3 Toughest Cars in UAE

UAE is home to Dubai, the world’s most luxurious city. However, it is also a country of extreme temperatures, variable landscapes and unpredictable driving conditions. If you plan on driving between cities or truly exploring UAE, you’ll need a car that’s tough enough to cope with the nation’s less hospitable stretches of road.

Here at Simple Car Buyers, we’ve decided to help you choose one. We’ve created a list of three of the toughest luxury cars in the world. Any one of these vehicles would be perfect for tackling unforgiving, long-distance trips in UEA.

  1. The Volvo XC90

VOLVO XC 90The Volvo XC90 is one of the Swedish manufacturer’s finest creations. It effortlessly combines understated luxury with unimpeachable sturdiness. This capacious SUV is designed to deal easily with any road. It can also cope with the high temperatures associated with UAE and other punishing driving conditions.

It even boasts horsepower of over 300bhp and excellent torque. Despite it’s size, you won’t feel like you’re driving a slow and unwieldy behemoth – in fact, the car will surprise you with its nimbleness and agility.



  1. The Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Mercedes G ClassThe G-Class is simply one of the toughest cars ever built by Mercedes. With the G-Class, the luxury manufacturer has created a huge, spacious and almost indestructible one of a kind vehicle. The G-Class offers drivers top-notch off-road capabilities along with a sturdy on-road driving experience.

Even the most unlikely and challenging driving conditions won’t phase this superlative 4×4. With a horsepower of 563bhp, it’s even more powerful than the Volvo XC90 (though it does come with a higher price tag).



  1. The BMW 7 Series Saloon

BMW 7 SeriesIf you’re not a fan of big, bulky cars, you could always opt a sleek BMW 7 Series Saloon instead. While these vehicles don’t offer off-road capabilities or the ability to drive over any surface, they are incredibly resilient thanks to BMW’s unparalleled commitment to high-quality engineering. A Series 7 Saloon will tolerate extremes of temperature and poor driving conditions admirably.

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