Unknown Facts about Autos

There is a lot of information on cars at different levels that many people overlook. There is information related to maintaining the safety of the car. While, the other secrets that stored in cars for use by drivers that must known. Since drivers enjoy safe driving, many facts are missing from them. However, did you know that computers hide or remove conflicting commands from the driver? This, in turn, reduces the driver’s excessive focus and switching from one thing to another. One of the important things when driving is not to press the stop button. This is because the damage that will result from this exposes the car to many risks.


There are a lot of cars that have a lot of safety systems. With reference to the foregoing, there are cars that disobey drivers. Specially, when pressing on sudden stoppage to avoid those previously mentioned risks. If an emergency occurs, instead of pressing the shutdown button, you can press the neutral one. Accordingly, this will make the car able to cope with many unexpected things. One of the things that drivers should pay attention to is not to press the gearbox to reverse. As a result, it will cause severe damage to the interlocking gears. This will compel you to change the gearbox not to mention other failures which affect the machine.

Fortunately, car manufacturers foresaw this. Therefore, many cars equipped with the car’s direct reverse anti-reverse system. Accordingly, this will enhance the safety of the driver and the car together. The computer designed to ignore such commands. And it may make a loud noise in the car. This in turn may lead to damage to the gearboxes. In conclusion, knowing such information is extremely important for the safety of both: you and the vehicle.

Skoda Aslavia TSI 2022: Amusing Luxury

One of the most luxurious cars made is the Skoda Aslavia TSI 2022. Fortunately, there are two types of them: a manual type and an automatic type. Both of them have the same specifications and measurements. Therefore, the difference is only in the method of transportation. We all know that all German-made cars distinguished by luxury, power, speed. Furthermore, if we highlight the front part of the car, it has a very beautiful design in many respects. And on the sides, there are basic lamps, which have a superior ability to light. There are also vents that look like decoration. However, they have ventilation function of the machine cooler and part of the general ventilation.

Interior and Exterior Design

The interior and exterior designs are beautiful and reflect the intuition and ingenuity of the designers. The tire size is 205/55 R16. This medium size makes the vehicle capable of traversing a lot of bumpy roads. Furthermore, the rear shape of the car is sporty and has many curves. Moreover, the side lights of the car are LED lights that are more visible. Highlighting the interior design, it is very spacious. Not only that, but there is ample space for the back seat. Therefore, this enables carrying your luggage comfortably.

Design and Specifications

There are many clear design touches that distinguish the Skoda Aslavia TSI 2022 from its counterparts. Furthermore, there is a screen to provide the driver with the required information while driving. There are two engines linked with a twin turbocharger. There are two transmissions, manual and automatic, and both have six speeds. The first engine has a capacity of 1liter and a power of 115 hp and 178 Nm. In conclusion, the Skoda Aslavia is a car of strength, durability and efficiency.

Lexus IS 500: High Efficiency

One of the cars that has the characteristics of high efficiency in performance is the Lexus IS 500. It is a small sedan, but it is very efficient. Comparing this car to its counterparts from Mercedes and other cars. What distinguishes this car is that it has a V8 with a capacity of 5 liters and a power of 472 horsepower. Moreover, such machines specially designed for large cars. However, since the Lexus ES is a small car and powered by such an engine. The main feature is that this car is sporty and has a very beautiful design. Not only that, this design gives the car a dynamic movement that helps increase its performance.

A perfect Design

Although the Lexus IS 500 having the same design as the previous one, it has high efficiency. The front shape of the car is a square grille with two triangles on the right and left. The main lights of the car are hostile, resembling the eyes of a tiger. Moreover, the car has four exhausts. There are some bumps on the sides, which reflect a beautiful industrial touch. Furthermore, the counters in the front can move forward and backward to draw the driver’s attention to alert.

Many of the interior and exterior designs of the Lexus AS inspired by F-Sport. The seats are all beautifully and solidly woven, as are the doors. There is not much disturbance other than the engine’s sound. The reason is that the engine of this small car is big. However, this sound reduced by placing a sound dampening system on the four exhausts. In addition, the presence of four exhausts means that there are four outlets for the machine. So, this reduces the sound. In conclusion, the Lexus ES is a high-performance sports car.

Volkswagen Multivan 2022 Family Auto

The Volkswagen Multivan 2022 is a family multi-purpose vehicle. So, since it is a German auto, this means that it durable, strong and efficient above all. One of the most important features of the 2022 Volkswagen Multivan is that it is a spacious. In turn, it is very suitable for family purposes as well as other purposes. The car has a capacity of seven passengers. It is a hybrid car that runs on both fuel and electricity. The general shape of the front car is a circular shape. There is a grille designed on three small stripes. These mesh stripes meant more for decoration than ventilation. Functionally, they cool the car in terms of engines and general ventilation.

Interior & Exterior Design

The interior and exterior designs of the 2022 Volkswagen Multivan are very beautiful. There are optional LED lights and matrix lights. In addition, there are two colours for the exterior paint. The shape of the car from the back is very beautiful with LED signals. One on the side and the other on the back door.

Features of Multivan 2022

There are two screens in the front of the car that reflect all the information required for the driver. There are storage compartments on the front port and cup holders. Moreover, there are some touch buttons to adjust the car’s temperature and cooling system. The tires designed in size 18 and the wheels made of durable aluminum. Moreover, there are the longer 2022 Volkswagen Multivans, measuring only about 20 centimeters. The power of the electric motor is 218 hp. On top of that, there is a six-speed transmission and a four-cylinder petrol. It has a capacity of 1500 cc and a power of 136. And in conclusion, the multivan is a multi-tasking vehicle.

BMW IX: A controversial Style

One of the autos that has the characteristics of controversial styling is BMW IX. Most importantly, this auto is fully electric and controversially stylish. Furthermore, it has a polarizing design. However, BMW IX is the first SUV to reach the main stream of the market. Another important characteristic that this auto has is that it is an all-wheel drive. Of course, people do strive for owning SUV. BMW IX has the same size of X5 in terms of all directions.

Stylish Design

This auto has a very stylish design. Shedding the light on the front parts it is a kidney like shape. Moreover, this kidney-like shape has little grid with sensors hidden at the rear. What is interesting about this grid is that it cools itself when exposed to heat. The logo of the company opens and closes with the switch of the auto. In addition, the rich and deep torque is one of the unforgettable characteristics of BMW IX. Furthermore, this auto can cross a very long distance in one charge. This feature is pretty important for many reasons. When changing the oil, you can access as much information as possible. This feature is novice for many other automakers.


The suspension system is very efficient with air suspension which assists the main system. All of the iXs of this auto are all-wheel drive. So, this guarantees a top speed.  The configuration is 516 horse power and 564 ib-ft of torque. The lithium-ion pack is 160 kwh, this relates to very long distance to cross. It has five seats for passengers. The hood is effectively sealed up. Anyhow, BMW IX is one of the fascinating SUV auto ever present. The overall style is controversial and novice. All in all, BMW IX is undoubtedly ultimate.

The New 2022 Nissan 400-Z

One of the most interesting sport autos worth the price is New 2022 Nissan 400-Z. This car will probably unleash the way for sport Z autos worldwide. However, the manufacturing of such state-of-the-arts autos started long time ago. Importantly, the there is a shared or constant thing is that letter Z never changed. Auto fans will probably discover many things as they get closer. Nissan cares too much about the development of its autos constantly. Anyhow, this auto will compete against many other well-designed autos such as Toyota Supra.

The Overall Design

The general design of New 2022 Nissan 400Z is aggressive. Unfortunately, this auto is a bit narrow than its counterparts. The headlights are LED lights which are very efficient lights. Shading the light on the front, it is very interesting. There is a bulged area around the front bumper. However, this is part has a function – it is aerodynamic. The front part of the bumper (the lip) extents for about three centimeters. Furthermore, there is another function for this lip – it ventilates the radiator. In addition the Nissan badge centers the front bumper. Moreover, there is a front camera which provides the system with more information. There is a lot of stylish design brought in to the auto-make.

The braking ability of the car is so high. There is a carbon extension throughout the lower part. There are only two doors. The designers mingled up the roof exterior part and the boot. This car has a retro-inspired design with 400-hp and twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6. The transmission system is available in two forms: manual and automatic. With all this perfect design – this auto is not for use in the UK. All in all, New 2022 Nissan 400-Z is an auto that hits the spot.

Nissan Pathfinder 2022: a Paradigm Shift

The Nissan Pathfinder 2022 is one of the cars that represents a paradigm shift unique leap. This qualitative shift reflected in the interior and exterior designs and all kinds of technologies. Furthermore, there are four front lights in the car in addition to four sensors and front cameras as well. There is also an automatic braking system in the event of an accident. The system alerts the driver when entering blind spots as well as leaving the lane. So, this is very important due to the system followed in many countries of the world.

About Nissan Pathfinder 2022 Technology

Furthermore, there is an internal alert system. In-case, passengers try to open a door while another vehicle is nearby, it alerts. Glamorously, the roof is a very beautiful – panoramic roof. The company logo located in the middle and directly below it the name of the car in bold. There are four rear sensors as well as a camera. Moreover, there is also a power outlet and cup holders in the rear cabin of the car. The rear space is very spacious. So, you can get this space by folding the rear seats. The passenger capacity of the car is seven passengers.


The machine consists of six cylinders with a capacity of 3.5 litres. There is a four-wheel drive in general, but the main drive of the car is frontal. Moreover, the machine produces 270 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque. Also, the gearbox is nine-speed. There are signs on the mirror as well as the two back answers very clearly. Highlighting the interior, the feel of the interior is soft. There are curtains on all sides of the car. In the rear cabin there are also buttons to control the cooling system as well as the heating.

Honda Civic Hatchback 2022: Car-World Challenge

Honda Civic Hatchback 2022 focused on combining lots of car-world challenge qualities. So, these qualities are: strength, modernity, versatility and reliability. The car also has a large interior space as well as cargo space. In addition, it has the characteristics of high technology and great thrust of the machine. Moreover, the model adopted in the design of this car is the sports model. You can use the transmission manually. However, this car belongs to the eleventh-generation sedan. The designers redesigned the car, starting with the front end. And highlighting the headlights are powerful LED lights.

Exterior and Interior Design

The designers moved from using a dark black colour to a light colour. This is due to the beauty of this colour and the large number of students who love cars. However, not every car designed in this grey colour, which is a shade of black. There are some parts were painted in a dark black colour to form a great design touch. The company’s logo is in the middle of the front part of the car. The front shape of the car is very cool and attractive. Furthermore, there is a grille in the lower part. So does its function of ventilation and giving the car an aesthetic shape as well. The bonnet is flat downward with two lines that go back to the windshield.

Honda Civic Hatchback 2022 Specs

The size of the wheels is 18-inch forged aluminium. The car’s four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.0 litres. In addition, the machine is 158 horsepower and 187 Nm of torque. Cargo storage space is very spacious in the car where a lot of luggage can be carried. The interior design of a car is very classic and this is what many motorists love.

Ferrari SF90: Power and Technology Mix

Ferrari SF90 is a car of power, luxury and high technology. This car came in response to the desires of sports car enthusiasts. Furthermore, they combine everything that the pioneers are looking for in the changing world of cars. This car contains the most powerful and best technologies. It is not the one of fourth generation, but the fifth. The Ferrari SF90 is one of the unparalleled cars from the Italian manufacturer. In addition, this company has an accumulated experience of high road efficiency and respond. They integrated the auto’s systems with other car systems for better road performance. Not only that, but the car responds to all the new and old traffic systems that are still in operation on the roads.

Mingling Past and Future

This technical development previously mentioned did not come out of scratch. But this is a reflection of ninety years of experience. It is not in the world of car shows, but in the world of racing, such as Formula One. Furthermore, the legendary Italian company reflected all those accumulated experiences and weighed it down in Ferrari SF90. Therefore, Ferrari SF90 is not like its predecessor from other electric cars, it is very economical. And even though it is a 1000-horsepower car, it is very economical in fuel. One of the things that distinguishes this car is the convexity on all its sides.

The doors that characterize the Ferrari SF90 are the sliding doors. Nevertheless, they help provide the space we need. Ninety percent of the car’s parts made of fibre. It has the characteristics of strength and resistance to breakage. There is a Ferrari logo on the side of the car. The car’s roof is streamline in black. All in all, Ferrari SF90 is a world of technology.

Opel Grandland 2022: Luxury Auto

Opel Grandland 2022, known in social media by the letter X. But the car does not have this letter written on it, hence there is only the Opel sign. However, what distinguishes this car is the presence of a new Opel mask. This new mask is similar to the Storm-trooper used as a metaphor for the Star Wars soldiers. To add up more, this type of grille is semi-closed, as in electric cars. The company logo often appears in grey, but this time it is black, like GS-Line Sport package. Furthermore, the headlights designed with halogen and LED matrix lights. The front design of the car took the black and grey coordinating colours. The side mirrors are also of the same design.

Exterior Design

The general appearance of the car is sporty. In addition, the wheels designed in a dark black colour, measuring 18 inches. So, this size considered standard, neither large nor small. This size fits the combination of the beautiful appearance of the car and the comfort of driving. The length of the car not changed, as is the black stripe at the bottom. Highlighting the rear of the car, there is the word “Grand Land” in large letters. Amusingly, the tail lights of the car beautifully designed to match the lights at the bottom. The texture of the interior doors is very smooth, as well as the rest of the interior parts. Moreover, the head-space and foot-space are very comfortable.

In addition, there are cup holders, but they are not heated or cooled, as in luxury-cars. Moreover, you can remove them and utilized space. The engine capacity is 1600 cc, with 163 horsepower and 240 Nm of torque. And in conclusion, the car Opel Grandland 2022 is a luxury-car, sporty with elegant appearance.