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Dreadful Cars Accidents

During the previous decade the world suffered a lot from cars accidents. From time to time, the number fluctuates rising up and coming down again dramatically. Although many people die because of different reasons, but cars accidents are regarded as the main reason. In order to combat this complex issue, traffic authorities worked very hard […]

Luxurious Safe Seats

So far, we talked about cars safety, i.e. how can you protect your car against theft.  However, in this blog we will talk about child safety on cars. For ages, children are taken on car sitting on ordinary seats, the one that adults use. Surely, this will put them at a state of risk. Contrary […]

Classic Cars: BRONCO

After so many years Ford is bringing back a legendary 4 by 4 auto which would absolutely refurbish Ford’s reputation. Believe it or not there were so many rumors spread worldwide about Ford autos in general. However, during the past years Ford cars company worked very hard to refurbish its reputation. Anyway, the launch of […]

It’s More Complex Than Global Warming

The world has suffered a lot from the so-called global warming in the previous recent years. However, what so many people do not know and which is the reason of global waring is complex traffic jams. There are more reasons for both of these problems because of the fact that they are tangled to each […]

Solar-Powered Cars

So far, car manufacturers concentrated on designing a car which is zero Carbone dioxide emission. As a result, electric autos found their ways to global markets. However, the journey is still so far. Although electric autos are zero Carbone dioxide emission, they are very costive. Charging of their battery costs nearly the same cost of […]

Mercedes Brabus 2020

It is very difficult to put the description of this luxurious auto into words. For so long German autos with all models and marks are well known worldwide of being ultimate. Being painted in dark black, Mercedes Brabus captures the sight of anyone. Looking at it you will be astonished about it magic. Whenever it […]

BMW 2020 Ideal Midsize Sedan

German cars are known worldwide of being stylish and strong. However, whenever a new model appears, it tarnishes the picture of the other previous model. The previous models will not lose their reputation because of the new models. But the new models will take some distinguishing features that make them outstanding. In this blog, we […]

Making Roads More Convenient

For thousands of centuries, the world strived to facilitate travelling with regard to speed. The only means of commuting in the past was horses, cows or camels. Of course, they are characterized slowness. Contrary to this, scientists are successful in inventing new and swift means of transportation. nowadays, these means of transportation are not different […]

Blind Motorist Will Be on Roads

The world is developing rapidly and every day we witness new invention. In this blog, we will explore how blind motorists can navigate roads. The world has witnessed robotic drivers or self-driving cars. In the recent future, it will witness blind motorists taking the lead of driving wheels. Since scientists became able to develop a […]

A car To Be Refurbished

Mazda is a well-known trade mark owned by Japanese corporation. Mazda autos are reliable in the market in general. If compared with Volkswagen Polo which is a dependable car, Mazda defeat it in rates of sale. However, the company comes across lots of difficulties that should be overcome. One of the most complex problems is […]