Shifting Gears D P Driving

Shifting gears while driving One of the riskiest actions to take is to put the car in P while driving. It is clear that P stands for parking and D stands for driving. These two actions cannot happen simultaneously. Of course, these symbols are in automatic gear boxes. The question is, if you put the car it P while driving what exactly happen. So, when you press P while driving the car will try to stop. However, it will not be able to do so because of the high speed. On the other hand, the transmission system will try to shift gear. But it is very difficult to do so. Anyway, the transmission system needs to shift gear gradually. Furthermore, it is difficult for it to do so suddenly.

After the catastrophe

Shifting Gears D P DrivingIf a driver puts the car in P while driving car will stop gradually. However, this results in a grinding of the gears against each other. As a result, they will have frictions and gradually break. In the past, this action is very hazardous. Fortunately, many autos manufacturers exerted much effort to overcome this problem. The automatic transmission system will not allow the gear stick to move to P. Accordingly, the expected damage will not occur at all. This security system is of a paramount importance. Moreover, this happens only on modern autos that recently manufactured. Simply, when the driver presses on the P while driving, the system moves the D again.

Another thing that many other want to know is that can the same happens in modern autos? Once again, most modern autos simply will not allow you put the car in P while driving. Not only this, but these autos have a mechanism that keeps P in roll. This will secure the car from the expected damage.