2021 GMC 3500HD Denali: Luxurious Truck

One of the luxurious heavy trucks is 2021 GMC 3500HD Denali. The external shape of this auto is aggressive. In the front, there are three grids. The first one which located at the top of the front parts is rather small. There is another one with the same shape located at the button of the front part. At the middle, there a large grid which its function is to cool the whole engine. The logo of the car located almost at the middle of this grid. The overall shape of the front part is harmonious and elegant enough.

Interior and Exterior of GMC 3500HD Denali

So far, the previous mention information relates to the exterior. In this part, the concentration will be on the interior parts of this auto. First of all, the back of the car has a perfect design and it is blackish. When you open the back door, there is a space for seating, when you park the car. Of course, the load that this auto can bear is to much, i.e., 375 pounds. The seats of the car are perfect made of water-proof plastic. However, there are some parts which made of leather that provide the car with elegant shape.

Specifications and Amusing Features

The specifications will be mentioned latter. So first, one of the amusing features is the storage. This storage located under the seats. So, drivers can just fold up the back seats to store their items. Furthermore, there is a place when you fold the back seats for cups holders and food. The engine is 6.6L V8-Gas, seating capacity 5, transmission 6 speed automatic. The drivetrain of the car is 4-wheel drive. To put it in a nutshell, 2021 GMC  3500HD Denali is a luxurious well-designed auto.