2024 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid

One of the interesting feature of 2024 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid is its Nightshade package. The Japanese firm aims at capturing youngsters attention and interest. The fascinating model 2024 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid is back again after the company announced it in the previous year. However, this time it came with a novice feature that is Nightshade package.  On another antecedent the company announced that this auto will enjoy some privilege with SE. This is a new tiny hybrid auto version which has the color of absolute black. On the other hand, in the two lineup this version has bi-color. There are some similarities between Corolla sedan the hatchback. However, they are not typically identical, but the resemble each other. The company shared some of the specifications between the two versions.

Characteristics of Corolla

The blackish color is the most prevailing. It is prevailing in the following parts: back bumper, front grille, logos and the covering of the side mirrors. Not only these, but the spoiler and all exterior lights are in black color. The dominant use of black provides the car with a kind of harmony within most of its parts. The designers exchanged the bronze wheels of the previous make with black ones. However, they are 18-inch sporty wheels. For more than five times the black color mentioned. This time it relates to the roof in addition to the use of charcoal black. One of the design features in these two versions: sedan and the hatchback there is color oneness. One of the interesting features is that there is rearview mirror which is frameless. There are: wireless charging pad and soft-texture floor mats. Shading the light on price, still the company unveiled the price for some privacy reasons. Both: hybrid and non-hybrid version will have the design of Nightshade.