Cadillac ATS Coupe arrives in Middle East for 2019

The Cadillac ATS Coupe will be coming to the Middle East in 2019, Cadillac Arabia has confirmed. This luxurious two-door aims to blend effortlessly comfortable GT travel with an engaging rear-wheel-drive driving experience. Are you looking for a luxury coupe with some agility and driving dynamics? The 2019 Cadillac ATS Coupe might just be the car for you!

There will be two specifications coming to the Middle East – the Premium Luxury and Premium Performance. Each with certain appointments tailored towards achieving a seamless blend of comfort and sport.

Premium Luxury or Premium Performance

High-quality leather seats will be as standard on the Premium Luxury package, with both driver and passenger benefiting from a range of features such as electronically adjustable lumbar support and programmable memory.

Other creature comforts include a handy rear-view camera, the Cadillac Driver Awareness Package, and a thundering upgraded BOSE premium sound system to ensure you can enjoy crystal-clear audio quality.

With Premium Performance, you’ll get the aforementioned specifications, along with a host of race-inspired extras. These will transform the otherwise large coupe into something altogether more sporty.

The list includes a limited slip differential, a performance cooling system, upgraded tyres, and Magnetic Ride Control adaptive suspension to keep the car as composed as possible through the corners.

More features to look forward to

Both Premium Luxury and Premium Performance specification cars will come with the latest CUE (Cadillac User Experience) system. This is controlled through the standard 8-inch colour touch screen.

It allows seamless interaction with the climate control, the current audio and media settings, as well as controlling the phone connectivity. CUE will also allow intuitive setting of the satellite navigation.

As a premium coupe, drivers can expect a host of safety aids to help them navigate the UAE streets. One of which is an advanced collision monitoring system which triggers active safety features, protecting occupants throughout a crash.

Both specifications will feature the award-winning 3.6-liter v6 petrol engine, providing a more than sufficient 335 horsepower. For those looking for something different in the German-dominated luxury coupe segment, the 2019 Cadillac ATS Coupe might just be an appealing prospect.

1.6 Turbo Renault Megane GT available in UAE for 2019

When it comes to a sporty looking car that gives plenty of power and awesome visuals, the 1.6 Turbo Renault Megane GT is hard to beat. With its eye-catching design and sleek lines, it has been a favourite of car lovers globally since being released. Big transport news in UAE for 2019 sees this superb car being available to buy in the region from Arabian Automobiles. This is the exclusive Renault dealer in the UAE and is found in Dubai, the Northern Emirates and Sharjah.

But what does this compact hot hatch have to make it worth a drive?

Genre-defining performance

Renault sells a few different hatchback models, but the Megane is perhaps the most popular of the lot. This latest model carries on that fine tradition and will surely sell well to motoring enthusiasts in the UAE. In simple terms, it is a real driver’s car that offers mouth-watering performance.

Boasting a brand new turbo-charged 1.6 litre petrol engine, 205hp is produced to allow it to get past 100kph in a little over 7 seconds. The top speed rests at around 230kph to deliver all the acceleration and driving thrills you desire.

Agile handling and a nippy feel

One of the real secrets that Renault uses here is the same as in their other well-respected hatchbacks: you do not need masses of power if the car is light! This 2019 Megane GT Turbo clocks in at only 1,329kg which gives a truly agile and responsive feel when behind the wheel. The wide base sees the wheels pushed out into the corners of the bodywork to help here as well. When you add in the option of four-wheel drive steering with this version of the Megane and a forgiving suspension, it is a truly beautiful car to drive.

Jaw-dropping design

Car buyers in the UAE will naturally wonder how this car looks as well as how it performs. After all, you need to look good when cruising around the region! Renault have done a great job here with 18-inch wheels giving it a sporty, feline look. The interior is spacious and comes with the option of Alcantara or fabric wrapping. The flowing curves of the bodywork also make it look much better than the last version of the Megane released in UAE.

If you love your cars then it may be worth going to your nearest Arabian Automobile Renault dealer to have a look. Be quick though – with limited numbers for sale, they may well go fast!

Discount prices on coveted licence plates in Dubai

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai has announced that they will be selling 3-digit number plates at a discount price until stocks last. The distinctive license plates will be on offer for Dh179,999 including VAT and will remain so while stocks last. In a country where status and prestige is attached to having as few numbers on your licence plate as possible, this move could allow more car buyers to buy into the dream than ever before.

The Roads and Transport Authority made the announcement on 31st December 2018 and claimed that the discount was part of ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of motorists throughout the country. Many drivers in Dubai class themselves as licence plates enthusiasts and the RTA recognise this and want to celebrate it whilst also increasing the satisfaction of motorists by giving more people the chance to purchase their own special plate.

The RTA also announced earlier on in the month that all vehicles would need a newly designed licence plate by 1st January 2020. These new plates are designed to standardise vehicle plates throughout the country, with each one featuring three pieces of information, the Dubai brand, number and code. New cars will be sold with the new plates from January next year but those who won’t be purchasing a new car will need to apply to the RTA for a new plate. It could be argued that by offering a discount on more coveted licence plates that the RTA is actively trying to sweeten up car drivers in Dubai in order to make this announcement more palatable.

Anyone interested in purchasing one of the discounted plates can have a browse through the RTA website to see what is available. They won’t have to purchase their desired plate through an auction, as is the usual practice, making purchasing one much easier. Plates available to purchase at the time of writing include; T 738, P 682 and J 945 but there are plenty more to choose from on the RTA website. Plates can also be purchased through customer’s happiness centres or through service providers.

When Dubai had two roads

Today, Dubai car sales have rocketed, with the city being seen as one of the bonafide automobile capitals of the world. From the expos and film shoots, to the array of desirable motors which one can spot every day on the streets of the metropolis – cars are a part of the Dubai lifestyle, but it hasn’t always been that way.
You don’t have to go back that far when cars were virtually unheard of in this beautiful desert landscape – just to the 1960s, in fact.
According to the Khaleej Times, in 1966 there were only about 30 cars on the roads of Dubai, and they included Mercedes, Land Rovers and Bedford Trucks. Air conditioning was yet to be invented, and exhaust pipes had a very short life because of the salt in the air.
But when paved roads did start to appear, they engendered more enhancements. Chairman of the Arabian Construction Company, Ghassan Merhebi, told the news platform: “The roads made a lot of change. At last you could open shops, people could come to you, whenever somebody was driving you didn’t have dust all over you. Life quality improved with the paved roads. I got the first car after they were paved. I couldn’t have a Toyota Crown until the roads were paved.”
Al Wahda Road was one of the first streets to be built in Dubai, and it connected the city to Sharjah. This transport route has had a major upgrade in the last decade, which has eased traffic problems. Part of it now has a double decker section, and there are also underpasses and bridges to address congestion.
The other original Dubai byway was Al Seef Road. This also bears little resemblance to the four-lane structure which we see today. Back in the 1960s, Al Seef Road was a narrow, single lane affair, with cars having to circumnavigate the donkeys which also used it. Running along a strategically important route, Al Seef Road goes by the oldest building in Dubai – Al Fahidi Fort.
So next time you are cursing in a Dubai traffic jam, think of the city as a ‘late bloomer’ which is making up for lost time as far as automobiles go. And be glad you have air conditioning!

Dubai automobile industry issues cheap repair warning

Workshops in Dubai which are charging customers for substandard car repairs have come under the microscope this week after an investigation by The National news platform.

Reports suggest that there are a number of workshops in operation which are offering discounted rates for repairs which can leave cars with more problems than they had originally, causing costs to mount up for owners.

Dermott Kelly, a 37-year-old Irish expat, described how a problem with the water pump on his Range Rover turned out to be an even bigger issue after he sent it for repairs at a dealership which was not approved by the manufacturer. When he got back behind the wheel of the vehicle, the engine flooded, leaving him with an even larger repair job to address.

Counterfeit car parts, which are known to be in use in the UAE, are putting drivers and passengers in danger, while also multiplying the costs of repairs. The importance of arranging repairs through official channels was underlined by Mercedes Middle East representative Thomas Wuerst. He told The National that while independent garages might offer cheaper rates, the work that they do can be questionable.

Mr Wuerst explained: “Manufacturer workshops are more expensive than the independent garages because they have to follow specific standards. They use specialist equipment and tools as well as investing in the training and qualification of all their employees. The labour costs reflect this.”

In the end, suggested Mr Wuerst, independent garages are reluctant to follow official guidelines for repairs because it costs them more money: “If they follow all the standards I think it would be really hard for them to be profitable.”

Among the most startling finds on the counterfeit market, revealed at the Interpol Crime Conference, was that brake pads made from compressed grass had been used to repair vehicles in the UAE. There are now calls for the number of recorded incidents involving cars with substandard repairs to be calculated, so that the extent of the problem in the UAE can be properly gauged.

Russian luxury vehicle manufacturer Aurus hoping to make impact in UAE

A major UAE investor is behind the release of a new Soviet-inspired luxury car from the state-owned Russian car manufacturer Aurus. UAE based Tawazun Holdings has put up 460m AED in the development of the vehicle, with the hope that they can make inroads into the luxury car market in the UAE.

A glamorous presentation was delivered at the Moscow motor show, with audiences getting a first look at the Aurus Senat sedan and the luxury Aurus Senat limousine.

The designers of the new vehicles took inspiration from the Russian-made ceremonial cars that leaders of the Soviet Union appeared in at high profile events. At the time, the luxury vehicles that have inspired the new cars were only manufactured for high ranking officials.

Vadim Pereverzev, the head of the design team, claimed the car manufacturer is hoping to make inroads into the share of the market that is currently occupied by Rolls Royce and Mercedes-Benz.

The announcement from Aurus comes only days after the arms manufacturer Kalashnikov made waves with its announcement of a new electric car with a retro Soviet-inspired design.

The design of the Aurus Limousine, featuring a very large front chrome grille, has been influenced by the ZIS luxury vehicle that was made specifically for Stalin.

The Russian state enterprise NAMI, the major stakeholder in Aurus, has worked with Russian automotive giant Sollers to design and manufacture the new vehicles. Funding for the project from the Russian taxpayers has reached around 12 billion roubles.

Aureus has initially targeted wealthy Russian citizens, but is hoping to compete with western luxury vehicles in the international market.

The price of the vehicles have yet to be announced, but is believed to be slightly more expensive than Mercedes-Benz and cheaper than Rolls Royce.

Tawazun Holdings was created in 2007 and is based in Abu Dhabi. The company was founded to forge strategic industrial partnerships and investments to help improve the manufacturing industry in the UAE. The focus of the company is spread across the automotive, defence, technology, and the aerospace industries.

New report reveals nearly 3 million vehicles now on UAE roads

A new report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) shows that the amount of cars on the roads of UAE has nearly reached three million. The figures revealed in the Global Status Report on Road Safety 2018 showed that nearly 3.4 million vehicles are now registered in the UAE, with the large majority of the registrations made up from cars and light vehicles. Simply Car Buyers - Dubai

The report also details the latest statistics for casualties on UAE roads, with 725 deaths occurring in road traffic collisions during 2016. The figures are compiled from data provided by the Ministry of Interior and reveal that of those deaths, three quarters were male.

The highest number of casualties were drivers of vehicles and pedestrians, with statistically around five deaths per 100,000 people.

The number of deaths occurring has been greatly reduced in the last decade, with figures from 2007 showing 17 deaths per 100,000 people. There is still room for improvement and the UAE is working with the WHO to try and bring the statistics down in the coming years.

The WHO report revealed that worldwide, the number of deaths on roads has increased, although this is relative to the population growth that has occurred. 3,700 people die on roads around the world every day, with 1.35 million deaths recorded each year. Accidents on the world’s roads are the largest killer of young adults and children across the globe, and the eighth leading cause of death for the world’s population.

World leaders have committed to try and halve the number of road deaths worldwide by 2020, as part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The key areas identified to improve are: educating road users on the dangers of drink driving, helmet use for motorcycle drivers, and the importance of seat belt use.

The report also showed the UAE is one of the world’s leaders in restricting speeding motorists, achieving the highest rating of 10.

The UAE also received the highest rating for enforcing laws that cover motorcycle helmet use, seat belt requirements, and drink driving laws.

The WHO ratings were allocated by National Data Co-ordinators, who were nominated by their national governments and responsible for compiling the statistics used in the report.

Aston Martin launches new dealership in Abu Dhabi

The iconic British luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin Lagonda has launched a new showroom in Abu Dhabi. The unveiling of the dealership was witnessed by royalty as His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan was present.Austin Martin Logo

The opening of the dealership was timed to coincide with the 2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that that took place over the 22nd to the 25th of November. Aston Martin wings were featured on all of the Red Bull Racing cars that took part in the race.

Located in the Etihad Towers, the site of the new showroom spans 521 sqm and features eight iconic Aston Martin cars, including a DB11, a state-of-the-art DBS Superleggera, and an Aston Martin Red Bull Racing car.

While the new dealership is only half the size of the world’s largest Aston Martin showroom located in Tokyo, Japan, it is still plenty big enough for customers to get a close up view of the vehicles. The new site is equipped with a ‘Q by Aston Martin’ lounge that enables customers to personalise and design there own Aston Martin when making a purchase.

The grand opening of the dealership featured an evening event, allowing attendees the opportunity to get up close and get a good look at the iconic motors on display. Senior management were in attendance, including Aston Martin’s vice president and chief of special operations David King, and Dan Balmer, the president of Aston Martin Lagonda in the Middle East, Turkey, and North Africa.

The unveiling of the flagship dealership in Abu Dhabi is a statement of intent from the luxury car manufacturer. Aston Martin now has 14 showrooms in the Middle East, with the latest unveiling giving car lovers the opportunity to purchase their next Aston Martin in the prestigious Etihad Towers.

The Gulf 12 hour race took place over the 13th to the 15th of December and featured three racing teams that were made up of Aston Martin car owners. The race at Yas Marina Circuit was the first time the newly released Aston Martin Vantage GT3 had been viewed in the Middle East.

Maid wins car in UAE raffle – then sells it immediately

A Filipina maid who had only been working in the UAE for 11 months has won a luxury BMW car – and with it, her ticket back home.BMW Logo Image

Florinza Santos entered a raffle held by UAE Exchange recently and their Facebook video revealed her as the winner of a BMW 3-Series this week. This will dwarf the earnings she has made through her job in the short time she has been in the country.

Ms Santos described herself as “blessed and extremely happy” after being announced as the winner of this brilliant new car. She then stunned watchers by announcing she has no interest in keeping the car, and will instead be selling it immediately to fund her flight back to the Philippines.

She added that she plans to use the money raised to build a house and start a business in the Philippines. She can expect to fetch around AED 130,000 for the brand new car but if she is looking for a quick deal, she may have to settle for less. With the current exchange rate meaning 1 AED is worth 14.44 Philippine pesos, she can expect to take home around 1,877,200 pesos. One would think she might be quite popular when she gets home.

If you’re looking for a knock-down price on a BMW 3-Series in the UAE, get in touch with Florinza Santos before she leaves, as she may not yet have found a buyer!

Alternatively, UAE Exchange announced that another three BMW luxury cars are set to be given away in the coming weeks, so if you feel lucky then entering their competition is another route to getting your hands on a brand new BMW.

If you are buying or selling cars in UAE, remember to be vigilant and never accept a personal cheque as payment. Cars can’t be sold if they have any outstanding loans on them, so be sure to check them out thoroughly first.

Or, just follow this Filippino maid’s example and win one in a competition. That’s one hassle-free way of buying a car in the UAE.

Lexus UX200 on sale throughout the UAE

Compact crossovers are becoming a highly popular segment throughout the world, but particularly in the UAE. The reasons for that are fairly obvious – they offer an elevated driving position, a little more rear/storage room, and a more sure-footed drive. All in a package that’s not much larger than a standard hatchback.

It’s no wonder then that they’re so popular. Lexus has dipped their toe into the compact crossover market with the highly-praised and recently released NX200. Lexus cars are known for their exceptional quality – is the NX200 fit to carry that mantle?

Attractive, modern design

The NX200 has been designed by Chika Kako, the Executive Vice President of Lexus International, and it certainly sports a unique look. Lexus in recent years have taken on a more angular, aggressive appearance and the NX200 is no different – build on Lexus’ Global Compact Architecture platform.

120 LEDs form the light bar which dominates the rear portion of the NX200, which seeks to provide a distinctive brush of Lexus. This means it will be easy to differentiate from the competition. Its relatively compact dimensions mean it will also be easy to park.Sell Lexus In Dubai

The NX200 has 13 exterior colours available, of which 2 are F-Sport trim exclusive. It includes 3 brand new colours – Celestial Blue Glass Flake, Blazing Carnelian Contrast Layering, and Terrane Khaki Mica Metallic.

2 new colour options join the interior specification, Cobalt and White Ash, making for eight in total. This includes the exclusive Flare Red.

The power

Lexus cars are generally designed for reliability and smoothness rather than outright performance, and that seems to be the case with the NX200. A four-cylinder 2.0-litre engine will provide the power.

This is connected to the wheels via a new D-CVT (Direct-Shift Continuously Variable Transmission) which has 10 speeds. This should provide improvements in both overall fuel economy and comfort when touring long distances.

The NX200 will be available in three trim levels throughout the UAE – Premier, F Sport, and F Sport Platinum. Prices begin, inclusive of VAT, at AED 150,000 rising to AED 180,00 depending on options and the overall level of specification.