2024 Kia EV5 Electric SUV

For a long time now. EV juggernauts like Tesla and BYD have been dominating the market. On the onslaught of EV growth, mainstream manufacturers are jumping into this bandwagon too. We have seen Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, Kia and many more mainstream manufacturers diving into this head first as well. We recently saw Kia EV9 getting unveiled which will be Kia’s flagship EV. Kia seems to be aggressively expanding its EV envelope to include an extensive lineup. Result of which is the Kia EV5 concept SUV, unveiled on Chinese EV day. It has debuted in its design form and looking at it. we can’t help but wonder. whether this will be the electrified Carens that India gets.

  • Let’s take a look at why.

2024 Kia EV5 Electric SUVThe 2024 Kia EV5

The 2024 Kia EV5 has been revealed in concept form overnight. with a striking resemblance to the Kia EV9 full-size seven-seat family SUV unveiled last week. Kia showed the Concept EV5 at a Chinese electric-car event and announced it will be the next model to join its battery-powered range.

As with the Kia EV9 – which was first shown as a concept in late 2021 and unveiled in production guise earlier this month – the Kia EV5 is expected to carry much of its exterior design through to production.
The concept car’s interior – which has a minimalistic design with neutral earthy tones and materials – is thought to be more of a design study than an accurate indication of what buyers can expect in showrooms later this year.

The company says the concept’s cabin has been created from materials including seaweed extract and upcycled plastic bottles. with the space designed to blur the lines between inside and outside environments. The images released by Kia of the concept don’t reveal the EV5’s exact size.

While it appears to be a scaled-down version of the EV9. the EV5 model name suggests it will be smaller than the EV6 – possibly sharing similar dimensions with the Kia Sportage.

Front seats swivel and face the rear. creating a lounge area for four people. Behind second-row chairs, there is a table and rear-facing bench seats too. In crevices for cup holders for the third row. we have a literal plant as well. It is an EV concept. why not? Interiors feature sustainable and recycled materials, to boast their eco credentials.

2024 Kia EV5 Electric SUVSimilarities With Carens

Similarities With Carens In terms of dimensions. 2024 Kia EV5 concept is likely to be smaller than EV6. The latter is 4695 mm in length and we would wager Kia EV5 to measure around 4600 mm. This is very close to Carens with around just a 50 mm difference. One look at both Kia EV5 concept and Carens from the side. and what we are saying starts making sense. Both feature an almost identical side profile with a mostly similar window area as well. Even belt line for both matches in its approach. Kia has not revealed specifications of EV5. So, there is a grey area regarding battery capacity and motor specifications. One can say that around 60 kWh of battery with 400 km of range from a single motor layout is possible.

Kia unveiled the EV5 design concept on Chinese EV day. So, it is evident that this will cater to the Chinese market first and maybe even launch later in markets like Russia. India and the ASEAN region.