Making Roads More Convenient

For thousands of centuries, the world strived to facilitate travelling with regard to speed. The only means of commuting in the past was horses, cows or camels. Of course, they are characterized slowness. Contrary to this, scientists are successful in inventing new and swift means of transportation. nowadays, these means of transportation are not different than the previous means in terms of speed.


Some years ago, autos were so fast because of the fact that roads are convenient and less occupied. However, at this current time cars go on roads like turtles. So, what is the difference between travelling or commuting nowadays and the past? We spend approximately two to three hours a day just to cross a short distance by car. This valuable time is useful in achieving others things.

An Alternative

Because of so much crowd on roads, some people have turned their backs on autos. They use motor bikes instead. Although they are swift in navigating road, they are very risky. However, drivers become vulnerable to dreadful accidents which sometimes cause death. Besides, they abstract cars. Is it true that motor bikes are perfect alternative for getting rid of crowd?


Building Convenient Roads

In order to combat the problem of crowd, transportation authorities have to construct new convenient roads. These roads may hopefully accommodate the huge number of autos. Instead of wasting money in manufacturing new cars and constructing roads, trams can be used. Not so many people would agree with the idea, but the reality will prove this.

Blind Motorist Will Be on Roads

The world is developing rapidly and every day we witness new invention. In this blog, we will explore how blind motorists can navigate roads. The world has witnessed robotic drivers or self-driving cars. In the recent future, it will witness blind motorists taking the lead of driving wheels. Since scientists became able to develop a driverless auto, it is not impossible for them to develop one for blinds.

Achieving the Dream

In the past, people were unwilling to believe that there could be a car without a driver. Once again, they have to believe that blinds are on the way to lead cars. However, one could think that this car for blinds is just like the one which is fully autonomous. It is not true, that car is supported by some devices to assist the blinds, but it is not fully automated.

The Challenge

As I have stated so far that the car is designed for blinds to drive, there is a lot of challenge underway for blind to face. No doubt that they have to understand that complex system and deal with the instant reaction in the immediate environment. Once again, the blinds will drive the car not the reverse. Therefore, any blind who would like to drive has to know that base of that devices to deal with them efficiently.

The core of all that devices is the GPS which assist the blinds to detect objects. The car has lots of sensors that notify the driver instantly. There are two gloves that the blind driver has to wear to feel through them. Signals are sent to these gloves by the GPS.

A car To Be Refurbished

Mazda is a well-known trade mark owned by Japanese corporation. Mazda autos are reliable in the market in general. If compared with Volkswagen Polo which is a dependable car, Mazda defeat it in rates of sale. However, the company comes across lots of difficulties that should be overcome. One of the most complex problems is that the company should go electric.


Going Electric

As many companies developed their cars into electric ones, Mazda has to do so. Most of other auto companies have produced EVs that are compatible with the environment. Because of the fact that the new law obliges auto companies to go electric. If auto companies do not go green, they have to pay for every single vehicle they produce.



Possibility for an Electric Mazda

It is not so difficult for this company to produce electric cars. But there are a lot of actions to take. Some companies lined up with other giant ones to produce electric cars. If Mazda fine it difficult to produce electric vehicles alone, they can team up with other famous companies. However, this idea seems to be incompatible with the owner of the company. Therefore, he decided to produce electric vehicles depending on the ancient design of Mazda.

Toyota Assistance

If Mazda find itself unable to survive a chance of developing electric cars, Toyota is a perfect option. This company has a long history in cars manufacturing and in developing electric cars. Teaming up with Toyota can be a perfect chance for Mazda to survive. Otherwise, Mazda has to pay for every single petrol-powered auto. This payment will be used in making the atmosphere cleaner.

Cars Protection For & Against Motorists

So far, cars owners have suffered a lot from the so-called cars theft. But as problems and solutions always go hand on hand, there are lots of suggestions. In the previous blog, I have mentioned one of the ways for protecting cars from theft: flame. In this blog, I will mention another way for doing so.



Tyres Lock

There are lot of ways for protecting cars against theft, but the ideal way seems to be the tyres lock. It secures your car a lot and prevent thieves from stealing it. However, if you are staying for a short period of time, you can use the center lock. On the other hand, if you are staying for a quiet long period of time, the tyres lock is a perfect option for you.







Tyres Lock Acts Against Motorists

Tyres lock can be used against motorists who are parking illegally. When police spot a motorist, who is parking illegally, s/he will put tyres lock upon the tyres. This will compel the driver to wait until the police comes or to call them. In order to remove the lock, you have to call the police, then pay the fees. The problem is that you will waste a lot of time.

Ideal Solution

To prevent motorists from driving by a tyres lock is not an ideal way for punishing them for illegal parking. Because of the fact that they may be in hurry to do something urgent. This thing may be related to hospitals or to a dateline. I think the better way is to issue them a fine when they come to renew their license.

A Dangerous Flammable Auto!

In some countries, the habit of hijacking people from cars become excessive. In order to combat this issue an excellent car designer invented a device that produces flame on both sides of the auto. This will compel the attacker to withdraw back and hopefully scape! Sometimes, thieves fail in opening car’s doors. Therefore, they wait until the driver opens the car’s door then they attack him/her.



Igniting Flame

There is a key fixed on the dashboard, when you turn it on, it lights red. This means that the device is active. Once you press the button, gas pours out through some holes at the edge of both sides of front doors. You may think that this could be dangerous for the car itself. On fact, that is not true. The flame sticks out for some seconds, and it then calms down. It does not burn the car or make any black spots on the paint.







An Alarming Sound vs. Ignite Flame

Which one is better, to get an alarming sound about a coming danger or to get a swift effective protection? Each one has its own suitable time. An alarming sound will stop the thief and compels him/her to run away.  On the other hand, the ignite flame is a perfect protection for you and your car. because you get a swift protection. However, the flame could be very harmful for the thief. Anyhow, your protection is first and foremost.


There are lots of anti-theft devices that motorists can use, but each one has its own function. I think that in a place where crimes are common, this antitheft device is a suitable option.





Automobile Paint Preservation

 The difference between new and ancient autos depends heavily on the color of the auto. However, some natural factors like rain and sun affect negatively on cars’ paint. When cars exposed to rain and air, they become rusted. On the other hand, parking cars for long time under high temperatures of the sun also affect on car’s paint. There are a lot of things should be done to combat this issue.

Rust Prevention  

The best way for preserving your car’s paint from rust is to prevent it from occurring. Therefore, you have to inspect wheel wells and bumpers. However, many motorists ignore this important check. If you do not want to go to a Service center for check, you can do it alone. Rotate your steering wheel to a maximum level towards the left. If there is some dirt or mud remove them.





Body Bends

One of the most places where rust rests is car’s body bends. Therefore, there should be a regular check up for these sensitive places. If motorists do not detect and tackled this problem quickly enough there will be lots of drawbacks. Not only this, but when the rust stays for quiet long at car’s bends, it will scratch the body of the car.


One of the most important features in cars’ appearance is body paint. Body paints affect cars’ appearance in numerous ways. Through perfect stylish paint cars can look so attractive and the vise versa. Accordingly, all motorists should care about their car paint protecting it against rust and other things that affect negatively on it.




Tracking Stolen Automobiles

“Oh no! the thief has stolen the car”. This is a traditional saying that remain unheard for quiet long time. Thieves become clever enough that they hide themselves even from CC. T.V. Therefore, when they steel a car, they wear a facial mask that no body can detect them even when the CC. T.V cannot do so. The police may take months or even years to take the car back.


Diverse Cars’ Security Devices

What is the perfect solution for cars’ thefts? Scientists thought about this problem and they suggested lots of various solutions. The Steering Wheel Lock, Tyres Lock and Kill Switch are the most used devices for securing cars in the past. However, the world changed dramatically, and there are lots of modern cars’ security methods for doing so.



Smart Stop/Start

One of the easiest ways to control your car is using an app through the phone. The app is The AUTO DN GUY. You just need to install it on the phone and enjoy instant remote control. There are lots of tasks that you can do through this app. You can switch on or off the engine and track your auto when a thief steals it.

Instant Reaction

The app sends you a message immediately when a thief steals the auto. As you receive the message through the app you have to switch off the car. They you ought to use the GPS to track your car. When you switch off the car the thief will not be able to switch it on again. This will give you a great deal of time to find it.

A romantic Auto

Have you ever heard about a romantic car? It is labelled the most wonderful car in the world. This car is lavish and stylish. Of course, the interior part of the car is reddish. It is an electric car, and it is lavish. In order to out the almost all the roof opens. It is like opening a treasure box. There are no side doors. It is automatic auto, but you can change it to manual as well.

Incredible Cooling System

Since it is an electronic car, there are lots of batteries supporting it. Batteries at the bonnet and at the back. However, the wondering thing about the car is that it has six-sided holes. They look like honey beehive holes! They are not for decoration, but they are used for cooling. As the car kicks off, air rotates through the batteries to cool them.






Tail Lights

This romantic car has a state-of-the-arts tail lights. When you switch on the car, they rotate making flashing lights. This is like the ones in Maybach. But the difference is that the former uses digital light tech. This enables the motorist to communicate the outside world more easily. On the other hand, the front lights give the car a decorative shape.


Safer Tyre’s & Perfect Interior

Like the bonnet honey holes, the tyre’s have a honey contour. Unlike other simple tyre’s of cars, these tyre’s are made out of two layers. The outer layer is hard and the inner is rubber. There is more storage space at the engine and at the rear part of the car!

HiPhi 1. Human Horizons

This is the surprise that China would like to show in 2021. This strange auto can cross approximately 400 miles. This is not the only characteristic. However, it is an electric car, and it is environmentally friendly. The car is glamorous that it captivates you form the first glance. The angularities are perfectly designed. This helps the car to gain a lot of speed without more pressure on the engine.

Weird Doors!

Another this that characterizes HiPhi 1. Human Horizons is its doors. Like any other car it has four doors. However, they open in a form of diamond shape. Each back door opens simultaneously with a part of the roof that goes up in harmony. You can use the upper two roof flaps when the weather is so fine. Furthermore, there are some lightnings on the four doors that form a glamorous decorative touch with the interior light.

Astonishing Interior

Looking at the Chinese electric automobile from inside, it looks like a state-of-the-arts studio. The dashboard is perfectly designed with all latest technologies. On the other hand, the car is full of sensors; not less than 562 sensors work harmoniously to detect objects around. There is another feature that connects the car with other smart roads and sharing stop-light timing.





More Accommodation

Being an SUV, HiPhi 1. Human Horizons can accommodate six passengers including the driver. The six seats are flexible enough, and they are movable to various directions. You think that there is no space left at the back, but this is not true. No worries! There is enough space for your luggage as well.


Override System in Cars

Have you ever tried to accelerate and the car disobeyed you? Modern cars that are supported with Override System could do so. An override system is a way of supporting drivers to enhance their driving. In other words, some cars’ smart designers call it Smart Pedal. In addition, motorists may make a wrong decision; the Smart Pedal will have a second thought!


Promoting Safety So far, I have mentioned that the Override System assists motorists in driving improvement. However, the auto sometimes goes out of control. For instance, a bottle of drink suddenly tangles under the brake pedal. The system will spot this through the electronic sensors and act accordingly. Another interesting thing is that the system reacts when it realizes an accidental speed.




Electronic Control Unit [ECU]
The Override System is inextricably tangled with an Electronic Control Unit. This have connection with lots of sensors that send signals to it. The ECU have a logical calculation of the position of the accelerator and the brake. Therefore, when it realizes any malfunction, it reacts in different ways. It may break down the power of the engine. Or it can minimize the acceleration level.
To conclude, the override system or smart brake helps in enhancing safety by mitigating fallacious acceleration. Accordingly, Toyota car company is intending to install this software. It will be set as an inseparable part of all Toyota autos. However, motorists should not depend ultimately on this system. They have to be attentive and interactive.