UAE is the best market in the region «Lamborghini»

Martino Picotti, General Manager of Lamborghini Dubai and Abu Dhabi. confirmed that the UAE is one of the most contributors to the performance of the Lamborghini brand in the Middle East and Africa. He told Al-Bayan: “We have always had a very strong market. which is consistent with the level of international demand for the brand. Besides this, we are currently witnessing very high demand, and we can expect stronger growth in the future.”

Regarding the performance of the luxury car market in the UAE, he said: “The luxury car market is of great importance. In fact, it is among the most important among all product sectors, especially automobiles. We consider this to be healthy, and we expect tremendous growth despite the challenges facing the markets.”

He added, “The UAE sales volume has always been very strong and we’re very happy to have a very busy order volume for the next 24 months. With regards to the UAE, the Urus, our sports luxury SUV, has the highest demand. We also have good demand for the V10 and the V12s’. We also expect to have inventory for the Performante and Tecnica variations in the showroom from the first quarter of 2023.”

UAE is the best market in the region «Lamborghini»silicon wafers

With regard to the impact of the global shortage in the supply of silicon wafers on the performance of the local market for Lamborghini, he said: The shortage at the international level has never affected us. The high demand levels and sales figures prove this, and we are really lucky to be in this position.

Regarding the electric transformation plans that Lamborghini will lead, he said: “We will certainly follow the general guidelines and directions set by Automobili Lamborghini.” There is a special division at Automobili Lamborghini that deals with electrification and product development. Thus, we will reconcile our steps with any future launch of any electrical product.