Electric Cars Sound Futuristic in Abu Dhabi

Electric cars are not new fashion to the world, they exist since the nineteenth century, and they are ultimately futuristic. The idea of manufacturing E-cars crept upon minds of many scientists, who handled this valuable view to car manufactures to launch it and save the world from many environmental crises, including global warming. As a result, many sophisticated people have turned their backs on petrol-powered cars.

The substitution of gasoline-powered cars by electric vehicles (EVs) is very crucial. In terms of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, electric cars are often cleaner than even state-of-the-art environmentally friendly cars. EVs are plug-in automobiles that are propelled by an electric motor and they are powered by rechargeable batteries. In order to recharge the batteries, you have to plug the car into a charging station. The majority of people install a charging station at their homes when they buy an EV. However, it’s expected that charging stations will be available almost everywhere: shopping centers, cinemas, stations…etc. In London, for instance, charging sockets are set up in some street-lamps.

How long is the Volt’s battery designed to last, on average?
Bill Wallace stated that: “In extreme hot climates such as Phoenix, the Chevy Volt will last at least 10 years, 150,000 miles, and 6,000 cycles. This requirement has held quite steadily for both generations of the Chevy Volt. We use OnStar to track the performance of our vehicles and this benchmark of durability has remained consistent for all General Motors vehicles that will use the Volt powertrain.” Shedding the light on distance, EVs can run for 100-150 before the battery runs out, but some engineers believe that in the future these batteries will probably be able to last for 400 miles. All in all, electric cars are futuristic, and its’ revolution is launching soon. What is fortunate is that UAE is going to obtain the largest portion of these environmentally friendly cars soon.

Masar Project Dubai Red Metro Line 2020

Do not be surprised if you find yourself able to move in a top gear drive in the southern part of Dubai as the project that has been launched in 2013 is about to be accomplished. It is the most essential project ever present in the history of the region. It is a 438-hectare area dedicated to 2020 events. Most importantly, this Metro Line will connect participants, innovators, policymakers, tourists, etc. around the world. It is a five-stage project which will extend the established Dubai Metro Red Line to the Expo 2020 site. Furthermore, the project will serve various existing mixed-use high-density corridors in southern Dubai.

Most national and international engineers were mesmerised taking part in the Route 2020 project establishment. People form different parts of the world flood to Dubai for different purposes and this is why it is well known by being a cosmopolitan city. For this reason, the peak traffic jam is not a novice idea to any one visiting this attractive place. As a result, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) exerted as much effort as possible to overcome this problem. The main essential components of the project will serve several existing mixed-use high-density corridors in Dubai South, in addition to newly planned transit-oriented developments along the line. It includes the following components:

First: A 15-km-long alignment consisting of 11.8 km of elevated guideways and 3.2 km of tunnel

Second: Seven LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold stations consisting of one interchange station, three elevated stations, two underground stations, and the special-event Expo Iconic Station

Third: Fifty additional trainsets (15 for the Route 2020 project and 35 to further improve service and expand capacity on the existing Red Line)

Fourth: Expansion of the Jebel Ali Depot accommodating the new rolling stock

Fifth: Construction of three new main power supply (MPS) stations and one additional traction power supply station (TPS)

When you arrive at Dubai International Airport the new line will provide you a single-seat journey to Expo 2020 site. What is promising is that the new Rout will probably extends to the Al Maktoum International Airport and provide direct connectivity by your vehicle between both international aviation hubs of Dubai.

Lincoln to sell flagship Aviator SUV in Middle East market

Lincoln have announced plans to sell their seven-seater flagship Aviator SUV through their dealer networks in the Middle East, include the UAE, in 2019. Replacing the outgoing MKX and MKT models, the Aviator features sleeker and more modern-looking styling as well as new mechanical underpinnings from sister company Ford.

Inside, you’re greeted by an array of touchscreens and a digital gauge cluster with head-up display, as well as a machined-aluminium centre console clearly inspired by aeronautical designs (that Aviator name is not just a name). Creature comforts abound – climate control, massage seats and a high-level sound system with a staggering 28 speakers. Lincoln originally became famous for their ultra-comfortable, sumptuous sedans in the 1970s and these new models have carried on this fine tradition into the present day.

But luxury can’t exist without efficiency in 2019, and fuel economy is important even for sizeable deluxe vehicles like the Aviator, especially with the burgeoning success of Tesla’s hugely rapid Model S and Model X electric luxury cars. The 2020 Aviator is no exception, and Lincoln offers buyers two different trims – the standard 400hp turbo V6 petrol and a plug-in hybrid variant. Both come with a Ford-derived 10 speed automatic gearbox, and the Aviator can be optioned with rear or all-wheel drive. After all, off-roading is not the primary function of the Lincoln, but it no doubt still has the torque for dune climbing. There are no exact figures for the MPG and CO2 stats of the Aviator yet but expect them to be highly competitive for the sector.

The global popularity of luxury sports utility vehicles shows no signs of abating as we enter into 2019, and it makes sense for Lincoln (Ford’s prestige sub-brand) to shift their efforts away from the underselling Continental towards the Aviator and Nautilus sport utility vehicles. After all, the saloon might have been the luxury car of choice in the 1970s but today is the age of the SUV.

There is no word yet on exact pricing on the Aviator, but early estimates put a start price in the region of $55,000-65,000 USD – about 180,000 to 200,000AED.

2019 GMC Yukon coming to the Middle East

One of GMC’s most popular cars, the Yukon, has been confirmed to be heading to the Middle Eastern market in a variety of 2019 model specifications. This includes the Yukon, as well as the Yukon XL, Denali, and the Denali XL.

Dubai buyers looking for a large, comfortable SUV that boasts power folding seats in both the second and third rows will find a lot to love about the new Yukon.

The front of the 2019 Yukon provides quite the bold statement, with projector-beam headlights offering much improved visibility – along with safer driving both at night and in bad weather. The option of a hands-free tailgate is also available, to make loading the Yukon with heavy shopping that much easier.

More of the 2019 Yukon’s features

Smokey Quartz, Dark Sky, and Pepperdust are the three colours that will be available for the 2019 Yukon, all of which are metallic for added visual appeal.

The Yukon is considered one of GMC’s flagship SUVs, and so it benefits from a luxurious interior. Comfortable leather combines with an 8-inch full colour touchscreen, complete with Apple CarPlay and a premium BOSE sound system.

It also features other touches to make living with the large SUV that little bit easier, such as a crisp reversing camera and remote-start functionality.

Enhanced Driver Alert and Lane Keep Assist packages are available as extra options. Side blind-zone, forward collision and rear cross alerts, automatic front braking, and adaptive cruise-control are all standard.

Under the Yukon’s hood

The Yukon is a heavy vehicle, large in size and loaded with luxury and safety features, so it needs a powerful and capable engine.

That comes in the form of the 5.2 litre EcoTec3 V8 for the Yukon SLE and SLT models. The Yukon Denali and Denali XL will feature the tried and true 6.2 litre V8 – offering a very healthy 420 horsepower and 624 Nm torque. This makes the Yukon an excellent choice for those who need to regularly tow trailers.

Price-wise, the Yukon is expected to start in the region of AED 179,999, with the cost increasing for higher-specification models in the range.

2020 Toyota Supra finally revealed, set to be sold in the Middle East

After a long and protracted publicity trail of teaser videos, camouflage shots and breadcrumbs of leaked information, the 2020 sixth-generation Toyota Supra has been fully unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show.Dubai Skyline

A co-development with BMW and built by Magna-Steyr, the new GT car from the Japanese marque boasts a turbocharged straight-six engine boasting 335 horsepower which is mated to an 8-speed automatic – the only transmission available for the Supra. The shape of the headlights appears to pay homage to the previous generation Supra, a car that became a pop culture icon thanks to its starring role in the ‘Fast and Furious’ action film series.

Interestingly, this new generation of Supra only improves upon the previous 1995 car by around 10 horsepower, a very modest gain considering the two decades between them. However, Toyota have claimed acceleration figures of 0-100km/h in 4.1 seconds and a top speed approaching 290km/h as well as highly engaging driving feel and handling dynamics. The chassis is part of the collaboration with BMW, as is the engine. Inside, the Supra is very clearly a grand tourer – with heated leather seats, infotainment system and a whole host of all the modern creature comforts you’d expect from a flagship car.

Toyota’s stake in the Middle Eastern market has been primarily in the SUV sector, but the Japanese marque will be looking to target other sports/GT manufacturers like Porsche, Audi, and BMW with this car. Akio Toyoda, CEO of the brand, has announced his intention to introduce more enthusiastic-oriented cars into the range with help from Toyota’s motorsports partners Gazoo Racing. Perhaps a revival of the punchy, lightweight MR2 sports-car may even be on the cards.

There has been no official word on how much the Supra will cost from one of the company’s Dubai showrooms, but current pricing on a basic-specification straight-six car in the US is around $51,000 (around 185,000AED).

The new Supra faces some challenges – how will it face up against the BMW Z4 that it shares an engine, chassis and other components with? Is 335 horsepower enough for a sports car in 2020? Is it as good as the fan-favourite previous generation Supra? Only time will tell, but Toyota are definitely hoping that their new offering can live up to the name.

Major tyre plant under construction in Abu Dhabi

Construction work started on a major tyre plant in Abu Dhabi in the week commencing 21 January 2019. The Roadbot Tyre Project Kizad is a collaboration between the United Arab Emirates and China and will be the first manufacturing plant to be set up in the UAE.

Roadbot is based in China and is a popular tyre manufacturer. The company is investing around $614.4mn (Dh2.2 billion) into the new factory. The new factory is being built in the China-UAE industrial zone in Kizad. It will comply with all international requirements and will be equipped with the latest technologies. It is planned that the factory will start operating by October 2020.

uaeThe Demonstration Zone is a 2.2 sq km development by JOCIC (the Jiangsu Provincial Overseas Cooperation and Investment Company) and Roadbot will be the first Chinese company to set up on the site since the 50-year agreement was signed between JOCIC and Abu Dhabi Ports back in 2017.

About the tyre factory

This new factory will be built with a total area of 275,000 sqm and offers production capacity for up to three million car tyres and one million bus and truck tyres initially. The car tyres will be passenger car radial (PCR) types and it is anticipated that production levels will increase to up to 10mn PCR type tyres by 2022.

This will give Abu Dhabi strategic influence within the supply of replacement tyres to a range of markets.

The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by Dr Sultan Al Jaber, who is the UAE Minister of State and also the chairman of Abu Dhabi Ports, along with the chairwoman of Roadbot, Zhang Yingzi.

Dr Al Jaber commented: “The Roadbot tyre factory will make an important contribution to the UAE’s manufacturing base as part of our leadership’s longstanding strategy to diversify our economy. Today’s groundbreaking also demonstrates the increasingly close ties between the UAE and China, and reinforces the UAE’s role as a key partner in China’s Belt and Road initiative.”

He added that the construction also marked a major step in Abu Dhabi’s move to become a hub for international trading and connectivity.

Zhang Yingzi noted that the new factory will help connect Abu Dhabi to global and local demand within automotive manufacturing and that Roadboat has joined 17 different “Chinese companies that have signed agreements to invest over $1 billion in the Demonstration Zone established within Kizad. These companies have identified the value proposition that helped put Abu Dhabi Ports and Kizad on the global trade map, especially in the context of China’s Belt and Road Initiative”.

There are a number of automotive projects based at Kizad, which acts as a mega hub in the region for CBU (Completely Built Up) logistics for the Ghassan Aboud and Al Futtaim cars. Other global brands operating out of the hub include Toyota, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat and Honda.

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How to pick up a supercar for next to nothing in Dubai

In other countries it may be considered unusual to see any kind of luxury car, but in the UAE we know it is not unusual to see a variety of supercars burning up the roads. Dubai is well known throughout the world as a place of great wealth and opulence, and one of the ways in which that is manifested is in the scores of high-class cars purchased here every year.

Nevertheless, every year in Dubai some two to three thousand cars are abandoned by their owners, and Dubai’s airports and car parks are full of abandoned supercars. Many of the cars were owned by foreign expats who owned them on a lease-to-buy basis, and who have to leave them behind after they fall on hard times. Sometimes these owners even choose to flee Dubai if they lose their jobs and default on their repayments.

Once abandoned, cars are often sold by the local authorities. In 2018 the Dubai Police announced that they would be auctioning off more than 300 luxury cars. Dubai police give owners of their vehicles a month to claim them and pay any necessary fines, and if not, the cars go to auction. As well as abandoned cars, these auctions include cars impounded after being involved in crimes such as street racing, or non-payment of traffic violation fines.

There is one bright side, however. At auction, the confiscated vehicles are often sold for a fraction of their original price. This system makes it possible for car lovers to pick up a bargain if they don’t mind buying second-hand. Indeed, the original owner’s loss can be the savvy buyer’s gain, as all the luxury brands are likely to be represented in these auctions, from Jaguars to BMWs and even the occasional Ferrari or Maserati.

Just be aware – these auctions are by invitation only. When an auction is announced, potential buyers need to register with the police, and prove that they have enough money to meet the deposit price before receiving an invitation.

Though this may be a slightly unorthodox way to acquire a car, it is worth considering Dubai’s police auction as a way of getting the car you’ve always dreamed of at the sort of price you can afford.

Kia Telluride aiming for Q2 release in the UAE

There was a time, not so long ago, that Kia wasn’t necessarily known for the quality of the cars it produced. The price was always right, but quality, luxury, and driver features were not guaranteed. Recently, however, the company has turned its image around. Kia is now producing some of the most well equipped and reliable cars in their respective class. The price is still great, now the rest of the car matches it.Sell Kia In Dubai

Kia, however, has not been known up to this point for their large SUVs. That is about to change with the release of their Telluride model, which is currently scheduled for an April UAE release.

Capacity and comfort

The Telluride shows its US-design influences with its large capacity, comfortably seating eight passengers. Its engine is a 3.8-litre V6 which provides 291 HP and 355Nm torque. The eight-speed auto gearbox is designed for comfortable cruising and seamless shifts.

The Telluride has rear suspension which is self-levelling for improved road manners, while Smart, Eco and Comfort modes can be chosen by the driver to suit their individual taste. AWD Lock and Snow settings are also available for when the going gets a little tougher.

As it’s a large SUV, AWD should be no surprise. The Telluride uses its active monitoring systems to shift the engine’s power to the front and/or rear wheels depending on the driving mode selected. AWD Lock mode will ensure even power is sent to all the wheels, otherwise, the power will be split favouring the front or rear wheels according to the mode selection.

Top-class equipment

The Telluride sports Kia’s generous approach to available equipment. It’s expected to host the latest active safety systems such as Blind Spot Assist, Collision Avoidance, Lane Following, and Safe Exit Assistance to name just some of the options. With 7 airbags and chunky construction, it should provide a safe journey for all occupants.

Those governed by badge and brand will doubtless overlook it, but for anyone interested more in sheer quality and value for money, the Kia Telluride is sure to make an attractive choice of large SUV.

Pirelli opens world’s fourth P Zero World store in Dubai

The world’s most beautiful and brilliant cars need tyres to match. The car only makes contact with the road via the tyres, so it pays to invest in the best quality.

Those who value reliability, performance, and versatility often find themselves drawn to Pirelli tyres. Now Dubai car lovers have somewhere to test the whole range for their cars – the P Zero World Store, located on Hessa Street in Dubai.

The store is only the fourth in the entire world opened by the tyre giant, following stores in Monte Carlo, Munich, and Los Angeles.

A brand new “tyre boutique”

Pirelli has described the concept of the P Zero World store as a “tyre boutique”. It will be somewhere those with the most exotic cars in the world can access the brand’s premium services and products.

The P Zero World store is the only place customers will be able to browse the whole range of Pirelli’s world-class tyres, including the serious performance-enabling P Zero Trofeo R. Classic car lovers will also find specialist tyres, such as the Pirelli Collezione – melding modern tyre functionality with classic looks.

P Zero World is not just for car lovers, though – motorbike tyres, Velo tyres, and a range of Pirelli branded merchandise are also available. Dubai was chosen by Pirelli for the site of its exclusive store because of the passionate car culture.

The store itself

Comprising the store itself and an attached workshop, P Zero World is spread over six hundred square meters. It’s staffed by two salespeople, a receptionist, and five workshop technicians.

In the workshop, four ramps are present which are dedicated to quickly and efficiently fitting, repairing, and replacing customer tyres. It’s complete with laser wheel alignment technology, automatic tyre-mounting and balancing machines.

If you’re a lover of performance or classic cars, you need to have the tyres to match the vehicle. Pirelli are providing rubber for some of the world’s most incredible vehicles, and now you can try them for yourself to see why they’re so highly regarded.

Browse the entire range of Pirelli tyres today at P Zero World, Dubai.

RTA offering mobile renewal services for used car owners

In positive car news for UAE drivers who need to renew their vehicle’s registration or their driving licence, a Customer Happiness Centre on Wheels may be coming your way.

The initiative has been instigated by the RTA (Road Transport Authority) and consists of a smart bus, which from January 1st to 10th was situated on Al Khawaneej’s last exit. In the bus, you will find a number of useful services such as vehicle reg, licence renewal, and parking cards.

Making life easier

The plan is for the bus to be in service for ten days out of every month, from 4-11pm, travelling throughout different regions in Dubai. Keep an eye on the RTA website and social media platforms to see when the bus is coming near you.

The idea behind the scheme is to make services related to vehicle ownership that little bit more convenient for communities and groups. For example, senior citizens, who may have found other renewal methods to be confusing or impractical.

The bus contains self-service machines to guide users through the process of renewing their driver’s licence or vehicle registration. There will be help and guidance available from employees on the bus, for anyone having difficulty or requiring help.

The Smart City initiative

The service forms a part of Dubai’s Smart City initiative, which seeks to take a proactive approach to making essential services more convenient for UAE residents.

The initiative is already in place, for example, there are Smart kiosks available in the Dubai Smart Police Station which offers its services around the clock. Dealing with people on the phone can be difficult and time-consuming, the transition to more Smart options for essential services both saves time and increases convenience.

The goal is to make it as easy and intuitive as possible to make sure drivers and their vehicles are kept properly licensed and registered. The systems have been designed to be as easy as possible to use, so should provide no barrier to users of any age.

Look out for the RTA bus in your local area, to renew your driver’s license or vehicle registration.