BMW M4 Competition 2021

BMW M4 Competition: Challenging Fantasy

One of the important up-to-date autos is BMW M4 Competition. This car in reality takes drivers from fact to a long journey of fantasy in driving. Furthermore, this car is a series of development. The previous M3, now, took this gigantic leap of development and it becomes M4. This kind of very quick and versatile development took place in this modern auto. The previous M3 manufactured in two forms: with two doors and with four doors as well. However, BMW M4 Competition is a result of lots of accumulated experience of auto manufacturers.

BMW M4 Competition Specifications BMW M4 2022 interior

BMW M4 Competition has a very high specifications that make it an out standing auto. Firstly, it has and engine of 24 straight-six turbo. The straight-six turbo engines are far better than the v6s and their counterparts. This is due to many reasons. Firstly, this engine has the characteristic of perfect balance. Secondly, the power of the torque is 550 Nm (406 Ib-ft). Thirdly, in terms of maintenance, it is cost-effective and easier to maintain that the others. The power liter is 151 ps and the power weight is 225 ps. All of these mentioned specifications make BMW M4 a very interesting car to own.

Why Should You Own It?

The first reason for why you should own one of this type is its cold start. The paint of the car is very waxy. This means that it will keep itself clean, sleeky and shiny for quiet long time. Most importantly, the internal and the external design of the car are so glamorous. The external appearance is eye-catchy while the internal design is water-proof. This silky texture helps a lot in keeping the internal part clean for so long. In conclusion, BMW M4 Competition is a tough competitor.

BMW 750I 2020: Driving Luxury/Serenity

BMW 750I is one of the autos that has a perfect characteristic of driving luxury and serenity. It has a gigantic grille which provides the car with fascinating design. However, there are some autos fans that criticize this feature. They believe that the grille of BMW 750I does not match the front, in terms of decoration. This is due to the fact that the grille is a bit larger. However, this is a perfect style which makes these autos an outstanding one. One reason behind this is that lots of air can pass in naturally.

The Interior of BMW 750I

There are lots of fascinating features of BMW 750I which make it perfectly designed. Underneath the hood, there is a gigantic engine which powers the car to cross long distances. However, it does not only cross long distances, but it has a top speed power. The produced power by this engine is 523 horses which is very high. Another interesting characteristic is the automatic transmission. Referring to appearance, the car looks like Lancer Shark. The tyres are flat and large which correspond to a great absorption of shaking. Honestly, no one can deny the fact that the shock-absorbs should be proficiently designed.

The Exterior of BMW 750I

Referring to the exterior of this auto, it has a well-designed front. It consists of two LED lights on both sides of the car. In addition, there is a slight blue light around these LEDs for decoration. The hood part is large corresponding again to perfect decoration of the front. However, the angularity of this auto is so perfect. Looking at the car you will realize that there is a long line. This line stretches from the front of the bonnet to the ultimate back of the car.

Mercedes The Luxurious Auto Ever Present

The German-made Mercedes IQI is a luxurious auto that ever present. The car has a compact body. And the car works entirely on electricity. This is not the main feature of the Mercedes car, but there are many advantages. The advantages are: comfortable to travel, elegant design, modernity and the ability to cross long distances. Although the car is compact in size, it has large interior space. Therefore, this characteristic makes it comfortable when traveling. Moreover, there is a lot space at the back of the car which enables carrying lots of luggage there.

Modernity in Design

The Mercedes car has the characteristic of modernity in interior and exterior design. Referring to the exterior design, the car looks very beautiful. Its shape centered in sporty look of the world racing cars. In addition, the lights of the car are all made of laser, which has a very strong illumination. On the other hand, the car’s engine has a power of two hundred kilowatts. This enables the car to cross very long distances. Not only that, but the use of electricity is a very important thing and makes the car environmentally friendly. It is worth noting that it has four-wheel drive. So, this enables it to cross various rugged roads. Furthermore, there are two engine modes: Sport and Sport Plus. And the company was not satisfied with these features only, but the revision processes are still going on.

The high price of this car is justified by the durability of the materials used in the car manufacturing. Not only that, but the luxury in the interior and exterior design of this car adds to the price increase. All in all, Mercedes is very luxurious auto. This is due to the many positive characteristics mentioned above. Category: Luxurious Autos

BMW X6: The State of Serenity

The interesting feature of BMW X6 is that it puts drivers in a state of serenity. This car is eye-catchy on the road. In other words, it attracts the attention of the majority of drivers. It is one of the first generations auto make. It has many characteristics related to performance and many other aspects. Of course, it is so fast, because of its engine which has a perfect design. The first aspect that is eye-catchy is the roof dynamic shape. In other words, the roof and the bonnet look nearly alike. So, this genuine design is totally different than other autos. Another aspect of the dynamic of the car is that it is not far for the ground.

Refined Ventilation

In order to have a perfect ventilation BMW X6 has an air reader. The air reader located on both sides of the car, near the wheel. The main function of the air reader is to improve ventilation proficiency. Have a look from the front, BMW X6 has double headlights. This is pretty important because of the fact that this improves vision. Another perfect feature is that this auto has a distinguishing athletic appearance. It looks just like the autos used in Formula One.

Efficient Dynamic Proficiency

This is a kind of system that improve the proficiency of the car. It contributes in the improvement of the performance in all different kinds of roads. Looking at the car form the rear view, it is perfect. This is because of the fact that is has two exhaust pipes. These exhaust pipes provide the auto with a perfect shape.  However, the turning lights are very crystal clear in comparison to previous makes and models. All in all, BMW X6 provides drivers with the state of serenity.

BMW I8: Electric Autos Astonishing Power

One of the astonishing powers of electric autos is BMW I8. This auto is absolutely amusing. One of the most interesting features is that there are some holes. The location of these holes is on the both sides of the back tyres. Not only these, but there are other holes under the same tyres. This feature enables the air to pass through without any obstruction. In other words, the power of propulsion of the car increases. This feature is not present on other autos even those which are modern they lack this feature.

The Exterior of BMW I8

The exterior of BMW I8 is fascinating and genuinely designed. The thing that attracts the attention here is the turn lights. This is because there is a moderate line of light between the side turning lights. However, BMW I8 applies a wide diversity of unique features that are not present on other autos. For instance, the entire hatch of the car opens when you put luggage or baggage on it. This feature is pretty important because of the fact that it provides wide space. There are lots of different moods on the car, such as, echo and sport moods. Those are the most common ones.

The Interior of BMW I8

One of the most interesting features of the interior of BMW I8 is the touch technology. So, through this touch technology you can write on the screen easily. This is perfect because of the fact that when driving, writing becomes difficult. Furthermore, fabulous features of door opening are that they open upward. Therefore, in order to get in the car; you have to slouch. How ever it is not easy to get in and out the back of it there are certain ways to follow.

Autos New Technology World: Maybach 2021

What is new and worth mentioning in the world of cars is the Maybach. This is the finest cars not only in the context of German cars, but in the whole world. Furthermore, the thing that draws attention is that the car has two basic colours in the front. However, there are many things that indicate the luxury of the car. First, the laser systems that reflect a lot of eye-catching colours. This gives the car an outstanding beauty. In addition, there are sensors and front cameras, each has a function and a duty. What distinguishes this version is the line in the centre of the car, which reflects the skill of the designers.

Modernity in Design

Mercedes Maybach S-Klasse

Mercedes Maybach S-Klasse

One of the things that indicates the modernity in the design of this car is manual work. We have already mentioned that there are two colours that distinguish this version of this car from others. Furthermore, there is a bright grey line separating the two colours and the designer did that by hand. However, this line continues along the car until the rear parts of the car, but very thinly. Referring to the space inside the car is spacious, especially the front side. Moreover, there is a rear camera in the car that monitors everything that happens behind it. This camera is very important in autonomous driving as it collects a lot of information.

Auto Parking System

One of the interesting things is that the car has a self-stop system. It helps in self-driving the car and in stopping at its specified location. For example, when you arrive at a hotel or supermarket, you can get immediately out of the car. Then the car will go to the designated parking area without any assistance from the driver.

Rolls Royce Phantom 2021

Rolls Royce Phantom 2021: Elegant Features

The Rolls Royce Phantom has thousands of elegant features that make it the superstar auto. This car has many features that drivers are looking for in order to satisfy their need. Firstly, RRP is very luxurious in many different ways. For instance, the roof of the car made out the latest screen touch materials. These up-to-date screen touch materials provide the car with lots of control. This feature assists drivers to shift between those moods to satisfy their moods and riders’ one. Furthermore, it utilizes the most recent technologies that ravaged autos world.

Slickly Design

Rolls Royce Phantom 2021 Interior

Rolls Royce Phantom 2021 Interior

Rolls Royce Phantom has another pretty feature and that is the slickly design. Looking at the car from the first glance, you will admire it immediately. This is because of the elegant exterior design. Furthermore, the car looks like one piece of metal from outside. This is the feature of luxurious autos and that of royal taste. Referring to the side flashing signals, they are perfect in terms of design. There are many circular shapes that stem out from the center. This design provides the side signal with a radiating pattern. It looks like throwing a stone in a river. Above all, this design is very distinguishing one.

Other Characteristics

There are many other characteristics that make Rolls Royce Phantom a very unique auto. In terms of exterior design, the two handles of the door lay near each other. This style provides the car with more beauty. Referring to height, Rolls Royce Phantom is unlike other autos which are very low. This lowness is one of the malfunctions in many autos. It results on having some dents on the edges of the lower frame of the car. In terms of technological development, Rolls Royce Phantom utilizes smart up-to-date technologies.

Rolls-Royce Sweep-tail: Luxury that Defies Time

One of the most luxurious cars of all time is the Rolls-Royce Sweep-tail. This car has many characteristics that make it the car of royalty.  However, the pioneers and enthusiasts of momentum who manufactured this car took a long time to do so. That is because luxury is not something easy to achieve. Therefore, it requires spending time, effort and thinking. And this is what distinguishes Sweep-tail from others. Not only that, but its design is absolutely amazing and the company changes the design quickly. Rolls-Royce is unlike other companies that change the design annually or even more.


One of the things that make Sweep-tail more luxurious and aesthetically pleasing is the frontier design. It has a very beautiful mesh shape. Not only that, but when you unlock the car, this beautiful grille lights to welcome you. However, many other cars do not have grille lighting. The exterior design reflects the cleverness and the cunning of the car makers. Certainly, you will notice that the car’s exterior made of one piece.

Trust, Dedication and Devotion

The front shape of the Rolls-Royce provides it with confidence, dedication and precision of manufacturing.  These will appeal to many fans and non-car enthusiasts. The front design of this car is called the hostile design. This is due to the shape of the front lights. Since, they appear to protrude from the right side. Then they sink into the body of the car from the left. The logo of the manufacturer is located in the front and accompanied by two lines back. This astonishes the beholder, as if this logo swims in the water like a boat. Since, the motion of a boat in a river leaves a trail of two lines behind.

Behind the Scene: Bentley Flying Spur

Another very interesting auto behind the scene is Bentley Flying Spur. This car has a perfect design and angularities. The angularity assists the car to have a dynamic movement. To clarify more, the designers make use of the side dents which help the car to speed up. The additional speed of the car comes as a result of the smooth motion of the air. In some cars design the front part of the car has no any steepness. Therefore, this design comes at the expense of the car’s speed. The sharp steepness the car has, the higher speed it gains.

Front and Back Vision

The front and the back vision of the car are nearly the same. However, there are some differences. Shedding the light on the back, the tail lights and the exhaust pipes are in harmony. This harmony comes from the fact that they are both circular. It makes Bentley Flying Spur a masterpiece. Another part of the harmony is present also between the back and the front. To explain more, the circular shape is also present in the rear lights, as well as, the side ones.

Internal Look and Texture

The internal look and the texture of Bentley Flying Spur is very interesting. The car from the inner side looks very stylish because of the fascinating design. Furthermore, it has a very soft lofty texture. You can observe this in the texture of the seats. All of the seats are made of a very delicate leather providing a relaxing posture for passengers and drivers alike. In addition to this, the designers made the internal handles of the car from aluminum making a very delicate texture. To put it in a nutshell, Bentley Flying Spur will provide you with all relaxing facilities.

Top Gear Stuns, Indulges Autos Fans

Top Gear program always stuns and indulges autos fans. It is under the sponsorship of BBC the famous channel ever present worldwide. This stunning and indulging program consists of ten episodes that exhibited between the twentieth of October and the twenty-ninth of December. If you feel under the weather, it is advisable to watch this program. The series of the program introduce immense information about autos’ new elements and features. It tries its best to promote autos performance and bring about new technologies.

Unexpected Consequences

Unfortunately, Top Gear experienced an unexpected cancellation in 2001. Therefore, in the next year, the two presenters Jeremy Clarkson and Andy Wilman decided to reproduce the program in a different format. This new show includes various features, such as, segments of television studio, revamped reviews. However, this is unlike the previous version which focuses heavily on cars production. The program shows thousands of exhilarating moments which make auto fans cheer up and chanting some songs and expression of delight. This elating program found lots of audiences who were captivated by the program. To be honest Top Gear has no any counterpart. Therefore, the company that sponsor the program should care a lot about it, and never let these immense fans down.


Rigid and State-of-the-arts Autos

Almost all of the autos exhibited on Top Gear program are rigid and very modern autos. Most importantly, fans who are thinking about purchasing autos should keep watching this program because it will help them to verify their ideas about autos. In other words, they can easily find the option that they look for. It is a very devastating thing to buy a car which you think your option then discover that you are mistaken. In order to avoid such kind of undesired situation keep watching Top Gear program.