1.6 Turbo Renault Megane GT available in UAE for 2019

When it comes to a sporty looking car that gives plenty of power and awesome visuals, the 1.6 Turbo Renault Megane GT is hard to beat. With its eye-catching design and sleek lines, it has been a favourite of car lovers globally since being released. Big transport news in UAE for 2019 sees this superb car being available to buy in the region from Arabian Automobiles. This is the exclusive Renault dealer in the UAE and is found in Dubai, the Northern Emirates and Sharjah.

But what does this compact hot hatch have to make it worth a drive?

Genre-defining performance

Renault sells a few different hatchback models, but the Megane is perhaps the most popular of the lot. This latest model carries on that fine tradition and will surely sell well to motoring enthusiasts in the UAE. In simple terms, it is a real driver’s car that offers mouth-watering performance.

Boasting a brand new turbo-charged 1.6 litre petrol engine, 205hp is produced to allow it to get past 100kph in a little over 7 seconds. The top speed rests at around 230kph to deliver all the acceleration and driving thrills you desire.

Agile handling and a nippy feel

One of the real secrets that Renault uses here is the same as in their other well-respected hatchbacks: you do not need masses of power if the car is light! This 2019 Megane GT Turbo clocks in at only 1,329kg which gives a truly agile and responsive feel when behind the wheel. The wide base sees the wheels pushed out into the corners of the bodywork to help here as well. When you add in the option of four-wheel drive steering with this version of the Megane and a forgiving suspension, it is a truly beautiful car to drive.

Jaw-dropping design

Car buyers in the UAE will naturally wonder how this car looks as well as how it performs. After all, you need to look good when cruising around the region! Renault have done a great job here with 18-inch wheels giving it a sporty, feline look. The interior is spacious and comes with the option of Alcantara or fabric wrapping. The flowing curves of the bodywork also make it look much better than the last version of the Megane released in UAE.

If you love your cars then it may be worth going to your nearest Arabian Automobile Renault dealer to have a look. Be quick though – with limited numbers for sale, they may well go fast!