A gorgeous Mercedes Wagon

As far as Mercedes autos are concerned, nobody can deny their strength and luxury. In this blog, I am going to explore a Mercedes auto that astonished the whole world. One of the golden secrets that makes German motors highly demanded worldwide is their strength and luxury. These two characteristics are top priority for all German manufactured autos. However, only one German auto encountered some engine problems; Ford. Few years later the problem disappeared and the reputation of German cars showed off again at different scenes.

Exterior of Star Trooper

Referring the exterior of this gorgeous car it does not look like Maybach, it similar to Mercedes A Class Sedan. It has four doors which have distinguished stairs. Before the driver or the passenger rides the car, the stairs comes down. This feature is not present at many other autos. There are different lights: the front, back and decoration ones. The decoration lamps are at the top of the front glass. With reference to the window, there are three windows at each side of that auto. The two rear ones are not movable, they standstill. One last feather related to Star Trooper is that it has the spare wheel located at its back. A perfect advantage for this is that the wheel will not take any space from the boot of the car.



Looking at the inner part of this gorgeous auto, everything is so relaxing. The internal coverage of the car’s seats is pure leather. Not only this, but the internal parts of the doors and the dashboard covered by leather as well. To distribute the air in a perfect way, the wholes of the air condition are located at different places on the dashboard. There are two tablets at the back of both passenger seats for watching videos or playing games. Moreover, when you get into the car you feel that you are at home. To put it in a nutshell, Mercedes Trooper is so gorgeous.