ABS System for Preventing Cars Accidents

The main function of this system is to prevent accidents. The proficiency of cars’ braking system is not enough for higher level of performance on roads. Not only this, but the most problematic issue is slippery roads or when rain falls. In order to combat this issue, there should be a perfect braking system installed into cars’ engines. These systems will perform better by disabling the motion of the car from the engine itself. The proper steering of cars depends mainly on the quality of the ABS used in that car.

How does the ABS work?

The brake desk placed next to the brake pedal. When you press the brake pedal the desk will be activated. This activation prevents the rotation of the wheel. When the wheels stop, this causes slippage and compels the wheels’ rotation immediately. The whole mechanism of the car depends on wheel’s rotation. As you speed up the wheels try to avoid slipping on roads. This means that the contact point between the wheels and the road is almost zero.

Translational & Rotational Velocities

The wheels of the cars have two kinds of motion: translational and rotational. They rotate on their ax and at the direction of the car, i.e. forward. When the car speeds up these motions become at zero level. In order to avoid slipping on the road; all wheels should rotate at the same time. When all wheels rotate at the same time, the auto will have lots of control when stopping. In conclusion, the ABS system is a one of the perfect ways to enhance cars’ braking system.