UAE Roads Are Saying Goodbye Accidents

It is true that the UAE roads do say goodbye for road fatal accidents. In the past, there were thousands of reasons for committing accidents in the UAE high roads. But the dilemma of Covid19 reduced that toll death dramatically down. The number of people that often die as a result of road accidents, in the UAE, are much higher. To you your surprise, it is much higher than the number of people who died as a result of contracting Covid19. In the contrary, this dilemma came to the world with some pros and some cons as well.

Pros of the Shutdown

There are many pros that stem for the partial or full shutdown of Corona virus. One of these pros is that the existence of huge number of cars on road decreased dramatically. Furthermore, people say indoors compulsory and should not go out at all. However, there are only some reasons that permit them to go out. These reasons are: fetching food or medicine, providing help and other urgent needs. However, this play an essential role in combating the so-called fatal road accidents. Not to mention, the reduction of air pollutes, i.e. the emission of Carbone dioxide from cars’ exhaust pipes.

Other Gains

The majority of pros form Covid19 seem to turn positive, in some cases. In addition, positive reductions are three folds: toll of death, Carbone dioxide emission and consumption of petrol. In the past, children and many adults die as a result of road accidents. On the other hand, one of the reasons that cause fatal road death is now fading away. This due the partial or full-shutdown. Only handful number of cars flow on roads. In conclusion, the reduction of road accidents in the UAE is due to road restricting-laws.

Sterilization and Free Parking in Dubai

In an attempt to combat Covid19, Dubai issuing a sterilization and free parking to motorists. Have you heard such new? The UAE does is kind of sterilization program, in order, to combat the spread of Coronavirus. It is not only in Dubai, but it is a nationwide program. This kind of unprecedented program will probably become very effective. Another good news, the RTA suspended drivers form paying parking fees during the hours of sterilization. Therefore, this will encourage drivers to carry out this sterilization. Even though the RTA does not do this unprecedented step, drivers will do that.

Further Advantages

It is true that all governments around the world are responsible of fight the virus. But as one hand cannot club, there should be a kind of solidarity. This solidarity includes all people to work hand on hand to apply all regulations. Nobody can deny the essentiality of this program. Worldwide, countries should carry sterilization program, in order, to combat further outbreak of the virus. There are many workers that do this hygiene in public roads. They do it for all parts of the car, including the interior and exterior parts. Goodbye Covid19!!!

Full Suspension

Apart of the precedented measures, all means public transportation will shutdown for during this outbreak. Already, China carried out this unprecedented step for public transportation as well as special one. No one go to anywhere unless there is a justifiable reason for doing so. These trusted reasons include fetching food, medicine or rescuing someone who is in an urgent need. In addition, this program includes: public places, governmental zones and all streets along the whole country. According to a brigadier, the initiative prolongs for a day, and he urged all residents to cooperate with it.

Social Distancing Implementation

The implementation of social distancing in the UAE happens before a full shutdown. One of the previous measures that applied by the RTA is banning all means of public transportation. However, in the case of the metro, people should wait for the train with accordance to social distancing. To clarify more, they should keep a distance of, at least, one meter between themselves. At the same time, they should comply with the fact that everyone should wear a facial mask. These kinds of precautions are very necessary for the safety of the public.

Cars Distancing

The so-called social distancing relates to human beings. The question is, what about cars? Should they comply to the law? The answer is that cars do not transmit Covid19 unless someone touches the surface of the car. Furthermore, cars do not transmit the virus, simply, by coming near each other. Direct contact with an infected surface is the thing that passes the virus to a person. Anyhow, the safety distance between autos is for safety only, but it is not because of Covid19. Another interesting thing is that the cooling system in cars helps in ventilating it. This means there is a guarantee that the air becomes renewable in the auto.

Autos’ Ventilators

The ventilation system used in cars is suitable for heating and cooling the car. However, they are very dangerous when someone who contracted Covid19 gets into the car. In contrary, the transmission of the virus will become very easy. Simply, because the air circulates all parts of the car and then it goes back for cooling. It is advisable for any passenger how contracted the virus, or has some symptoms, to wear a facial mask. In conclusion, drivers should because very cautious nowadays to a far extent.

Social Distancing and Auto Drivers

Social distancing is one of the drastic measures that auto drivers have to cope with. However, it is very difficult for them to do so. This is because of many aspects that make it difficult of them to comply with social distancing. This novice term means that people have to leave about t meters between them and any other person, including acquaintances. In more strict term, it means the people should stay at home and do their work form there. However, it is absolutely pie in the sky for drivers to apply this social distancing.

Social Distancing Procedures

It is true that people around the world are not allowed to go out home only for emergency. This emergency includes fetching food or medicine. However, the same is difficult to apply on drivers. For instance, some one would like to fetch medicine, this person should drive or take a taxi. For this reason, drivers cannot abstain from driving. On the other hand, there are many precautions that they should apply. These precautions will help drivers and people alike to preserve themselves from such dangerous pandemic. Anyhow, we understand that this is difficult to put into fact ground.

Precautions for Drivers

The social distancing that many people should apply will not include you. Therefore, you have to take some other alternative precautions to protect yourself and other passengers alike. So, instead of keeping about two meters between you and other passengers you can wear a facial mask. This facial mask will probably protect you against the impending risk. However, for wearing a facial mask there are some procedures that should stay in consideration. As a vicious circle, drivers are the most vulnerable people to the impending danger of Covid19. To conclude with, drivers should take lots of precautions.

Remote Vehicle Shutdown: Recent Development

One of the most problematic things to drivers is autos theft, therefore, Remote Vehicle Shutdown is ideal. This is suitable way for preventing car theft. It is a kind of app that drivers should install in their mobile phones. It notifies them when a thief tries to steal their car. On only this, but traffic authorities can track stolen cars as well by this app. The traffic police can easily follow up the car, even through a long journey. However, there are immense amount of advantages behind this new, essential technology.

Lenders vs Borrowers

The problem that often escalate between borrowers and lenders is over taking the period with out payment. Of course, in this case, lenders issue a subprime which often issued with a high interest rate. The problem is not the delayed payment but the difficulty of controlling the borrower. Therefore, the Remote Vehicle Shutdown is designed to get ride of such critical situation between the two. If the car owner does not want to prolong the period of car-lending, s/he can use the previous system. It provides him/her with the option of, remotely, shutting down their car. Simultaneously, they will know the location of their auto through that smart app.

Pros & Cons

There are some pros and cons related to the app Remote Vehicle Shutdown. One of these advantages is the higher level of control that car-lenders enjoy. On the other hand, this comes at the expense of car-borrowers. For instance, they may have some urgent thing to do with car at the time of the shutdown. However, I believe that there should be a kind of fair balance struck between the two counterparts, i.e. the auto-lender and the borrower. In conclusion, Remote Vehicle Shutdown has incalculable assistance for clever auto-lenders.

Pros/Cons of Remote Vehicle Shutdown

There are many pros and cons of Remote Vehicle Shutdown. Before talking about the pros/cons of this valuable device, we have to consider the bright side. It assisted the Traffic Police a lot in finding out about stolen cars. However, this valuable support relates to the Traffic Authority. There are many other users that gain benefit from this novice device as well. They are auto-lender and auto-borrowers to some extent. Anyway, this novel idea will not fade away without great support. All motorists, in general, and car-lenders, in specific, generated incalculable benefits from this advice.


There are many cons related to the utilization of this novel device. One of these disadvantages is that the-lender may shutdown the car in an inappropriate place. For instance, there are many car-borrowers argued that some car-lenders locked down their car in road crossing. Not only this, but they say at that time the traffic sign was red. Accordingly, the suitable decision for auto-owners at the right time is always reasonable. In order to avoid such embarrassing cases, car lender should inform that drivers about any action in advanced. This will help that borrowers to take early decision whether to repay or back the car at the right time.

Embarrassing Cases

New York Times mentioned that there are some auto-borrower feel frustrated. They become so because their cars disabled when they were on their way for paying that sum of money. The complex problem appears when disabling cars when they are in their way to hospital. Hence, this is not only embarrassing, but rather it is problematic. Because of the fact that the person who would like to reach the hospital may develop some complex symptoms. Anyhow, car-lenders should put all these obstacles in consideration before disabling the car.

Precautions for Motorist When Driving Out

There are incalculable precautions the motorist should do when they drive out. So far, we explained that many people should stay well protected. Specially, drivers should carry out lots of things to stay safe. These precautions include: a distance of two meters, abstaining from handshaking, sterilizing the car and so on. Let us start by the first precaution. It is keeping a distance of two meters. Instead, motorists can just wear a facial mask as a substitute of the two meters. Furthermore, this is a very important precaution to carry out.

Protective Facial Mask  

The facial mask that motorist should wear is a special one. There are some preservative procedures that motorist should do. This will help them to make a perfect use of the protective facial masks. However, drivers should use the preventive mask for only once. After that, they should through it into the garbage. Secondly, they should avoid touching it with their hands. This is because the virus may be attached to it. For guaranteed prevention, they should not wear that for more times. It is true that there are some reusable ones. But they are not easily to give a clear-cut answer that they are protective.

High Hygiene

The other important action that motorist should take is following a perfect hygiene. Firstly, all drivers should clean their car in daily bases. From time to time, drivers have to utilize alcohol, because they form a barrier. In general, alcohol proved to be very effective in cleaning surfaces of objects. However, the method of following a perfect hygiene is very complex. Even if, motorist cleaned interior and exterior parts, still there is a problem tangled. This problem relates to the tyres which constantly rub against the ground.

Pitfalls in Car Buying During Full-shutdown

There are pitfalls in car buying during Corona virus full shutdown. There are some buyers that already paid some sums of their instalments for buying a car. The car that they intend to buy can be new or old. Anyhow, motorists should not panic at all. Since these situations are unprecedented, there are lots of unprecedented solutions as well. Any payment which remains unpaid, there is a chance of paying it in a form of deferred instalments. Of course, there is not option of paying that in cash. Motorists should pay that through their bank account.

Following Up

Not only that, but purchasers can receive a cutback as well. The reason behind this cutback is to help them pay the reset of their instalments quickly. On the other hand, this is a kind of indirect assistance because of Covid19. The overwhelming majority of automakers have set plans for payment deferral. However, you have to liaise with them to know a lot about that. Moreover, a lot of auto drivers can understand the reason of that restriction. This is not to confine people at home and let streets free of people.

Financial Support

On the other hand, if a person paid a sum of money, s/he can withdraw that easily. In order to withdraw that sum of money, you have to order that from your direct lender. However, the problem that if you leave that cash, there can be a difference in exchange lat. In other words, the value of your cash isn’t always stable. It can increase or decrease according to the local market. In this case, the ideal way to invest your money is to withdraw it now. Then, you can invest that capital in any other business. This is the ideal solution!

Have You Heard of Autos Check-points?

Many people started to hear about autos check-points in the UAE. However, they are not check-points that used for collecting tickets or something like that. But they are rather used to check drivers’ body heat. Furthermore, it is one of the most effective ways for checking drivers’ heat without consuming lots of time. One of the most astonishing things is that you can get the result within only five minutes. There is no delay at all. Once the driver gets in the check-point the system gets the percentage of heat of the driver. To make use of time, drivers get their Covid19 result within five minutes only.

Speed & Safety

Conducting information in such astonishing way is quicker and safer for both: drivers and NHS workers alike. For the drivers, they will be safe because of the fact that all that work is computerized. Which means all of the traditional methods are in rest, technology speaks aloud. On the other hand, the NHS staff will remain safe. They will not be in direct contact with drivers. Fortunately, this will reduce the risk of infection by 100%, and it will provide lot of spare time.

Virtual Identification System

During the full shutdown, there are some governmental personal that do their compulsory job. They should continue achieving their tasks regardless of the full shutdown. In this case, the virtual identification system is suitable enough. This system allows all VIPs and essential governmental personals to pass swiftly through all parts of cities. For people in general they can gain their results in five minutes. While for those who are governmental personals, they can go immediately. Their governmental authorities can gain their employees’ results by the app of Rapid Pass. In conclusion, prevention is better than cure.

Be Safe, Use FFP Protection Classes

We advise you to be safe and use FFP protection. There are many unseen particles and aerosols hanging in the air, and they are dangerous to our health. Therefore, you can use FFP to protect yourself from that risk. No body can deny the fact that they are very harmful for peoples’ general health. Furthermore, they cause problems related to the respiratory system. They attract the attention to the fact that nowadays there is an escalating health issue. This health issue relates to the respiratory system, i.e. Covid19. Accordingly, health advisors have a very high concern with any sickness related to breathing.

Respiratory Mask

In the past, when many people suffered a big problem related to air-filters, there was a gigantic leap. This long leap done by many factories that compete in motorist’s personal protection. These air filters have the same characteristics of EU specification. Of course, the specifications of the EU are the ideal ones worldwide. Therefore, there is no any doubt in their quality. Accordingly, motorists should install these air filter in order to be healthier. Air pollution is one of the most effective reason behind contracting virus diseases. Not only these but the exposure of auto drivers to air pollution is immense.

Some Features

The FFP which stands for Filter Face Pieces; however, they do not formulate protection against gas. The most important thing is that it filters the air from all particles, including germs. On the other hand, motorists should not feel negative toward this trait. It is the only negative aspect that these kinds of filters have. Since the advantages of these filters overtake their disadvantages; motorists should utilize it. Later on, a modified type of filters may show off.  Lastly, the utilization of FFP filters has incalculable advantages.