Super Driving Rules in the UAE

There are many dos and don’ts that motorists have to know and apply. These regulations will help maintaining high level of safety and probably reduces accidents including fatal ones.

Safety First

Avoidance of aggressive driving is evitable. Of course, you always do you best to drive safely and put off reckless driving. However, the problem is not with such drivers like you, but the counterpart. Excellent drivers do not only apply road regulations. But they do their best to avoid default committed by careless drivers. As reckless drivers tend to tailgate, this action should not be regarded as something right. Checking the mirrors frequently is important because it make the driver very aware of the surroundings.

No Dependence on Other Drivers   

Estimating the distances between you and other cars is definitely depends on you. One of the common mistakes is that some drivers depend on other drivers – thinking that they will divert from the road or they will leave safety distance. However, such kinds of claims may be proved fallacious. Not only this, but the use of the 2 to 4 seconds rule is important. Because of the fact that this rule will help you maintain safety distance or stop with control if necessary. Such kind of distance always almost put drivers in relaxation mode.

Essentiality of Escape Route

One of the most important safety rules is that drivers have to put their autos in a position which enables them to see well and being seen. Sometimes, you find out that your route has been closed out of a sudden. In this case, leaving an alternative escaping route is a top priority.