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Biometric Vehicle Access: Autos Novice Innovation

There is a novice autos’ innovation named Biometric Vehicle Access. This kind of novice access says goodbye to traditional auto-lock. The main reason of the new development is to provide more safety and security for autos. How does that system work? It is simple, when the driver arrives near the car, it switches automatically. To […]

Autos Up-to-date Technology: Active Window

Autos world witness up-to-date new technologies such as Active Window Displays. This tech enables the driver to project distances that a head of him/her. However, this is the best way for displaying information without distracting drivers. In the past, there was a screen attached to the dashboard which presents information to the motorist. However, this […]

A Wide Array of Autos Technologies

Autos have a wide array of technologies that motorists can use to enjoy luxurious life. In the past, I was like a dream to formulate self-driving cars. However, with the brilliant auto makers and well-educated scientists, it became possible. One of the obstacles that faced auto maker is that any country has its own traffic […]

Be Aware of Infectious Car Parts

Any motorist should be aware of the infectious parts of cars. These infectious spots include interior and exterior ones. This awareness is very crucial, because it will help drivers to use a sanitizer when touching such areas. However, the best way to keep yourself safe is by staying at home. In the contrary, there are […]

Autos’ Interior Parts for Disinfection

There are many autos’ interior parts that drivers should disinfect. So far, we discussed, in general, the importance of keeping safety distance to prevent transmission of Covid19.  The main parts which are used while driving are the most infectious parts. They are five: the steering wheel, the klatch, the brake the accelerator and the gearstick. […]

Autos New Inventions Hits The World

There is a wide array of autos new inventions that hit the world every month. This reached the extent that some motorists are unable to cope with these novice inventions. In this blog, we are going to explore these recent autos’ technology. To start with, World of technologies are very important aspect of modern societies. […]

Ramadan Car Offer For 2020 In Dubai, UAE

No doubt that during the holy month of Ramadan great deal of offers are made by companies and car dealers. It is the best time of the year to own a car. Therefore, do not dismiss these golden offers for owning a car for a very low price or through instalments. In the following posts […]

Up-to-date Autos’ Innovations for Drivers

There are many up-to-date autos’ innovations for drivers to enjoy. One of these innovations is the Sealey Dent Puller. The Sealey dent puller is a very simple device used to get rid of miner dents on cars’ body. In many minor accidents, there is no need to carry out lots car’s body maintenance. Drivers themselves […]