A Dangerous Flammable Auto!

In some countries, the habit of hijacking people from cars become excessive. In order to combat this issue an excellent car designer invented a device that produces flame on both sides of the auto. This will compel the attacker to withdraw back and hopefully scape! Sometimes, thieves fail in opening car’s doors. Therefore, they wait until the driver opens the car’s door then they attack him/her.



Igniting Flame

There is a key fixed on the dashboard, when you turn it on, it lights red. This means that the device is active. Once you press the button, gas pours out through some holes at the edge of both sides of front doors. You may think that this could be dangerous for the car itself. On fact, that is not true. The flame sticks out for some seconds, and it then calms down. It does not burn the car or make any black spots on the paint.







An Alarming Sound vs. Ignite Flame

Which one is better, to get an alarming sound about a coming danger or to get a swift effective protection? Each one has its own suitable time. An alarming sound will stop the thief and compels him/her to run away.  On the other hand, the ignite flame is a perfect protection for you and your car. because you get a swift protection. However, the flame could be very harmful for the thief. Anyhow, your protection is first and foremost.


There are lots of anti-theft devices that motorists can use, but each one has its own function. I think that in a place where crimes are common, this antitheft device is a suitable option.