Autonomous Cars to Hit Abu Dhabi’s Streets

Do you feel bored of driving everyday commuting from home to work and so on? Do you consume most of your time driving in peak traffic jam and much of your work remains undone? Do you suffer from committing accidents from time to time? Then autonomous cars are here for you to get rid of all these problems. These driverless vehicles or in other words self-driving cars already starting to hit the roads of cities across UAE.
First of all, since many people have to do the daily routine of commuting from home to work, taking children to school every day…etc; they can live headache-free by assigning these routines to self-driving vehicles. The time, effort and concentration which are spent on roads can be saved and used efficiently instead on something beneficial, for instance, reading a book, completing backlogs, preparing tasks, etc. Not only this, but in term of safety on roads these modern vehicles are safer, since they are supported by a lot of sensors and cameras which both calculate the speed and the distance in a very accurate manner.
Secondly, you do not need to press the clutch, change the gear, press the accelerator meanwhile leaving the clutch gradually and doing the same in every gear change; this is a waste of physical effort and concentration. The well-designed system of these cars will do all these actions smoothly and harmoniously. What all you need is just to adjust the map to the place where you want to reach.
Finally, before starting the journey, the car often filters all roads to choose the ones that are not occupied. It is true that even in the case of manual driving the same can be done, but there is a risk of committing an accident, since the driver has to look at the map from time to time.
In conclusion, driverless vehicles can improve our life in many potential ways; being more environmentally friendly, time saving and safer to drivers and pedestrians alike. After all these, I do not think that you will be hesitant to try an autonomous vehicle.