Cars Protection For & Against Motorists

So far, cars owners have suffered a lot from the so-called cars theft. But as problems and solutions always go hand on hand, there are lots of suggestions. In the previous blog, I have mentioned one of the ways for protecting cars from theft: flame. In this blog, I will mention another way for doing so.



Tyres Lock

There are lot of ways for protecting cars against theft, but the ideal way seems to be the tyres lock. It secures your car a lot and prevent thieves from stealing it. However, if you are staying for a short period of time, you can use the center lock. On the other hand, if you are staying for a quiet long period of time, the tyres lock is a perfect option for you.







Tyres Lock Acts Against Motorists

Tyres lock can be used against motorists who are parking illegally. When police spot a motorist, who is parking illegally, s/he will put tyres lock upon the tyres. This will compel the driver to wait until the police comes or to call them. In order to remove the lock, you have to call the police, then pay the fees. The problem is that you will waste a lot of time.

Ideal Solution

To prevent motorists from driving by a tyres lock is not an ideal way for punishing them for illegal parking. Because of the fact that they may be in hurry to do something urgent. This thing may be related to hospitals or to a dateline. I think the better way is to issue them a fine when they come to renew their license.