Barbus Rocket 900: Legendary Auto

Barbus Rocket 900 is a legendary auto that astonished the striking majority of autos’ fans. This elegant auto shows off with a dark blackish color which really reflects a dizzy decoration. Furthermore, both the internal and external designs are amusing to a far extend. The designers decorated the wheels of the car with a dark orange color which provides the auto with sporty appearance. You can fold and unfold the side mirrors just from the internal control on the dashboard. Glancing at this car, it will captivate your mind and galvanize your thinking. The wind surfer and the interior and exterior decoration are dazzling.

Barbus Rocket 900Exterior and Interior

Shedding the light on the exterior of Barbus Rocket 900 it is elegant enough. The company added up lots of adequate additions and decorations to the auto which dramatically beatified it.  Moreover, the windsurfer at the back provides the auto with an aggressive appearance. Designers place the name of the car on the right hand-side and letter (B) on the center. At the back boot, there are two exhaust pipes in each side just like sporty autos. The tail lights extend for the back side of the boot to the very beginning of the rear side.

On the other hand, the front part of the car is not less decorated than the boot. The gigantic ventilators are the first crystal clear mark that you will realize. Even though they are decorative they are functional two. To add up more, they do the whole ventilation accordingly. The power of the engine is 900 hp with a size of 4407 cm. The torque of the auto is 1050 with a Vmax of 330 km/h. In conclusion, Barbus Rocket 900 is undoubtedly a legendary auto that attracts the striking majority of autos fans.