Battery and Engine Coolant

The most important parts that are vital to autos are: battery and coolant.  The batter for electric autos is the only source that supplies the car with energy. Therefore, electric cars rely on batteries that store electricity for long periods. This enables the car to travel long distances. But autos owners can only achieve this by knowing how to maintain electric car batteries. They must review it at least every month, by using the battery quality gauge. Liquid batteries are different from dry ones. The quality of the liquid battery knew by entering the size in the liquid. This in turn indicates its quality. As for the dry batteries, they knew by the circle on their surface. If they are green, they are good. However, if they tend to turn black, they have a defect.

Machine Coolant

The coolant is one of the most important fluids in the car, and it is equipped with antifreeze. This fluid transfers heat from the engine to the air cooler. On the other hand, it prevents freezing even at very low temperatures. In addition, the liquid also protects the engine and cooling unit from many common problems. To add up more, some of these problems are: corrosion and rust. And for all these tasks that this liquid performs, cars owner should check in weekly basis. It is very important not to replace this liquid with water. Because water does not have those properties that are found in the coolant. On the contrary, water does not reduce high temperatures as this liquid lowers them. It is necessary to check the level of the coolant. There is a size that determines its minimum and maximum limits. All in all, the battery and the engine coolant are the most important things for weekly checking.