable device, we have to consider the bright side. It assisted the Traffic Police a lot in finding out about stolen cars. However, this valuable support relates to the Traffic Authority. There are many other users that gain benefit from this novice device as well. They are auto-lender and auto-borrowers to some extent. Anyway, this novel idea will not fade away without great support. All motorists, in general, and car-lenders, in specific, generated incalculable benefits from this advice.


There are many cons related to the utilization of this novel device. One of these disadvantages is that the-lender may shutdown the car in an inappropriate place. For instance, there are many car-borrowers argued that some car-lenders locked down their car in road crossing. Not only this, but they say at that time the traffic sign was red. Accordingly, the suitable decision for auto-owners at the right time is always reasonable. In order to avoid such embarrassing cases, car lender should inform that drivers about any action in advanced. This will help that borrowers to take early decision whether to repay or back the car at the right time.

Embarrassing Cases

New York Times mentioned that there are some auto-borrower feel frustrated. They become so because their cars disabled when they were on their way for paying that sum of money. The complex problem appears when disabling cars when they are in their way to hospital. Hence, this is not only embarrassing, but rather it is problematic. Because of the fact that the person who would like to reach the hospital may develop some complex symptoms. Anyhow, car-lenders should put all these obstacles in consideration before disabling the car.