A leading Chinese Automobile: Chery

Chery is one of the leading Chinese automobile manufacturer. It earned many rewards, such as, Best Chinese Brand Award in J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Study (IQS). This success will which motivate it to exert more effort to produce high-quality autos. Most importantly, this will satisfy customers requirement.  In the Chinese auto market this auto regarded as one of the autos that achieved the IQS. There are some models like Chery-Arrizo five , Tiggo-Four Pro and Chery-Tiggo 5X sneaked to international market. They crept up the ladder of success and achieved high ranks. One of the autos world leader who issued IOS is J.D. Power. In addition, he is one of the most prominent global references in the field of automotive. When the focus shaded on 48 companies a study showed two hundred eighteen faults. They used the metric number faults in one hundred.

Unexpected Success

In one of the unprecedented event Chery’s Tiggo Seven Series and Tiggo Eight won much success spots. They represent the midsized economical SUVs genre. However, this success does not happen because the company undoubtedly exerted much effort in rejuvenating its manufacturing.  One of the makes that took lead in classic mid-sized sedan market is Chery Arrizo 5 Plus. On the other hand, when dependability concerned Chery Tiggo 3X shows up in the top of the list. It represents small SUVs genre. The reason behind this success is that the company puts quality as a main cornerstone of its four pillars. So, this integrated quality management will assure high quality production of outstanding autos. in addition the company integrated an additional management system which is Five Plus One quality management. This system meets environmental demands. Another main pillar for that company is commitment to the brand. They do care more about what ever brand they make and keep it developed.