80%: UAE Electric Autos Boom

UAE Electric Autos Boomed by 80% in this year. There is a database of global car companies certainly. Precisely, this firm estimates the number of electric cars in the Emirates at about eleven thousand cars. This distinguished number is the highest percentage of electric cars in the Middle East. Definitely, the UAE Electric Autos determined to attract proactive development in many technical fields, including electric cars. Jose Pontes confirmed the existence of this number of electric cars in the United Arab Emirates. Most importantly, he is the main analyst of sales data for the company, made Sweden its headquarters. Pontis explained that approximately 1,650 electric cars sold during the first half of this year. It is important that the company Tesla accounted for about half of the total sales. This, in return, reflects the superiority of the global company Tesla in manufacturing and selling electric cars. Tesla was not the only company that sells electric cars. Rather, it competes with the German company, which has long experience in the field of cars-manufacturing. BMW comes in third place, which is a well-known company.

Green Shipper Initiative, UAE


Daiwa is the National Electricity and Water Authority. This firm revealed that the UAE witnessed an unprecedented increase. This boost is in the number of electric cars starting from the year 2015 until this year. One of the things that indicates this unprecedented increase is the increase in the number of people registration. They register for the Green Charger Initiative for electric vehicles number. As a result, the registration increased from only fourteen registered people in 2015 to an estimated eleven thousand. Therefore, Daiwa intends to increase the number in the Emirates. This initiative launched by the National Water and Electricity Authority Daiwa. All in all, this boost is overwhelming in comparison to the past.