10 Best Safety Features In Cars Today

From night vision technology to rear cross-traffic warning systems, driving has never been safer thanks to cars with advanced protection equipment.

Safety features in automobiles have evolved over the years, preventing millions of crashes and reducing the risk of fatality. But for most car buyers, safety features are one of the last things they consider. When shopping for a used or new car, you should prioritize safety features because they can literally be a lifesaver.

10 Best Safety Features In Cars TodaySafety features are divided into two categories: active and passive features. Active features play an active role in preventing or reducing the possibility of a crash by monitoring one or more sections of your car. However, in the event of a crash, passive safety features are there to prevent or minimize injuries sustained by the driver and passenger(s). The active and passive safety features highlighted in this article have saved thousands of lives, so ensure you not only get them, but also use them as recommended by their manufacturers.


Some of these features:

  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication – Prevented 615,000 Crashes.
  • Intersection-Scanning AEB – 59% Crash Prevention Rate.
  • Night Vision Technology – Better Illumination At Night Or During Inclement Weather.
  • Driver Drowsiness Detection System – Could Prevent Thousands Of Drowsiness-Related Crashes.
  • Rearview Cameras – Reduced Backing Up Collision Rate By 42%.
  • Blind Spot Warning System – Reduced Lane-Related Collisions By 14%.
  • Advanced Frontal Airbags – Saved 50,000+ Lives.
  • Adaptive Headlights – Provide Better Illumination Than Standard Headlights.
  • Forward Collision Warning System – Reduced Crash Rate By 22%.
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Warning – Reduced Back-End Collision Rate By Over 25%.