A/C System’s Secrets in the UAE

It is not surprising that levels of temperature nowadays escalate significantly to very high levels. This affects negatively on the A/C of the auto. Here are some secrets that help you to keep these problems behind. You can spend all this summer without visiting a technician! However, if your A/C is powerful enough for cooling the car, them these secrets are not for you!

Chasing Heat Out Quickly

Firstly, you have to keep windows partially open. This allows some air to get into the car, resulting in generating additional cold. You should open both sides of the car’s windows equally. No worries, there are not black points for this! Another interesting secret for blowing cold air is opening the door. Of course, you do not have to do this while driving or leaving the car. But before you ride your auto open the doors for 5 to 10 minutes. Give it a try, and you will find it so surprising.



Leather Seats & Wraps

Another way for keeping cars cool during summer is to utilize leather seats and wraps. Scientifically, leather is a perfect material for absorbing heat. For this reason, motorists should use leather seats. If your car does not have leather seats, you can just buy leather wraps for them. This is cost effective and an ideal solution for you.

To put it in a nutshell, problems and solutions always go hand on hand. The ideal way to cool your car in summer is to open car’s windows partially. Before driving off leave the doors open for approximately 5-10 minutes. Finally, use leather seats and wraps.

Warning for Holiday-goers in the UAE

Strapped luggage on cars’ roof in the UAE is not a novice sight. Travelling is one of the unstoppable habits of UAE holiday-goers. But the problem is that sometimes those holiday-goers take lots of luggage on their cars roof. Those motorists are undoubtedly very skillful drivers. They can drive so fast without committing accidents. But the problem is that loading cars roof with so many luggage comes at the expense of safe driving. The Road Traffic Authority RTA warns motorists not to carry suitcases above the height of 60 cm.



Carrying lots of luggage on cars’ roofs could make the autos loses its balance. For instance, when there is wind that hits constantly against the car, the auto may partially lose its control. Therefore, traffic authorities in the UAE have warned motorists not to fall victim of this negative aspect of driving. Not only tourists carry lots of suitcases on their cars roof, but some residents and do so as well.




Paved Roads & Off-road Driving

On paved roads drivers speed up undoubtedly. They may forget about the heavy load suitcases that they are carrying. As the car goes in a top gear drive, the luggage becomes lighter. As a result, the wind can easily take them off the roof, and the rear car’s windscreen damages. In off-road driving, carrying lots of luggage on cars roof may upside down the car. This may happen because there are lots of ground holes that these cars come across.

In conclusion, carrying luggage above a height of 60 cm in the UAE road is not permissible. RTA advises motorists to adhere to traffic law and avoid getting black points.


Collision Avoidance System in the UAE

The overwhelming number of autos’ accidents often occurs as a result of less concentration. However, motorists sometimes drive absent-minded as a result they commit accidents. But technologists spent lots of effort to solve this problem. Collision avoidance system is designed to warn reckless drivers about other auto in front of them. In some state-of-the-arts motors, these safety systems inextricable intertwine with the main system of the car.


Ideal Solution

As I mentioned that some modern cars have safety systems, others have no safety system. If your car has no collision avoidance system, it is not the end of the world. There are lots of collision avoidance installable systems that can function harmoniously with any auto. Some systems warn the motorist via flashing light. Others make sound hazard. The lavish one sends signal immediately to the braking system. When the braking system receives a hint it stops the car automatically.



Backup Cameras

Another interesting solution to avoid accidents is to use back cameras. But the problem is that not all autos on roads do have cameras to interact with each other. In this case, motorists can use these cameras to know the safety distance between them and other cars. If you feel that other cars tailgate so near to yours speed up a little to leave safety distance.  Backup cameras can assist also in parking. Not only this, but these kinds of cameras provide you with a clear vision even during night!

Pros and Cons

This smart system has undoubtedly thousands of benefits. The most valued one is forward-collision avoidance. Another essential benefit is that the both cars remain without any harm. On the other hand, this technology can encourage reckless motorists to pay no attention on the road. They will depend mainly on the system. To put it in a nutshell, motorists should pay lots of attention while driving and use collision avoidance system wisely.

A revolutionized Company in the UAE

One of the most well-known cars manufacturers in the UAE is Volkswagen. This company was founded by German government to produce low-priced cars. The previous aim is the main purpose that the company started with. However, rapid growth and popularity among people makes the company keep achieving the former aim, in addition to others. The other goal of course producing state-of-the-art autos. It is not so far that the company became a pioneering one worldwide. Since then, presidents and the elites worldwide addicted cars which this company manufactures.

Luxury & Reliability

Throughout the previous decades of the company the overwhelming majority of its cars become luxurious and reliable. The determination of the company is to maintain a clean sheet of history. The platform that Volkswagen springs from is reliability. This ideal company puts into consideration lots of factors before manufacturing any auto. These factors could be the ability of these autos to have multi-functionality.


Shedding the light on price German cars are expensive if compared with others. However, they last for quiet long. In most places around the world where motorists have to go off-road, they prefer German autos. Not only this, but at different climates, they have the high level of adaptability. According to these valuable characteristics Volkswagen motors deserve any price the company asks for.

To put it in a nutshell, German cars in general are luxurious and reliable regardless of their high price. Buy using German autos motorists can make sure that they are driving high safety cars. German cars distinguish themselves by: reliability, luxury and safety.

Prohibited Habits in Driving in the UAE

There are a lot of negative habits that motorists have to avoid. These habits seem to be common with so many motorists, but they are so risky. Time is precious. But if making use of time comes at the expense of safety then the former is to be ignored. Some of the negative habits that lots of motorists fall victim of are tailgating, eating, drinking and sleeping.


As many people always get from a place to another in hurry. They take every advantage of space between cars. This action specifically known as tailgating. However, driver should leave approximately one meter and half between their car and other cars. Leaving this space of safety will enable drivers to see the road very clearly. Predicting risk also depends on safety zone. The sufficient safety space the drivers leave, the more time they have to thing about avoiding danger.


Drinking & Eating While Driving

Another unwelcoming habit on driving is eating and drinking while driving. Many people like us sometimes find themselves in hurry and hunger. Therefore, they take their food and drink and rush to the car. This is not an ideal choice. A perfect option is to park the car anywhere beside the road and have your food and drink then drive. Motorists in many cases do not value this action. Since they have lots of experience of driving, they find it easy to do these two actions simultaneously. This in turn lowers their concentration level.

Avoidance of Sleep

Many motorists drive immediately after a long hard day of work. As a result, they sleep or find themselves sleeping unconsciously. Of course, the recommended action is to take a little nap before driving. If there is no way to do this, them drivers have to use anti sleeping ring. This ring notify the driver of unconscious sleep by vibration.

A pioneering Company in the UAE

Toyota is a car manufacturing company well known worldwide. It started as a small family-business owned by Sakichi Toyoda who is a Japanese national. This glamorous novice idea revolutionizes the way of car manufacturing in Japan. The company found its feet between cars companies and became famous quickly. These giant steps forward grantees luxurious autos that cope with modern life needs. It is not surprising that each year Toyota is the only company that produces ten million vehicles.

A Giant Step

Reliability and versatility are the main features of Toyota. The logo makes the car distinguishable from a far distance. There are a lot of different models that suits all tastes. If you have a family that always loves mobility and luxury; there are lots of models suitable for them. Not only 4 by 4 autos are lavish and stylish autos. But trucks and heavy load carriers are glamorous as well.  Toyota is clearly very famous worldwide. Because of these kinds of distinguishable cars, the striking majority of motorists do prefer buying them. The stock market of Toyota always goes up dramatically. Therefore, many other car manufacturers try very hard to reach this company’s level.

Futuristic Show

All motorists wait impatiently for the upcoming new model of 2020 Toyota Corolla. Although it costs people an arm and a leg to buy, they are very determine to pay every penny and pound to own this car! If you are in the same wavelength, be ready from now! To conclude with, Toyota Company becomes famous worldwide because of the exertion of lots of effort from excellent designers and scientists.

Driving in Rainy Weather in the UAE

No doubt that the majority of drivers have experienced driving at different weather climates. However, each climate has its own safety measures. For instance, in foggy weather motorists have to abstain from driving until the vision is clear enough for navigating. If the vision is not crystal clear, it is not advisable to take the adventure of driving in the dark. This is because of the fact that it could lead to unexpected accidents. The same is applicable in other types of weather. As far as driving at different kinds of weather is concerned, this blog is targeting driving in rainy weather.

Rainy Weather

Before running the risk of driving on rainy weather, make sure that the wind screens are working well. This is very helpful because of the fact that drivers have to wipe rain continuously form the screen. When this is done, motorists can see the road clearly and avoid life-cost accidents. Another important point that motorists should keep in mind is the brake. However, the performance of cars’ braking system is not the same on dry lands. As there could be a risk of slipping forward, drivers have to time their brake accurately. Distance and speed should be regarded first.

Tire’s Tread

Traction on roads in general is mainly intertwined with the tire’s treads. There is a lower level of road traction often on wet roads. Therefore, speed reduction is vital. To conclude with, driving on rainy weather require a lot of attention and safety measures. Any failure in carrying out them could lead to unexpected danger.

Driving Skills

A significant number of motorist when asked about driving they believe that it is a skill. However, the opposite is true. Driving is an art rather than a skill. It does not mean that the driver should be able to drive the car smoothly with out gear shift problems. But it is rather the appropriate estimation of: safety distance, turning, speeding up, slowing down etc.

Safety Distance

Highway driving is not that driving on other roads which the speed limit is seventy, sixty or less. But it is where top gear drive becomes compulsory to motorists. However, this does not mean that drivers have to tailgate (being near to the other car). Safety distance is a top priority in highways, since one accident could result in committing series of accidents.


The control of speed is as important as other safety measures. Of course, drivers may not encounter problems of speeding up and slowing down when the way is straight. In this case, the vision is so clear unlike turns. When it comes to turning of course the driver should slow down and take a look through the mirror. It is very risky to take a sharp turn without slowing down and gazing.

To put it in a nut shell, driving is an art rather than a skill as many people believe. And it should be given a serious attention. The more people take driving seriously the safer roads we will get. Last but not least practice makes perfection.

Autos and Travelling

No doubt that when thinking about travelling means of transportation spring to our mind. However, the type of car that you own specifies the route that you will navigate as well as the distance. There are thousands of cars that can travel. But when it comes to off-road driving and hill riding there are certain cars that can perform this proficiently.


The longer distance that you often try to cross the high proficiency car you need. Therefore, four by four autos are labelled suitable for both: of-road driving and long-distance journeys. For the former, the overwhelming majority of four by four cars are capable of bearing navigation of sandy, rocky and moody lands. That is why they are the preferable kind of cars for most people. For the later, four by four motors can cross as long distance as possible without any bottleneck. Their engine can bear high levels of heat which result from continuous driving. This is not the ultimate feature of other types of cars which are affected by the resultant heat of driving for long hours.

Day & Night Navigation

Driving during the daylight is not like driving during night. The former is not problematic for many people since everything is crystal clear for drivers. But when it comes to night driving, it requires a lot of attention and perfect car lights. So far the digital light technology is used, as a result high level of safety is maintained in night driving. All in all, when ever you thing of travelling there are some factors that need to be put into consideration.

Flexibility of Audi in the UAE

Have you ever thought of an auto that suits your mood and desire? You can find this in S4 Cabriolet. This car is stylish, and it has kind of versatilities that are not present in other cars. Moreover, it has a glamorous appearance, I expect, it cannot be resisted.  The catchy and engineered design gives the car a wondering look.

Foldable Roof

What characterizes Audi S4 Cabriolet from other cars is that it is roof can be folded. For instance, if the weather is fine the driver can fold the roof of the car in order to enjoy the weather. This kind of flexibility makes Audi S4 Cabriolet such outstanding car. Other cars do not have this feature. Audi S4 Cabriolet is suitable for almost all ages: youth, teens and old people.

Ideal for Various Purposes

Audi S4 Cabriolet becomes suitable for a lot of different purposes. For example, it can be used as a means of transportation to work and to different places. Because it is lavish and stylish. Having the flexibility of roof folding has made Audi S4 Cabriolet labelled suitable for journeys and cruising. Another interesting thing is that this auto gives you the option of driving with the roof stretched or folded. As I stated earlier that this feature is not found in other cars, Audi S4 Cabriolet can be regarded as state-of-the-art motor.

In conclusion, Audi S4 Cabriolet has some features that is not present in other cars, therefore, own such modern car is a great pleasure.