Audi s5 coupe: Sporty Sedan Performance

If you seek for sporty sedan performance; you are seeking for Audi s5 coupe then. This car combines between sporty autos performance and luxury in one package. However, it is an iconic auto brand the never exists before. In addition, Audi s5 coupe has some shopping style that many other autos do lack. Furthermore, the shape of the car is so glamorous. Shedding the light on the headlights they are very unique. They have a silver background with lots of flashing lights which attract the attention. Moreover, they provide the car with a very decorative shape that does not exist in many other cars.

Audi s5 coupe: Exterior

Starting with the exterior of Audi s5 coupe it has perfect angularities. The beginning of the car and the end include the logo of the auto. The logo of the company is very interesting, it has the shape of alternating circles. On the other hand, the front of the car looks like a shark. This natural shape provides the car with a glamorous appearance. There are two air ventilations wholes both located at the sides of the auto. They help the car in gaining lots of air for improving ventilation. Furthermore, they have another function; the decorate the auto.

Interior and Design

The interior of Audi s5 Coupe is very fascinating. Before shedding the light on the interior there is an important point. The wheels of the car are large in size. However, they are tube-less which means providing the car with more safety. If any of the tyres flatten out of a sudden, it will not affect more in the car. The interior is made out of leather. The company applied this not only in the seats but the roof and the wholistic glamorous design.