Anti-Sleep Alert Sleepy Motorists

Anti-Sleep Alert Sleepy Motorists

No doubt that after long hours of hard work, workers find themselves extremely exhausted. The time of working hours is over, but you are dead onto your feet. What is the ideal solution to take rest in the office before leave? This could be a good solution, but what about your spouse and children who are waiting you anxiously? Here is another alternative for you to combat this issue.

Sleeping Detectors

Sleeping while driving is a common aspect that many motorists fall victim to it. This happens after working for long hours or when a driver is night sleep deprived. However, this does not mean that you do not have to drive. Driving in this case is possible, but prior to this you need the so-called anti-sleep alert.

Anti-Sleep Alert

Many scientists thought about how to combat sleeping while driving. Therefore, the invention of anti-sleep alert came into existence. It is one of the effective solutions ever present around the world. It does not keep drivers awake while sleeping, but it warns them when they feel drowsy. However, this ring-shaped object is crucial for drivers in many aspects.

How It Works

Of course, drivers start their journey with a high concentration span. However, this concentration fades away quickly as a result of their tiredness. The anti-sleep alert is connected to the heart rate. Once a slow level of heart beating is detected, the ring vibrates to warn or wake up the driver. This is a part of the solution. However, it is better to take a little nap before leaving the office. This will help you regenerate a good level of concentration on the road.

To put it in a nut shell, problems and solutions always go hand on hand! The anti-sleep alert can expel sleeping from tired motorists.

Motorists & Car Repairs

Motorists & Car Repairs in the UAE

No motorists wish to drain money in simple auto maintenance. There are some simple car repairs that drivers have to launch alone with a help from a technician. This is very important because of the fact that long journeys or off-road driving requires a unique kind of readiness. In order to do this, motorist have to keep with them a set of tools that enable them to run such kind of maintenance. However, this repair is not as complex as many people think.



Authentic Repair

An ideal way for launching repairs is through the manual. This simple book will provide you with much information as possible about different parts of your vehicle. What you require then is interest, time and effort. Before diving into deeper insight of this topic, there is a regular check that motorists have to do regularly. Oil change for instance, should done on time. This is a very simple task, there for try to do it alone.

High Cost

Sometime repairing a little defect in your car may cost you an arm and a leg. Therefore, if you would like to do a repair, it is better to check different prices. That is to say, consult different car service centres. Another essential point is that you have to ask the mechanic about the parts that he has changed. Because sometimes mechanics change every part even if it has a little scratch. This take this changed part to their own advantage. Therefore, do not be deceived.

Cars Resemble Computers 2020

Cars & Personalities

Is there any relationship between your personality and the auto that you are driving? Many people believe that indeed there is a kind of relationship between our personalities and the vehicles that we often buy. There are number of factors that often specify types of cars that we buy; they are four folds:

Travelling & Luxury

No doubt that visiting exotic places require such kind of state-of-the-arts autos that always hits the spot! However, the kind of car that you have to accompany to your destination depends heavily on types of routes. Navigating rugged terrains require well-designed cars that are able to navigate these places efficiently.

Family Needs

It is clear that large families always look for large cars.   This is important in order to accommodate all the family when travelling to anywhere. Of course, family members can rent a car at the day that they would like to travel. But this is not cost-effective.  However, it is important to own a car that its seats can be folded to provide you with enough space. Safety should be put before all of what have been mentioned.


Not so many people make use of their cars in terms of work. But if you are doing so, you need to a large auto that has enough power for carrying heavy loads. Toyota double or single cab cars can be labelled suitable in this case. Making use of your private auto in work can save you a lot of many.

Youngsters & Go-getters        

Youngsters and go-getters always almost prefer state-of-the-art autos that suit their personality. Although buying such kind of autos may cause an arm and a leg, youngsters and go-getters rush to own one. What characterize these cars is that they are hatchbacks.

Smart Parking System

So far, the world has suffered from the so-called conventional parking. This kind of traditional parking takes too much space. Not only this, but it is time-consuming as well. But since there is a problem there will be a solution to combat it. Many experts did their best in order to come up with ideal resolutions. As a result of hard quest, the smart parking system has been invented.

Benefits of Smart Parking

There are a lot of advantages for installing smart parking. Firstly, it will help companies to house all cars of its employees and customers. Because traditional parking failed to just accommodate admins’ autos. Secondly, no need for valet. It is a self-parking system with secure password. Thirdly, nothing can be stolen from the car. As a car gets in, immediately it will be raised up by the lift. Furthermore, there are some cameras to keep well security system.


If you would like to install smart parking, you need only five days. The pallets, poles and all requirements will be brought by the company instantly. Then, the engineers assemble all the parts together swiftly. The electrician adjusts all the circuits, and he makes the system ready for operation. The team then launches lifting test under its supervision. Smart parking has a grantee of ten years. And from time to time there should be a regular maintenance.

Other Gains

In traditional parking cars are vulnerable to dents and scratches. Because the spaces may not be sufficient for some drivers. However, smart parking got rid of this problem. In addition, some smart parking has a circular spot where the driver has to stop on. Then the circle rotates directing the vehicle towards the garage of the smart parking. This makes parking ease and ideal.
To put it in a nut shell, with smart scientists comes smart parking. From now on, all multi-storey buildings and skyscrapers can accommodate as much cars as possible.

Ramadan Car Offer For 2019 In Dubai, UAE

No doubt that during the holy month of Ramadan great deal of offers are made by companies and car dealers. It is the best time of the year to own a car. Therefore, do not dismiss these golden offers for owning a car for a very low price or through instalments. In the following posts exhibits the most rewarding offers for Ramadan 2019.

Toyota Ramadan Offers, 2019

For this holy month of Ramadan Toyota has come up with three offers. These offers include 10% down payment and cashback rewards which reaches up to 10,000 AED. However, you can pay through monthly instalments which are indicated for each model of car.

you can visit Toyota website through this link:


KIA Ramadan Offers 2019

In this Ramadan, KIA came up with two offers: Stinger 2019 and Special Car Services. What is interesting is that the offer also inculded EXTRA:

  • Free servic contract up to 5 years/100,000 KM
  • Save up to 10,000 AED
  • 5 Years manufactures warranty
  • 180 day grace period

Offer 1

Stinger 2019 is one of the most outstanding offers for KIA in this month, the payment for this deal starts from 129,900.

Offer 2

Ramadan Special Service

  • 50% discount on parts
  • 20% discount on labour charges
  • Free body wash

you can visit Kia website through this link:


GMC Ramadan 2019 Offers

Al Ghandi Auto and Bin Hamoodah Auto are  offering their new costumers distinguished deals on the new 2019 Terrain compact SUV, advanced Acadia crossover, refined Yukon and the 2018 Sierra pickup truck. Most importantly, as a new customer you can save up to AED 40,000 under GMC Ramadan offers.

you can visit GMC website through this link:


Jeep Ramadan Offers 2019

During this Ramadan Jeep revolutionized their show with four deals as indicated below. However, in all deals you will surely enjoy the following.

  • 0% finance rate
  • Free service package
  • Five years warranty and road side assistance

you can visit Jeep website through this link:


Mitsubishi Ramadan Offers 2019

You may become a winner of one of the five models of Mitsubishi in the show. The offer is AED 1,000,000 cashback. Not only this but you will enjoy three free things for a YEAR:

  • Free petrol
  • Free SALIK
  • Free service

you can visit Mitsubishi website through this link:


BMW Ramadan Offers 2019

Light up your path this Ramadan with BMW, and enjoy the followings:

  • 0% finance rate
  • 1st year free insurance
  • 1st year free registration
  • BMW Service Inclusive for 5 years/100,000km (whichever comes first)
  • BMW Repair Inclusive for 5 years/200,000km (whichever comes first)

you can visit BMW website through this link:


JAGUAR Ramadan Offers 2019

JAGUAR Ramadan offer contains five features:

  • VAT (value-added tax) paid on your behalf
  • 5% cashback
  • 5 years’ service & maintenance
  • 5 years’ warranty & roadside assistance
  • First year’s insurance on selected models

you can visit Jaguar website through this link:


AUDI Ramadan Offers 2019

With AUDI Ramadan offer customers can get:

  • 5 years’ service package
  • 5 years’ maintenance package
  • 3 years’ warranty
  • 24 hours road side assistance
  • Free registration for the first year
  • 5% VAT (value-added tax) included in the price

you can visit Audi website through this link:



CHEVROLET Ramadan Offers 2019

The value of the saving of these cars is indicated as follows:




TAHOE AED 35,000

you can visit Chevrolet website through this link:



Nissan Ramadan Offers 2019

In this season of giving, get unbeatable offers on purchase of a new Nissan & save up to AED 50,000.

You can get advantage of these packages.

  • PRIME FREE Insurance | Service Package | Fuel | Registration
  • UPGRADE Free Specification Upgrade | Travel Voucher
  • FINACNE FREE Down payment Assist

you can visit Nissan website through this link:



Honda Ramadan Offers 2019

  • 5 years unlimited mileage warranty
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Trade-in of all makes and models are accepted

you can visit Honda website through this link:


Mercedes Ramadan Offers 2019

  • Through Mercedes-Benz Finance powered by ADIB.
  • All models come with 4-year service/ 60,000 km.
  • All models come with 5-year warranty/ 150,000 km.
  • On selected models until stocks last.

you can visit Mercedes website through this link:


Porsche Ramadan Offers 2019

718 Boxster and 718 Cayman Models

  • 1 Year Complimentary Insurance
  • Upto 4 Years Porsche Worldwide Warranty
  • Upto 4 Years/ 60,000 KM Porsche Service Package
  • 1 Year Complimentary Porsche Club Membership
  • 180 days deferred payment
  • Down Payment Contribution option

Select 911 Models

  • 1 Year Complimentary Insurance
  • Upto 4 Years Porsche Worldwide Warranty
  • Upto 4 Years/ 60,000 KM Porsche Service Package
  • 1 Year Complimentary Porsche Club Membership
  • 180 days deferred payment
  • Down Payment Contribution option

Select Macan Models

  • Interest rates from 0%
  • 1 Year Complimentary Insurance
  • Upto 3 Years Porsche Worldwide Warranty
  • Upto 3 Years/ 45,000 KM Porsche Service Package
  • 1 Year Complimentary Porsche Club Membership
  • 180 days deferred payment
  • Down Payment Contribution option

Select Panamera Models

  • 1 Year Complimentary Insurance
  • Upto 4 Years Porsche Worldwide Warranty
  • Upto 4 Years/ 60,000 KM Porsche Service Package
  • 1 Year Complimentary Porsche Club Membership
  • 180 days deferred payment
  • Down Payment Contribution option

Select Cayenne Models

  • 1 Year Complimentary Insurance
  • Upto 4 Years/ 60,000 KM Porsche Service Package
  • 1 Year Complimentary Porsche Club Membership
  • 180 days deferred payment
  • Down Payment Contribution option

you can visit Porsche website through this link:


Ford Ramadan Offers 2019

In this great month Ford revolutionized the auction plate forms by two main different offers. The two offers are followed what costumers will enjoy.

Offer: 1

  • Up to 20% cashback
  • Special price reductions
  • VAT on us
  • Free service contract upgrade to 5 years/ 100,000KM
  • 1year free insurance
  • Fee Apple watch

Offer: 2

Get a Ford Approved pre-owned car starting just AED 431 per month

  • Ford Figo– starting from AED 431per month
  • Ford Fusion– starting from786 per month
  • Ford EcoSport– starting from 862per month
  • Ford Explorer – starting from AED 1,763per month
  • 5% VAT on us
  • 0% down payment
  • 1year free insurance

you can visit Ford website through this link:



In conclusion, these are most outstanding offers 2019 announces, please stay in touch with  and if you wish to avail any of the previous offers, why not checking the value of your car now through our online car valuation tool.

Sell Your Old Car to Us

In not more than 25 minutes sell your car to regardless of its conditions, here are some of the reasons why you should sell your car to Simply Car Buyers to avail any of these Ramadan Car Deals for 2019


  • It’s Quick:We buy any car in any condition, regardless of make and model in just 25 minutes.
  • It’s Hassle Free: We buy your car without hesitation.
  • It’s Instant:We pay instantly, in whatever your preferred mode of payment.
  • It’s Simple:We offer simple minimum paperwork from a one window operation.
  • Its free:There are no hidden charges, all inspections are free of cost and non-binding to you.

For these reasons don’t dismiss these outstanding offers of Ramadan, sell or trade in your car with NOW.

Double Park Garage

Traditional parking has been labelled as space consuming and less efficient. However, there is another way of parking which is better than traditional ones. It is the two-parking garage which can be applied anywhere. Simply, it works by getting the first car into a metal pallet. Then, the pallet rises it up leaving a pace down to house another auto.

Cost and Value

Costive it is, but if you put into consideration the space that you will gain, it is perfect. I am sure that you will not be hesitant after knowing its value. Installing this lift in your garage literary means parking two cars simultaneously in a space of one. However, the only disadvantage is that the upper car cannot be driven while there is a car under.


Installing a lift in a garage is not as simple as installing any electric device at home. Therefore, you have to leave this job upon the shoulders of experts. When you buy a lift ask an expert from the company to install the lift to you. Moreover, it is better to let him showing you how to operate it. This is important, because any little default can result in damaging your vehicle severely.
All in all, the problem of finding sufficient space for parking can be solved partially by this garage lifts. However, the way for ideal parking that can be assigned suitable for tackling the problem world wide is still under way. Therefore, leave hesitation aside and install a lift at your garage to gain more space. The idea of double garage can be further developed to accommodate many cars everywhere.

Fuel Price Reduction in the UAE

Fuel price around the world is in state of fluctuation. But the UAE is doing its best to stabilize it. Many motorists around Abu Dhabi felt very mesmerized. The reason behind this joy is that the Ministry of Energy and Industry declared reduction in fuel price for December. This reduction will help motorists a lot especially those who travel a lot. But with this state of nostalgia, car owners have to expect unexpected news!
As happiness and its counterpart always go hand on hand, another regulation in on the way. In some British cities drivers have to pay some taxes for using fuel powered-cars. The same regulation is expected to hit cities of the UAE soon. For this reason, motorists in Abu Dhabi and elsewhere in the UAE have to be prepared for such dramatic changes. By the way, have you ever thought about Hybrid vehicles?

Hybrid Motors

These kinds of recent developed autos put into combination gasoline and electric cars. They have two sources to power the car: electricity and petrol. No doubt that they are better than fuel-powered autos in terms of nitrogen dioxide emission in the air. Shedding the light on price, they are cost-effective. The level of energy exerted in these motors is lower than their counterparts. For all these reasons, they are not labelled as harmful to the atmosphere.

Gasoline Price

As far as petrol price is concerned, it does not matter. The revolution of electric-autos is coming soon. Therefore, motorists should put into consideration electricity price rather than gasoline price. Hopefully, motorists will respond to this perfect change positively, and the problem of health and atmosphere will be solved. But there is a question that rotates in the mind of every driver who grasped this change. Will the world be able to provide sufficient electricity to all cars? The answer of this dazzling question is waiting the intelligentsia and scientists.

The Longest Electric Car journey in The World

Have you ever thought about crossing a long distance using an electric car? It is an interesting journey which will help you to realize the power of these vehicles in the fact ground. They are environmentally friendly and powerful at the same time.

From Netherlands to Sydney

In this longest journey ever present in the world, the driver crossed more than 95,000 kilometers. He used the Blue Bandit electric car to cross this longest destination in the world. However, he visited more than thirty-two countries. As the tour was so far, it lasted more than three years. He depended on strangers’ generosity for food and shelter.

Electric Supply

From time to time, the driver has to stop for finding an electric socket to supply his battery. It could take approximately thirty minutes for the battery to be recharged. To put it in a nut shell, it depends on the size of the battery. This battery i.e. the battery of the Blue Bandit can cross a distance of 200 kilometers by a battery single charge. If this distance is crossed by a petrol-powered car, it would consume 6,785 liters. Definitely, there will be a lot of emission of carbon dioxide on the atmosphere.
In sum, this long tour proves that electric-powered cars are ideal for substituting gasoline-powered cars. And they are environmentally friendly. In some cities in Britain, there are some charges imposed for using petrol-powered autos. I do not think that you will be hesitant to ride an electric vehicle, do you?

The Importance of Cars’ Regular Check

The importance of regular cars’ check is not less important than the value of the car itself. If you do not care about checking certain things in your car regularly, then you are running a great risk. It is advisable to check up number of things in your auto frequently. But the followings are to be given a great deal of attention.

Engine Oil

One of the main auto maintenance procedures is engine oil check and change. It is not a difficult task to do. To do so, you have warm up the engine. After five minutes you can pull out the dipstick. However, there is a sign on it telling you about the ideal level. On the other hand, you have to change the oil after crossing certain kilometres. If you are not aware about this, consult a mechanic.

Tyres Pressure

Checking your car’s tyres is as essential as the car’s engine itself. However, not so many people understand that tyres change their pressure according to the outside frequent changing temperature. For this reason, there should be a constant check-up for them. If one of the tyres blew out of a sudden, it could lead to a fatal accident. So do not run this risk by underestimating their importance. However, traction on the road is given to your car by tyres’ tread. These patterns of lines prevent your car from sliding especially on slippery routes.


Another essential thing in your vehicle that requires a frequent check-up is the brake. Of course, the screechy sound from the wheels will warn you about such problem. But you do not need to wait until it is too late. Imagine that out of the blue you find out that your car is unable to stop! A little care helps you avoiding unexpected dilemmas. So, constant maintenance could guarantee a safe brake system.

Safety on Roads

There are a lot of things that drivers have to apply to grantee a high level of safety on roads. Of course, obeying roads regulations or traffic signs in other words would help in achieving safe drive. One of the most important things that drivers have to stick to is traffic lights.
Was Traffic Light Invented for Cars?
So far, traffic lights were firstly invented to organize trains movements. There were only two colours red and green. Furthermore, they were gas-powered, and they were very dangerous. They were hanged on wires and not fixed on poles. When these traffic lights are used to organize cars’ movements on roads, the yellow colour is then introduced.


Through out different cultures around the world the colour red is related to danger. Therefore, the same idea applies on traffic lights. Red means that you have to stop. The danger arises if you disobey this sign. This colour is suitable enough, because anyone can see it from along distance. In other words, wavelength is one of the characteristics that are inextricably intertwined with it.


As previously mentioned, that this colour is novice for traffic lights. Just after the use of traffic lights used for cars’ organizations on road, the yellow colour is introduced. It means that standby whether to go or stop. This is one of the most dangerous zones in traffic. Because of the fact that drivers become hesitant to stop or go. As a result, the other drivers on the other side of the road may become interrupted.


This colour in the past signifies caution, but it changed gradually overtime. Referring to, visibility it has less vision spectrum. However, if there is a traffic police, you do not have to follow traffic signs. Because in peaks of traffic the organization of the road requires a traffic police. In sum, do not take the risk of crossing the road when the sign is red.