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BMW M4 New Generation

The design of the new BMW M4 new generation sparked widespread controversy among car enthusiasts. This absolutely amazing car has a very strange design that will amaze the eyes. Furthermore, there was no a previous design preceded this one. This includes both the interior and exterior of the new generation BMW M4. The car contains […]

Top 10 best selling used cars in Dubai

According to recent research, Dubai has one of the highest ratios of residents to cars, in the world. Just to put things into perspective, there is one car for every two Dubai residents. This means there are estimated to be on average over 1,600 cars sold in Dubai every day. SimplyCarBuyers.com, being one of the […]

The most Fuel-efficient Crossover

In the beginning, crossovers are sports cars that have the ability to perform multiple tasks. This type of car also called SC an acronym for the following English words: Sport Utility Vehicle. The advantage of low fuel consumption is that crossovers are lighter than their counterparts. Therefore, this characteristic is not only reflected in the […]

Electric Vehicles Platform: Ford Specific Transmission

One of the best cars that dominates the electric car showrooms is the German-made Ford. This car considered one of the masterpieces of German companies in the world. Moreover, the car characterized by a price in the average world car prices. In addition, there is an advantage of using it for multiple purposes. Of great […]