Automotive Various Technologies

There are various automotive technologies, one of which is track and GO, an advanced tracking system. This system aims to accurately track and monitor the vehicle’s location via wireless communication technologies. This allows improving and increasing safety and security. The Track and Go system consists of several basic elements. Firstly, a central control unit that processes, sends and receives data from various tracking devices. Secondly, the GPS device used to determine the vehicle’s location with high accuracy using global positioning technology. Third, the wireless communication unit used to send data to the main servers. It aims at tracking the vehicle via mobile networks or the Internet. Fourth, motion and vibration sensors utilized for detecting vehicle movement. And they alert before accidents or technical problems occur.

Proactive Airbags

   It is an advanced technology in car safety systems. Furthermore, it aims at improving passenger protection and reduces injuries in car accidents. This technology relies on the use of sensitive data and vehicle control systems. This is to determine the current location and position of the vehicle. In order to take measures to improve passengers’ safety before an accident occurs. There is also an air pre-brake system. Here data from systems such as the anti-lock and anti-collision system used. They help in determining if there is a possibility of a collision. If there are dangers, pre-emptive airbags activated to protect occupants from possible injury. Highlighting the dynamic lights system, data from the vehicle’s tracking and lane determination systems utilized. They alert the driver of the presence of danger before an accident occurs too. In addition, they direct proactive airbags to protect passengers. Preemptive airbags are important parts of modern car safety systems. Because they help reducing injuries and protect passengers in emergency situations. This technology is constantly evolving to provide the highest levels of protection and safety for passengers/cars.