Hyundai Casper

Hyundai Casper: Legend Beyond Autos’ Design

One of the most interesting autos that represent the legend beyond autos’ design is Hyundai Casper. This auto has a very unique design which is represent on the following. Firstly, from the front side, the car looks like it has a double headlight system. But on fact it is not. On fact it has only one light system but above the main headlights there is another one. These lights are just artificial. Furthermore, there are other additional small holes, but they are just used for submitting additional air to the system.

A Unique Design Hyundai Casper interior

Another interesting fact about this car’s design is that the handle of the back door is hidden. Therefore, the car looks like it has only one front door. The system of stop light is totally different. Of course, the stop lights are located at the middle of the back. However, there are other lights at the bottom. When you open the back door the middle lighting stops, transferred to the bottom lights. There is a grid-like shape at the back of the car and the logo is present in between. There is enough space in the front part of the car and between the seats as well. So, you can easily move form one side to another. The flexibility of the seats of this car is perfect.

Passengers can move all seats flexibly. Referring to spacing, there is a very huge space in the car. Once again you can fold all seats, so that you gain more space. The maximum load of the car is 75 kilograms. In addition, you can carry some luggage on the roof. Hyundai Casper a petrol engine which is 999. Furthermore, it is available with manual transmission. The seating capacity is certainly five passengers maximum.

Car Star Light Ceiling

Car’s Star Light Ceiling

What’s new in the cars’ world is star light ceiling. The world of cars is a world that is renewed at high speed. So, the latest developments in the world of cars are the star ceiling lights. There are lots of cars that have a high quality of luxury and modernity in technology. The roof is illuminated with beautiful and geometric shapes. However, the light reflected only through the projector. It is a small device that installed anywhere in the interior of the car. For example, you can attach to the front interior mirror or to the side seat belt anchor.

Simplicity of Installation Car’s Star Light Ceiling rolls royce

After installing the projector on the side, connect the wires. Accordingly, they will supply the projector with electricity. The strength of the lighting depends on the position of the projector. The closer it is to the ceiling, the stronger the lighting will be, and vice versa.  However, you should place it in a place that does not block the lighting from the projector. And then the light bulbs installed on the ceiling individually. However, there are two ways to reflect the lighting on the ceiling. The first is by reflecting the lighting directly on the ceiling. In this case, you do not need to install light bulbs. Then it scatters on the ceiling, and this is the simple way.

With reference to the simple installation method I mentioned, there is no need for an installer. But the second method is very complicated and requires an installation technician. In addition, it takes a long time. Not only that, but the light bulbs must be installed on the ceiling very carefully, or else the ceiling itself will be damaged. One of the disadvantages of this method is that any malfunction cannot repair any malfunction.

Maserati MC20

Maserati MC20: Ultimate Luxury

The Italian Maserati presents a new masterpiece MC20, which is characterized by ultimate luxury and modern design. And beyond any doubt, this car will restore the Italian company’s position to its first biography. Furthermore, it will storm car showrooms with very large purchase rates. This is due to what the Italian company adopted by combining modernity, luxury and absolute efficiency. In addition, the wonderful design touches that characterize the Italian brand Maserati.

The Design Maserati MC20 interior

Quoting this Italian company, the Maserati MC20 designed with three basic elements. They are: elegance, sportiness and luxury. The apparent elegance of the car reflected in the details. To clarify more, it is present on the side lines and the modernity of the interior and exterior designs. The exterior structure of the car has been designed in harmony with the mechanical performance to raise the efficiency. Efficiency is an essential element that distinguishes this car. Moreover, the car characterized by a long-streamlined shape that contains several ventilation holes. Despite the modern design of the car, it preserves the identity of the Italian manufacturer. This is evident in the front design, which includes diamond lights retracted. The ventilation holes are large and low to the bottom.

The rear design has almost the same shape as the front with some differences. In terms of ventilation, the three vents placed not in the front of the car, but in the rear part of it. One of the most important things in the design of this car is the so-called aerodynamics. To clarify more, it means that every piece in the exterior body of the car has a purpose. Specifications: Twin turbocharged V6 engine with fuel injectors, 220 kg engine weight, 463 kW, 7500 rpm. The torque is 730 meters and 3000 -5500 revolutions per minute.

Mclaren Elva

McLaren Elva: the Ultimate Speed Auto

One of the modern super sports cars is the McLaren Elva. The car built from the most powerful gasoline-powered machine on earth. It is a very expensive car if compared to all its counterparts. The price of a single McLaren Elva may be equal five times the other autos. However, this high price is due to the fact that the car made of an eight-cylinder. In addition, it has twenty-turbo machine. Therefore, this super power in the machine enables the car to get very high speeds. It also has an explosive launch that characterizes the McLaren Elva. Despite all this, the machine runs on gasoline without any additives. This is the most powerful machine in McLaren’s history after the Swipe Tail.

Modern Design McLaren Elva interior

The McLaren Elva is designed to be a youthful sports car with a distinctive and unique look. There are two exhaust pipes in the rear of the car on a parallel line. Furthermore, they surrounded by mesh-shaped ventilation slots. Not only that, but there are two other exhaust pipes located at the middle of the previous two. This means that the number of exhaust pipes on the car is four. Each of these exhaust pipes produce completely different sounds, but they are very highly harmonious. The manufacturer manufactured all of the car’s body from carbon fibre. This mineral is known to everyone for its strength and lightness.

In addition, the entire car body consists of only three matched pieces. One of the most amazing things is that the car has neither a windshield nor a rear windshield. And by highlighting the doors, they open to the top and close only to the bottom. Specifications: A 4.0-liter V8 turbocharged engine with 804 hp and 800 Nm torque and a seven-speed automatic transmission.

Polestar 2: Electric Multi-purpose Vehicle

Polestar 2 is a compact sedan and a multi-purpose vehicle. This car manufactured and designed by the Swedish company. It takes into account many factors that countries need in the car system, which has various differences. The manufacturers used in this car two electric systems. Furthermore, they provide the car with 402 horsepower and 660 torque. On the other hand, the Polestar 2 has a very powerful battery with a capacity of 78 kW. This enables it to reach 500 km. This large capacity enables the car to cross many kilometres that need days to travel. Moreover, there is a very excellent technology that reflects the advanced technology.

Interior and Exterior Design of Polestar 2

The Polestar 2 is designed in the style of high-end sedans. The front end of the car looks as normal as other sedans. However, it is different. The exterior design of the car is simple, but the front side has a camera and radar. Not only that, but there are sensors that provide the car’s interior system. This assists in collecting lot of very important information to improve the efficiency of enhance safe driving.

Other Features

There is no doubt that the Polestar 2 is a strong competitor to the ideal car Tesla. But what distinguishes the Polestar 2 is that the body of the car built on the XC40 chassis. This body-frame gives the car more height than its counterpart. The angularities on the sides of the car are very clear, adding to its beauty. Another advantage is that there is a large screen for entertainment and maps. This screen equipped with the Android system, and information can be obtained only by voice. The screen displays the necessary map, as soon as, the driver mentions where s/he wants to reach.

Cadillac Lyriq: Contemporary Car and Modernity

Cadillac Lyriq is a contemporary and modern car that changed the world so much. Cadillac Lyriq is not different from other cars in terms of engine quality. However, it has a design of a very high level of modernity and future. For example, when the driver runs the engine, the manufacturer’s mark appears on the steering wheel. Surprisingly, this is not engraved. Another example, at the same time as the synchronization of operation, shows a moving light on the front grids. Furthermore, this is another sign of luxury and is not found in other cars.


The Cadillac has not had a clear identity in recent years, but the company worked hard to do so. The Cadillac is a modern-design crossover that is more luxurious than any of its counterparts. In addition to the main lights on the sides of the car, distinctive LED vertical lights are there. This feature is striking and it makes the car appeal to everyone who sees it. The backlight is also very excellent as there are vertical lights that determine the width. In addition, the wholistic back design consists of two vertical and horizontal.

This multi-purpose car used for a lot of tasks that require very high readiness. In addition, the car features a sporty view and rear-wing built into the rear glass. This reflects the luxury of the car. The manufacturer used the base of visual deception in the car. For instance, when you look at the car it looks like it is high, but it is not.  Actually, it is a low car like other SU-V cars. However, the use of black paint played the role of visual deception. The car is 500 kilometer if fully charged.   You can choose either rear or four-wheel drive, automatic.

Forged Wheels: A Controversy

One of the controversial things is the Forged Wheels. Forged Wheels appear with the inadvertence of the manufacturer owning the intellectual property. This results in many obstacles for each of the three parties. First, for the manufacturer, which has the right to manufacture and develop. This constitutes a major obstacle to its input. For example, if this company sells 10,000 thousand tires on a weekly basis, this can become halved. Not only that, but more importantly, the reputation of that company will become affected. This results in the loss of all that the company earned during its career in tire manufacturing.

Dilemmas of Fake Tyres

Secondly, buying a fake tire for the value of an original tire is deceiving. The buyer may also expose the car to severe problems that have unimaginable consequences. There are many problems associated with fake tires. For example, the shiny silver color of the outer tire fades after a few days. Furthermore, the tire exposed to air pressure and water after washing. So, when the tire subjected to a slight impact, it will buckle. It will become very difficult to return it again. Also, air can leak from time to time and this is an annoying problem for the driver because s/he needs to supply the tire with air all the time.

One Piece, Two Pieces, Three Pieces

There are lots of tires that consist of different parts like two or three pieces that assembled together. These types of tires are undesirable because the entire movement-centre focused on these tires. As soon as the movement increases or crashes into an object, these pieces suddenly loosen. And this poses great danger. Moreover, tires that are made of two or three pieces are easy to forge. All in all, select your cars’ wheels carefully.

2021 GMC 3500HD Denali: Luxurious Truck

One of the luxurious heavy trucks is 2021 GMC 3500HD Denali. The external shape of this auto is aggressive. In the front, there are three grids. The first one which located at the top of the front parts is rather small. There is another one with the same shape located at the button of the front part. At the middle, there a large grid which its function is to cool the whole engine. The logo of the car located almost at the middle of this grid. The overall shape of the front part is harmonious and elegant enough.

Interior and Exterior of GMC 3500HD Denali

So far, the previous mention information relates to the exterior. In this part, the concentration will be on the interior parts of this auto. First of all, the back of the car has a perfect design and it is blackish. When you open the back door, there is a space for seating, when you park the car. Of course, the load that this auto can bear is to much, i.e., 375 pounds. The seats of the car are perfect made of water-proof plastic. However, there are some parts which made of leather that provide the car with elegant shape.

Specifications and Amusing Features

The specifications will be mentioned latter. So first, one of the amusing features is the storage. This storage located under the seats. So, drivers can just fold up the back seats to store their items. Furthermore, there is a place when you fold the back seats for cups holders and food. The engine is 6.6L V8-Gas, seating capacity 5, transmission 6 speed automatic. The drivetrain of the car is 4-wheel drive. To put it in a nutshell, 2021 GMC  3500HD Denali is a luxurious well-designed auto.

Cadillac Le Mans 2023: Hybrid Auto

The hybrid auto Cadillac will get involved in a very tough race. This race is the 24 Hours Le Man in 2023. The type of the race is LMDh. The main aim of this is that the American automaker wants to show up its new prototype. So, one of the ways to show up the power of an auto manufacturer is through race. Therefore, this American automaker will do so to really reveal to the world how powerful it is.

The Exterior of Cadillac: Hybrid Auto

This car is a very elegant and interesting car which the striking majority of auto fans admire. Since it is a racing car Cadillac has a triangular shape for the front. Furthermore, the company made up all parts of the auto from a refined metal. The main color is black which is a preferable color for the striking majority of auto-fans. On the other hand, the center of the car made of fine-glass. This functions as a protective layer, as well as, enables clear vision. In addition to these, Cadillac has a well-known perfected reputation as a result of continuous hard work. Of course, the company utilizes a very high technology to provide users with good experience.

A Gigantic Leap

Cadillac and the rest of other auto-manufacturers do have a very long history of competition. However, this seems to be the turn of Cadillac to take the lead through various competitions. To do so, it should exert lot of effort. Another important point which adds up the seriousness of this competition is the Peugeot presence. It is crystal clear that the more competitive autos join up the race the harder it gets to win. Anyhow, Cadillac will probably entertain the striking majority of auto fans with no grain of doubt.

Rim-guard Wheel Lock: The Ultimate Solution

Rim-guard wheel lock is the ultimate solution for wheels theft. For ages, wheels-thieves do easily loosen wheels from autos and take advantage of them. This wicked process does not exceed couples of minutes for accomplishing it. During the recent previous time, autos wheels turn to have a very soaring price. Accordingly, they attract the interest of many thieves to easily earn money in couples of minutes. In fact, this is very annoying because it ruins the owner of the car and delay him/her. Therefore, there should be an ultimate solution.

The Ultimate Solution

One of the ultimate solutions for wheels theft is Rim-guard wheels. This naming is explanatory.  Around the world, auto companies started to tackle this problem in many different ways. However, all of these solutions are not that kind of perfect. Wheels-thieves still find out some elusive ways to steal them. Therefore, this company manufactured this auto wheel to prevent a such kind of theft. The reason behind the easiness of wheel thefts is that the bolts are out. Therefore, it is very easy for thieves to just use spanners to unlock them.

How Does Rimguard Wheels Work?

Thieves easily find the bolts sticking out and accordingly unassemble them. One of the best solutions is to put the bolts of the wheels in hide. This is absolutely what Rimguard company did. Easily, the designers place the headings of the bolts in the posterior position of the wheel. Furthermore, they put a covering for them supported with a lock. However, the lock has a key of which the owner of the car can control it. In this case, thieves will not be able to commit this theft. All in all, Rimguard is the best and the ultimate solution to stick to.