Autos Manufacturing Process


Everyday we rid automobiles, whether they are ours or public transportation. But have you every asked yourself how these luxurious autos are manufacture? All these motors go across lots of complicated processes, before they appear at exhibitions. However, cars’ manufacturing passes through great deal of step, but they can be put simply into five steps. At cars factories robotic systems and very skillful workers work hand on hand and they liaise together.


The Framework

The most important part in the car is the chassis upon where all parts are fixed. The robotic system and very skillful workers work hand on hand. Nobody can deny the fact that this is the most essential step among all the others. The reason behind this is that if there is any defect it results in     re-manufacturing the car. In other words, it compels the manufacturer to start from block one.

Body & Paints

The second step is installing body parts into the frame. The main parts are the roof, bonnet, boot, bumpers, wings…etc. The robotic system plays a vital role in installing all these parts. On the other hand, paint works do not take so long because it is the easiest step in car manufacturing.


Interior and Chassis Pairing

After completing paint works, the robotic system with workers aids install interior parts. There are lots of tiny parts to fix before going to the next step. Some of the components are wiring’s

, steering, carpeting…etc. However, all these parts should be put harmoniously. All in all, cars’ manufacturing process is very complicated.