38-Dubai-Racing-Team: Kartdrome – 24 Hours Endurance

Kartdrome the 24 hours endurance race involves 38-Dubai-Racing-Team competing to win autos’ race crowing. It relates to Dubai Kartdrome Championship. The tournament held in two days of the month of December 10 and 11. This weekend used to hold this race, which requires the participants to endure 24 hours. Furthermore, these 24 hours involves intense racing, and endurance of a lot of hardships. Interestingly, this race includes thousands of car racing fans looking forward to watching. This is the final round in this race and this championship sponsored by AR Motors. This race represents the most important calendar in the region in motorsports. It is worth noting that 150 participants will aspire to win the title in this race. Moreover, the total number of these contestants is 38 teams, fully prepared to participate in the tournament. This makes the competition very strong.

Dubai-Racing-Team: KartdromeLots of Benefits

Among the many benefits offered by this race is the opportunity for both local and international drivers. This opportunity enables them to meet various nationalities and ethnicities to participate. Above all, they will test their abilities, and compete in global competitions that include many international drivers. Openness to a hybrid world is another advantage the local contestant will reap. This hybrid world distinguished by cosmopolitan atmosphere. Creating such a competitive atmosphere helps an ideal environment for preparing and qualifying local racing teams.

To add more, it will enable them to practice racing in a global environment. This helps them to run in many international competitions and bring many cups to the Emirates in the near future. Not only that, this allows the UAE in the near future to host more global car racing championships, just as Qatar had the opportunity to host the 2022 World Cup for motor racing.