Skoda Vision 7S Undisputed Design

If you wish to have an undisputed design auto, you have to ride Skoda Vision 7S. This is one of the masterpieces of Germanic autos. It is looks like a six-setter auto, but actually it is seven, the middle is a baby-seat. To begin with, instead of side-mirrors there are cameras. Surprisingly, there is a plug on the left step of the door for multiple tasks, i.e., charging cooking etc. Front and back design are the same, both made of recycled tyres. The side pointers have a T-shape eye-catchy and elegant. There is a semi-mobile phone device for the whole control of the car. There are no doors-handles, there is a rectangle shape to press for opening the door. As you open the door it lights. Unlike other autos, there isn’t anything that separates the front part  the console from the back. So, it is much easier to control and tilt seats front and back. This is to make the cabinet spacious as you wish.

Design: a Masterpiece

The internal handles are crystal and very fascinating. The rug is rubber in all console, so no worries if you take the car to the beach. In addition, this rubber rug facilitates cleaning. Since Skoda is a family brand, the baby seat is on the center of the cabinet. Because this place is the safest place in the car in a case of a crash. Not only this, but also there is a camera devoted for monitoring the baby. The driver can display it on the front screen. The back-cover of all seats looks like carbon fiber, but it is not. Actually, the back side made of woven material that has a glassy cover. Like the design of the console rug, the glassy cover facilitates cleaning. There is a magnetic points on the back of front seats for labeling your phone or tablet.

To your surprise, there is a mobile bag for your tablet, papers, and laptop. You can carry this mobile-bag to your office and back it again to the car. But do not forget it there! There are two screens, one for the driver and the other for the front rider. To turn on this car, you need to label your phone on the magnetic point. Once you do so, everything you display it on your IPhone will show up on the screen. There are two modes, one for driving and the other for relaxing. Once you select any mode, the car swiftly shifts to that mode. For relaxing mode, you will have more space, the cabinet will become roomy.